How can good sites that don’t know about SEO rank well?

By | September 1, 2019

Today’s question comes from
Tinperson in Buckinghamshire, UK, who asks, “Google would
appear to favour sites that are built by those who know
all the SEO best practice techniques and for
all your tips. There must be many technically
poor sites that actually have fantastic content, surely these
shouldn’t be penalized? Well, they’re definitely not
penalized in the sense that they don’t receive any manual
action that would make them rank lower. But we do try to compensate if
there’s good quality content and people still
make mistakes. So for example, all the time
people ask, why don’t I get a bonus for having W3C code that
validates really well? And the answer is there’s a
lot of great content that doesn’t validate but it’s
still really good. And so just because somebody
dots every I, and crosses every T, and gets all of their
HTML structure right, doesn’t mean that it’s the
best content. So there are a lot of common
sense things you can do, like making your content accessible,
making it crawlable, having good titles. But even if you do kind of brain
dead, stupid things, and shoot yourself in the foot but
have good content, we do want to return it. So if you embed something in
some binary that we have to extract, or we have to process
some JavaScript to find the links, or work around if you
have untitled on all of your pages, and we have to try to
synthesize or guess a title, we’ll still try to do that. So we try to make it so that you
don’t have to do SEO, and we still find the
good content. Of course, if you’re willing
to put a little bit of time into just making sure that your
content is accessible, and useful, all those things,
that absolutely can help. But it’s definitely not the case
that we want to penalize anybody if they don’t do every
single thing right on the SEO checklist as far as getting
all the URLs and all that kind of thing. So just because somebody isn’t
SEO savvy, doesn’t mean they don’t have good content. And first and foremost, we care
about trying to get the stuff that people really will
like, the good, the compelling content in front of them. And so we try to make Googlebot
smarter every year. And we try to think
about new ways to index and return pages. And that’s just something that
we’ll keep working on and hopefully do it relatively

14 thoughts on “How can good sites that don’t know about SEO rank well?

  1. GetFoundOnlineTips Post author

    Thanks for the answer. Good video. So the most important thing for webmasters is to build excellent content which will be liked by people searching for that content. My tip for other webmasters is to brainstorm about the content which will be liked and to create high quality content. Focus on the quality on the content – some of the most important things.

  2. Rick Bucich Post author

    Very similar to offline, business that have more skill in marketing often have a leg up on those who don't. If someone considers the web a significant potential revenue driver it would be wise to gain some knowledge in how to make a site more visible.

  3. AdVantage SEO LLP Post author

    Well, to think of it, Google is like any other directories, for you to appear in the right category in a directory, you need to give them right contents (which at times, these are paid listings). If you don't do anything, they would place you in the category which they think is most suitable. Same thing, if you did not organise or SEO align your site, its hard for Google to understand what keywords would you want your site to be found for.

  4. Globotel HoGa Services Post author

    Danke für diese Nachricht, das wird viele Leser und Seher beruhigen

  5. Think Around Corners Post author

    Nice. Important lesson, here – it's not about perfection, rather GOOD CONTENT.

  6. Maribel Delos Reyes Post author

    he gives a great advice, thumbs up!!!
    Go Google!!!

  7. Arnold's Design Post author

    What he is saying is true in my case. I was able to build my first site using a wysiwyg editor and ended up on the first page of google after about 4 months because my content was original and I put a lot of thought into it. I did try to do things right though and had my xml sitemap done and other things like reducing 404's and broken links.

  8. laxman ram Post author

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  9. How To Outsource Post author

    Nice, thanks for the heads up and advice. SEO can really make or break your site company depending on how poor it's done or how excellent you go abou it.

  10. Stanford Kitchens Post author

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  11. Karthik S S Post author

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