How Books Can Make You More Money Even If You Don’t Read Them | Neil Patel

By | November 4, 2019

What if I told you you don’t have to read books to make more money? You can actually make millions of dollars without even reading a book. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m gonna teach you how
books can make you more money even if you don’t read ’em. (bubbly music) How many of you guys read
at least one book a year? If you read at least one book a year, leave a comment below with “yes”. If you don’t, leave a comment “no”. I’m not here to judge, I’m just curious. ‘Cause either way, whether
you read ’em or not, you’re gonna be able to make more money once you finish watching this video. And here’s the thing with me,
I don’t read a ton of books. I read a ton of articles online, but that doesn’t even matter as well. This strategy will just
help you make more money by leveraging books. Before we go into it,
I want to talk to you about a marketer named Frank Kern. You may have seen his adds
on YouTube or Facebook. Frank breaks down how
you can get a free book if you just pay for shipping. His book isn’t even tangible,
it’s an electronic book. And when he does that,
yeah he’s paying sometimes 10, $20 to get that conversion and he’s only charging,
let’s say, $7 for shipping. But he’s still making
millions of dollars in profit and I’m gonna teach you
how to replicate that. The first thing you have
to do is write a book. If you don’t write a book there’s no offer for you to give. And that book needs to
be related to any product or service that you already sell. If you don’t have time to write a book you can always hire a ghostwriter. Or another strategy that you can do that I’ve seen companies leverage is they’ll white label
other people’s books. In other words, they’re
buying the rights to it. And they’re not buying popular ones you’re just taking other people’s e-books that aren’t as popular and
they’re buying the rights to it and changing out the name. I myself enjoy writing ’em myself but, if you’re a bit lazy
and you don’t want to do that you can leverage to other strategies. Second thing you needed to do is don’t print a book. Printing books are very expensive. You don’t want to have
all the storage costs and actually have to pay for shipping. Make digital e-books and as well pay someone to read the
book or can do it yourself and create an audio version of it. That way people can get the
books on tape version of it for free of course. Third I want you to drive
people to a landing page that has this free book that’s gonna help ’em
out in what ever service or product that you have and this book should of
course be related to it. For example, I’m a marketer, I help companies get more traffic, so my book could be on
cutting-edge techniques that’ll teach you how to
double your traffic in 60 days. And by giving away that book as well as the audio version
for free in that landing page, all they have to do is pay for handling. They’ll end up getting that book and when they get that book
as well as the audio file they won’t have issues because they’re not paying for shipping but they’re just paying $3 for handling and downloading the files
and the server costs which people will have no issues with. And then the next thing
you have to do is a pawn. Offer a checkout bump. A checkout bump is a
little simple tick box. It’s a irresistible offer
before the buy button that allows people to
spend more money with you. So for example, my ebook was on Crazy Ways To Double Your
Search Traffic Within 60 Days or whatever it’s called. My checkout bump could be a tool that helps you get the results faster for a one-time fee of $20 or $50. Some people will take you up
on the offer, not everyone. Then I want you to offer
upsells and downsells. Once people buy and
they’re already in the flow get ’em to buy more from you. Whether they take the checkout bump or not you can upsell services, other products. By having more upsells and downsells and ideally three, you’ll be
able to squeeze more revenue out of each and every single visitor. That’s how you get it profitable because if you’re spending $10, $20 for every single customer you need more offers in your
funnel to make it profitable. And you can use tools like
ClickFunnels and SamCart to make this all doable
for you so that way if you don’t know how to program
these upsells and downsells you don’t have to end
up worrying about that. What I want you to do next is for all the people who buy the product, including the upsells and downsells, through email sell ’em
more products and services. For all the people who don’t
buy the upsells and downsells, through email sell them
the upsells and downsells all over again, but using different copy. If your pitches for the
upsells and downsells were using a logical
pitch, then your email copy should be an emotional pitch
if they never took that offer. So that’s it, if you copy that model that’s how people like
Frank Kern scaled it up and started making, kid you not, well over $1 million a
year in profit from books. And best of all you don’t have to read ’em to make the money. If you enjoyed this
video make sure you like, comment, subscribe. And of course if you need
help with your own marketing check out my add agency,
Neil Patel Digital.

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  1. Logan Pinney Post author

    Neil. Brilliant.
    I'll let you know when you can buy a copy of my next novella 😉

  2. Calvin Raab Personal Finance Videos Post author

    Often times if you offer a free book that you wrote yes you may lose a little money on the book but often times it can work to build your credibility and customers will be more likely to buy other books of yours!

  3. James Fort Post author

    Always love your content bro! Great job. Inspired me to start my Marketing YouTube channel too!

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    Yes, I read 2 non-fiction books per/month.

  7. Vishal Kumar Bhakodia Post author

    Was not doing but started now atleast 1 book a year

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    hey Neil, am promoting health products, how will I create leads?

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    Hi Neil I love your videos thanks and I'm reading "Super Better" by Jane McGonigal. I also have a question? I'm working with a client that offers local dog walking and pet sitting. Before me, they worked with an SEO who wrote blog posts that are indexing well but not for local searches. I thought about tweaking these for local search but I don't think people will search these topics locally. They are leading to 100% exit rates. I think I should remove these posts and wondered if that's correct? Thanks!

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    My average is atleast 3 a month

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    wow some awesome tips here
    I like how Frank and also Russel brunson make money from books
    a good lesson for all of us.

  14. Rachel Parkergfc Post author

    I watch all your videos, I now mine your intros as you introduce yourself lol

  15. Life's Wisdom Post author

    Hey Neil, great video! Love your website design- how did you get the picture of yourself to blend in so well on your website? I’m going crazy trying to do it on mine.. thanks for the content as always!

  16. Jon Ching Post author

    Hello Neil:

    Yes I am reading more than 1 book in a year and thanks for sharing. This video is great. May I know would you have a course to teach how did you marketing a book or what is the online equipment to sell your book? For example: sales funnel, ads, Seo for webpage etc

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    I read every day, it's important to do so. But I don't just read anything. I only read books that were written by people that know their business and have proven to be successful in the niche they are writing in. You must be careful who you listen to. Reading is a must if you want to be successful, but be selective. Great video Neil, always good to hear about strategies of others in the business.


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