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By | August 12, 2019

Houston SEO Marketing Hello this is Timothy
Black of Merchant and Black where we have a small marketing and advertising firm here
in Houston, Texas, although we do work with clients everywhere. And I just want to talk
to you little bit about getting on the first page of Google and my preferred method and
the fastest method which is using YouTube videos. So just to show you an example here,
Houston chiropractor I type this term in the YouTube and here is a bunch of video results
for chiropractors in Houston that are marketing themselves. Now none of these show up on the
first page of google which is kind of where they need to be. Only I will just show you
what that is going to be like, let me just show you the results with Houston SEO Marketing So Houston, chiropractor is right here and
on the front page you can see there are no video results. You have got some paid ads
up here which are extremely expensive each click costs up to several dollars and only
give 5 or 6% of people even click it on those. Then down here what they call the organic
results or just kind of where you need to be people trust these a little more and then
on the page 2 which is about the same thing. Only a few percent of people even make it
to page 2 when they are doing any kind of search and even fewer when you are talking
about search is being done mobile devices like IPads, Iphones and Androids. Let me show you an example of what we are
going to do for you. This is for the search term bail bonds Modesto who is at Modesto,
California and this is what we end up doing for you is putting your video on the front
page of YouTube and these are essentially commercials for your business, but man they
are not nearly as expensive to make and get on the front page of Google as having a commercial
made and you think about how targeted this is. I mean this “commercial” is only seen
by people who are searching exactly for you. You know this is going to cost 10s of 1000s
of dollars to put on TV and you hope one out of million people actually need that service. This is you marketing directly to the end
user with Houston SEO Marketing and that is really effective. So let me just give you
an example here of how many people are looking for the term Houston chiropractor. This is
from Google’s own internal keyword search tool and they know how many times things are
getting searched on their own search engine. So this is for the exact term say, we take
the exact term Houston chiropractor you get 590 monthly searches for this term. Now is
that a huge number, not really but it is 600 people a month. Twenty people a day that is looking for this
exact term. This is not somebody browsing around looking for information. This is somebody
looking for a solution to their problem who are about to pull out their wallet and you
see these kind of numbers across all kinds of niches and fields anything from plumbers
to roofers to fertility clinics, dentists, chiropractors, these are the kind of people
we would like helping increase their business and so that is what we are going do for you
is put you on page 1 of Google with your video and here say you get a hold of this 713-866-4085.
You get to the contact button, this is me right here. I will show you my email address
this is [email protected] and that’s the merchant half, my much better half Teresa,
who is an awesome website builder as well and I do a lot of the search engine stuff.
But here is just super cool. You don’t have to pay us a dime until we
get you on the front page of Google at which point we begin our relationship. We bill you
monthly and when that happens there are no contracts. You are free to leave at anytime
if it is not working for you and on top of that once you go on the first page of Google
we come to an agreement on our monthly fee to keep you there. If after the first 30 days
that hasn’t made an impact on your business you can return any money, but I am pretty
very confident that it is going to impact your business hugely even if you get one or
two new customers a month think about what that is going to do for your business with
Houston SEO Marketing. Anyway I am over 4 minutes here and I am running
a bit long in my opinion on a video, but I just want to let you know about our service.
Anyway give us a call, give me an email and we are going to help you get on the front
page of Google pronto. Bye, thanks for your time. Houston SEO Marketing

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