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By | September 11, 2019

I’m Lauren Klostermann. I’m our SVP of Client
Services here at Blue Moon Digital. So, some of the shopping trends from 2018 as they’re
coming in right now looking at the Cyber Five which are Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday brought in 24.2 two billion dollars and this period brought in nearly a billion
more than initially forecasted and that was an 86% year-over-year growth.
So, we are still seeing a huge amount of growth during this time frame. But, what’s really
interesting is the behemoth, Amazon, is still something to keep an eye on. So, one of the
major trends that we’re seeing is that Amazon Prime day in 2019, which just happened in
July, is that it did 15.4% more sales than Black Friday in 2018 which
was a really eye-opening statistic for us to see. So, it’s creeping up ahead of Black
Friday sales. There’s a lot of ramifications for that that we’ll get into in our longer
video but something that we need to be keeping an eye on. And then, outside of that, looking
on the other side of the behemoth of Amazon there are some other stats that we’re seeing
around something like Small Business Saturday so some of those local businesses that are
out there brought in 3.4 billion dollars which is a key day that is happening during the
holiday season and that was a 25% year-over-year growth. So, while Amazon is growing the small
businesses are also growing as well. I’m Matt NeSmith the director of SEO at Blue
Moon digital and today we’re going to talk about this season’s holiday trends for search
engine optimization. Talking first about this holiday season’s trends, mobile continues
to grow its contribution to both holiday traffic and revenue. In 2018, 57% of holiday traffic
and 37% of revenue was from phones and tablets alone. Another thing to look out for is SERP
features these continue to evolve Google’s adding more and there continues to be an increased
presence in the SERPs for these different features. These SERP features are especially
prominent for best of lists gift guides and more as that information is easily presented
directly in the SERPs versus requiring you to click through to an actual link. More and
more local searches are resulting in in-store visits. Last year there’s a 46% increase in
requests for directions just a few days before Christmas. Lastly, search engines are placing
more value on media. Gartner predicts that brands who redesigned their sites to support
visual and voice search will increase ecommerce revenue by 30 percent.

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