HISHE Horror Compilation

By | March 10, 2020

Hello? Do you like scary movies? No, I’m more of a romantic comedy type person goodbye forever There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie Rule number one, have parents that care about you. Mom. Dad. Can I go to a party? I mean spend the night at a friend’s house tonight? Stupid child, you’re not leaving this house. There’s a masked murderer on the loose. You never let me do anything Rule number two, don’t date crazy a-holes. Come on Syd, I know someone just tried to kill you at all But why won’t you do it with me? Because Billy I’m not a slut that just puts out all the time. So… You’re saying you’re not like your mom? What?! nothing? stabbed stabby stab? rule number three, If you are being attacked inside a house that is filled with people who are your friends you should call out for their help Help me! I trapped in the garage with a killer! Hey you, Help me! I trapped upstairs with a killer! What? Let’s get in. Someone help me I’m trapped at school with the killer Oh, men Rule number four, if friends aren’t available do more than just run. If you knock the killer off his feet because he’s running with ridiculous costume with terrible visibility You have the upper hand don’t keep running away Take that sucker out, kick him in the throat, do something the dude is going to kill you Whaaat?! Rule number five, don’t live where the police and investigative reporters are terrible at their jobs Let’s never ever ever ever ever break up ever ever ever ever Which brings me to rule number six, nine one one and star 69. I have a question. Yeah you in the hat What do you do if the killer attacks you inside your dreams? Well, that’s something entirely different if that happens. You’re just…Oh, no Oh, yes RUN! Everybody Run! Forget the rules, all you can do is RUN You’re mine now We still gonna murder those treatments until it’s time for us to murder each other You said it Hey guys, check out weird note tape What you like a sponsor no, no, it’s just this weird to these rocks we passed don’t look or it takes you Well, that’s weird. What do you think? -It means… -It’s approach to trick someone try to play on…Oh My Gosh What is that? Let’s get out of here! -What is that? -I don’t know We lost Marlowe What’s that? Guys, Hello? Something really weird happened Where are you you fall creep? Come on, Ahhh! I just wanted to hunt other children Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the victor of the 74th annual Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen What? Already? I made it? Yeah! Alright! This trial, I win! What the…? What the heck just happened? Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you Slenderman gets you even if you win the game dude Sorry HaHaHaHa Slender games No…! Hiya, Georgie Oh, nuts Everline What? Over here, Everline Who’s at there? Well, what’s going on down here Would you want to come down to find out? Nope! Come on, don’t you wanna like take a Turn it off! I can’t Turn it off! This is freaking me out! Stop!!! I got it. That was a close one. Magic, remember? All right losers it’s got Beverly trapped in this house No, I know your first instinct is to stay here and let me go in all by myself But what did I tell you? Everyone sticks together -That’s right, we all stick together. Is everyone ready? -Ready. I’m serious Now I don’t want to turn around and see you guys wandering off by yourselves Everyone sticks together to fight the crazy shape-shifting clowns. Right? -Right. -Let’s do this. I said we all stick together Take him, I’ll take all of you Now feast on your flesh. Yes, I feed on your fear. So you like fear, huh? -Then you’re gonna love me. -Oh no you Batman? You are real? I believe he’s real I’m real as you used thought Maybe that’s it Quick, because there’s something else that could help Ninja Turtles Haha, turtle powers! I Hate Turtles King Kong! This gonna getting worse not by our calculations Well… Step back kids, we’ll catch him We wouldn’t want you to come back in 27 years and kill more people now that’s for sure, right ha ha all right kids, that’ll be $5,000 If you just leave us be now take him You know what this is dumb I’ll just take all of you right now That was easy We can just do that earlier Congratulations You are still alive But before you go, I want to play another another game. Another game? I want to play monopoly. What? No, what about Scrabble? Roboto do you like boggle? I wanna go home Forget boggle. What about some Hungry Hungry Hippos? Let me out of here Okay, okay fine, but let me ask you something else How do you feel about sequence? lots and lots of sequels Whoa, whoa, what are you doing? This this is crazy. I’m sorry. I have to shoot you to save my family No, you don’t Maybe something’s changed. Maybe your wife broke free and is trying to call you on the phone right now Oh Phone? Yes, remember the phone the phone you made bury the lever to reach before you con your own foot off. Oh, that’s right Where is the phone? It’s not even there anymore. It just disappeared. It makes this scene What happened to the phone? How is this happening? I have no idea! This entire scenario is completely implausible. I know, I was asleep underwater earlier How am I not passed out from shock? Who is responsible for all of this? He’s not dead.He’s not dead. You are not dead. You’re not dead. Game Over Well now he’s dead hey, that guy’s my cancer patient Nurse Mm-hmm. You ain’t Brad. I need to know what happened Tell me what’s going on out there Oh Lord, we got zombies can’t you tell? zombies You mean like The Walking Dead? Mm-hmm. Well, these don’t walk so much as run or eat human flesh But they are zombies I guess and they are tearing up the place At least his armies are living alone Everyone’s sick in these hospitals. We got enough problems to deal with in here. Wait What do you mean? They’re leaving sick people alone? What do you think? I meant when I said they’re leaving sick people alone I need to use the phone. Do phones still work here? Of course they do, baby Whoa, so people who are sick or not being attacked Mm-hmm, there should be like thousands of examples in America alone Hmm. Okay. Thanks Rick Okay, we figured it out false alarm Jerry We do not need you anymore So, all right good all non-essential personnel on to the chopper to be shipped back home Where’s Carville how did you get off the helicopter? They offered you this city And you refused it -Are you our daddy? -We love you daddy Don’t touch that is still put your seatbelt on okay? You’re going to a pony farm by yourself because I’m not your daddy Bye! I’m not your dad Awesome It sucks Okay Katie, it’s time to go I packed the car. Come on. Let’s go. Let’s just get out of here Let’s leave right now. Come on. It’s time to go. I think it’s better if we stay What? What are you talking about? Come on, this is insane. Let’s get out of here Okay Did you just speak in two voices at once no, yes you did. Oh my gosh, are you smiling? Okay. Well you are clearly Possessed and that is just way too much baggage for me to deal with so I’m out. All right Okay. Goodbye forever Did you see this? Honey is literally floating Oh my gosh, this footage is so revealing, uh Stephanie we didn’t look at for -What are we gonna do? -I need to make a phone call Channels that thing into another family member I know So I hate to do this but -We’re gonna have to break up -What? Why? Well your daughters like to hang out with this Toby demon that picks them up by the hair and throws them around I also scratched my friend I just I just I I just Don’t feel like this is gonna end well for me look we can all just go move in with my witch mom and her witch Friends, there’s even a twin bed we can share Moving with your witch mom and demon befriending daughters when we’ve only been together a few months. Yeah. That sounds great I’ll start packing up right now, OK? Your imaginary friend maybe who’s another man Well, I’m not living in this place anymore -The door swings both ways we could reverse the particle flow through the gate -How? We’ll cross the streams Excuse me, Egon you said crossing the streams was bad. Not necessarily. There’s definitely a very slim chance we’ll survive -How slim -I don’t know -Slim -You said our molecules would explode at the speed of light. It’s a little beyond slim, Egon Stop that. Fine. We’ll see the cross the streams or die by Ray’s marshmallow man. I love this plan. I’m excited to be a part of it. Let’s do it And then all the Ghostbusters died Apparently crossing the streams is very bad back to you Chuck Are you god? Yes, oh Okay, that’s good, uh-huh well We’re all gods here Come on down and we’ll introduce you to everyone what a relief I thought I was the only one left. You know, I’ve been living in this crazy Hit the trap! Do it! Hit the trap! Well, that was surprisingly easy, yeah good thing I said, yes Anyone else hungry for marshmallows? Oh, no. This means to me Okay, you’re kind of scaring me so I’m just gonna knock you out with this door Xena fell along with me and Yeah, what kind of a point boy You’re hit. You’re bleeding, man. -I ain’t got time to bleed. -Oh Really? okay. Well tell that to the bleeding hole in your arm Come on No, leave it he didn’t kill you because you were unarmed There’s no sport in it Wait, if that thing’s killing us cuz we’re all armed and what the heck we’re carrying all these guns for? That is an excellent question Quick! Everybody throw down your weapons Oh -No thx -Yeah, you keep it Get to the chopper You guys made it. You’re safe now You idiots, Get off weapons on this chopper Don’t believe oh my god, I’m sorry. Oh, I’m so sorry. I’m so Sorry, I can’t believe both of you dropped the cameras. I didn’t mean to this is just great. Both cameras are broken I can’t look I can’t even stop rolling this one. That was the last shot of the movie Do you know what kind of budget we have for this film? None, we can’t replace the camera. Now. It’s movies ruined. We were so close gah Maybe you shouldn’t have us carrying the cameras in the first place. We’re not camera crew, you know, we’re actors actors, huh? Oh, you could have fooled me All you were supposed to do is come down the stairs and show the scary witch right here to the right see right here scary witch rah It’s only what the people have been waiting for this whole movie and now they can’t see it Why? Because you broke our equipment on the last shot of the day I said, I’m sorry. It’s dark down here -I can’t see -Yeah man. And these steps are all old and dusty. That’s it. I don’t care this movie sucks You’re both fired. Get out of here. Hey, I’m directing this movie, -Don’t I get a say in this? -Shut up! How you like that? What is all this stuff some kind of secreted resin Nobody touch nothing Hey, maybe it’s a precious unobtainable mineral that’s gonna save the earth from an energy crisis Thing I’ve ever heard What do you call it up your taenia? Okay, looks like we’ve escaped let’s just assume everything is safe and step outside Wait a second This feels very familiar If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that these things like to hide on the escape craft right at the end How about we scan for movement before we just walk out of it? Yep. It’s hiding in the landing gear. Oh Good call, who knows what could happen? You’re mostly dead now nicely And there’s the acid for blood. Oh these things let’s grab Hicks and get out here Why would you do this reckless I don’t know.I’m sorry Wesker you were behind all of this You’re just like all the other things here a slave to umbrella smart girl I’ve always been with umbrella you son of the things you mentioned or nothing behold the ultimate life-form Sir I don’t know how to put this but We couldn’t finalize the t-virus project ding. It’s Phillips. Why the heck not? I’m in the middle of a monologue here. We’re simply over budgets sir These are tough times and quite frankly. We’ve had to tighten the lab coat I mean between the plant monster and the giant snake and the Sharks Did we really need the zombie sharks? Great. Whites aren’t cheap. Okay Wesker. No Guys, please. Just give me a second. Okay? What about independent financing? Hollywood loves zombies. Right, they do And some hotshot director named Anderson is interested in acquiring the rights to your life story Paul Thomas Anderson? I love his work. No… Paul WS Anderson Mortal Kombat Noooo She’ll use it use it Use it! Think we’ve saved the world enough for one day Chris, I’ve always felt I know I’m just a lonely zombie I’m just don’t know in this hallway We should I could eat some brains so break I’m just too lonely though me To still me Oh Somebody tell me where are Rage are they things of this way? Just lonely sound Okay, so we are scientists and we believe we have been invited to this planet to meet our creators because of these cave drawings we found You guys seen these movies? They’ll blow your mind Oops. I mean I’m probably dead by now pay no attention to the old man asleep on the other side of the ship What the… Okay, I know this is amazing, but we are professionals So let’s be extra careful So that we can get all of the answers Rose buds… How did we get lost? Didn’t you bring the map equipment? Oh my gosh, I forgot my maps Haha, you’re so stupid. An alien winger snake It’s so beautifull Uh, you put your finger on that drink I’m not drinking that. No way. The claws! David, make sure you do not say anything offensive to the engineer when he wakes Of course, father. Da moneh ma in a mortal terror boy far(This men slept with your wife) (And your mother thinks Alien VS Predator is awesome) Oh dear. You guys are the worst team of scientists in the world Why we even want to run into the shadow of this falling ship I have no idea! Well, hallelujah boys its rainin clowns in here What is this? Where am I? Easier, clown man, you’re friends welcome to my villainous abode What can I get you You have any children flesh, nice to be human fear We have some children of the corn No, thank you, Like ribbons? Yeah, lots of those. No. It’s just not the same Why so glum my clown face Joan You look like you got beaten up by a bunch of kids with baseball bats. I did Actually turns out kids are really violent. Oh, I’m afraid children can be very evil Isn’t that right Damien? -Urg Damien, -I don’t understand what happened I had all the kids scared and right where I wanted them But then suddenly they were all great even completely stronger than me. Why weren’t they scared of you anymore? I thought kids were terrified of Clawns. I have no idea. I did my scary dance and everything To do with it. That didn’t scare you I must be losing my touch. Have you tried attacking them in their sleep? Why if I not to be way easier ? Then more of a daytime scare kind of guy? Have you tried scary dolls? Dolls always work. Well and until your personality gets too campy, then it starts to wear off I build a whole room with brown dollars for this one kid Puffed out and I was all gonna be big Ritchie. -Have you wait him? -No, I just let him run away Oh, come on I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry Why are you even talking to the kid? Because they taste better when they’re scared Sometimes not saying anything is so much more terrifying. Isn’t that right, Michael? And isn’t that right Jason Do you see what I mean? If they use their real voice ,it would totally ruin the effect Hey, that’s not very nice You still like Billy bit Lord. I rest my case. It shouldn’t be this difficult for me, though I can take the form of your greatest fear Watch. Please don’t do that again. And that is usually enough. Ah, well, here’s your real problem. You’ve got to follow through Because now that you’ve heard old Palpatine’s feelings over there, he’s not gonna let you do that again Go on, try. Hey, see? There’s always a breaking point As fun as it is, you can’t just keep playing with your targets It’s easy to get them scared at first, but eventually, they’re gonna get wise and turn the tables against you Oh, heroes are so annoying Yeah, I had a girl hit me with a sledgehammer, light me on fire John Connar squished me in the middle press I got stabbed with deer antlers Tell me about it. It happens every time. Well, this sucks. I know what that feels like. I guess I’ll just type or Nathan. Oh don’t despair, Pennywise Even though you’ve got in your face beaten in by a bunch of little children, and it’s totally embarrassing There is one thing you horror monsters always have that gives you a second chance at revenge And what’s that? The sequence So many sequences. You don’t even know what to do with them Take him to Manhattan is not worth bragging about, Jason I’m just a lonely creepers I’m just a lonely creepers Wishing I could sting some tea

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