HIGH-TICKET AFFILIATE MARKETING | How to Earn $10,000+ From ONE Click!

By | August 31, 2019

Are you looking to earn big money from
internet marketing without having to talk to anybody? Well, in this video, I’m
going to be showing you kind of a new way to make money online it’s called
high ticket affiliate marketing. And this is without having to speak to anybody.
Just by having somebody click on the link, you can earn as much as 10,000. Even $30,000 from a single click on your affiliate
link and I’ll be exposing you to the affiliate program that will accept
affiliates worldwide. It is the best affiliate program you can join. It helped
me quit my job. It is the biggest niche possible and explained you just how big
it is. It’s trillions of dollars and this is actually the fastest growing niche in
all of affiliate marketing. You’ll want to stay tuned, I’m going to expose to you
the best affiliate program on the planet and how you can earn these monster
commissions just by promoting links out there on the internet and how you can do
that. Stay tuned. Let’s dive into it. This helped me quit my job and I am excited
to show you the money here. Whoo! Hey, John Crestani here. Super affiliate
marketer, earner of clickbank’s Platinum Award multiple years in a row for being
a high earner with that affiliate network. But I’m going to be showing you
actually my favorite affiliate program. I haven’t talked about this one much but
it’s called high ticket affiliate marketing in general is promoting and
making big commissions over $1,000 per sale. Up to 10,000 or 30,000 dollars is what you can make from one click and the best biggest
fastest growing niche. Now, this is the best niche because it is the biggest
niche. And this niche is called… Its investment niche. And basically, I’ll be
exposing you to the regal assets affiliate program which allows you to
tap into the 27 billion dollars industry… 20… Sorry, 27 trillion
dollar investment niche. Every year, literally trillions of dollars are being
transacted between investment and retirement accounts. And you can
literally stick yourself in the middle with your affiliate links with your
affiliate sites and earn commissions as much as $30,000 from a
single lead or a single click. And it’s also the fastest growing niche, okay?
Because wealth as we all know in the world. Just keeps increasing every year I
believe the amount of money in an investment accounts increased by at
least the one and a half trillion dollars just in the US this year. And
what’s great about this affiliate program which I’m going to show you on
my computer is that you can sign up for it anywhere in the world. And you can
actually work with an under some super affiliates such as myself. And I’m going to
show you how you can do that. Okay, so first off, the opportunity is massive
obviously. And it is advertising or putting up links to get people who are
interested in investing in alternative assets
other than stocks. So, many people around the world know that gold and silver are
some of the safest investments. But whether people want to invest in gold or
silver or other precious metals or in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you
can get them and basically earn commissions from every single person who
invests. So, it’s called regal assets and as you’ll see the company is right here.
It’s been around for over 10 years. Just a little story. This is how I quit
my job back in 2012. I was working for an ad agency. I was earning about $6,000 a month which is just over broke in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is
a very expensive city to live in. And I joined this affiliate program. And I
started earning from 25 to 50 thousand dollars a month within
just 3 months of starting to market this affiliate program. Now, there’s a lot
of opportunity here because back in the day, they were just allowing people to
invest in precious metals. But now, if people are interested investing in
Bitcoin or crypto currencies as well, you can earn up to 3% commission
from every single customer. And I’m going to explain exactly how this works,
who you advertise to how you join this affiliate program and how you get paid
in this video. So, let’s check it out. All you need to do is advertise this
affiliate program is you advertise this page. You’ll get an affiliate link and it
says, “Diversify or grow your IRA with alternative assets.” Now, many people are
and many people are actually fearing there’s a big crash or correction coming.
So, this is literally the perfect time to get started with this affiliate program.
People are scrambling to diversify their investment portfolios. And all you need
to do to make money is have people enter in their name, email and phone number. And
you can actually get paid even if the people that you refer to this program,
don’t buy. Which is incredible. And the reason why you can get paid so much
money is because this is investments. You know, there’s a lot of money in
investments and the companies in this space such as regal assets. Have a lot of
money to be able to spend to afford for affiliates to help grow their company.
Our regal assets has been featured on the Inc 500. Not only is this niche the
fastest growing. But this is one of the fastest growing companies in the niche.
Because its affiliates are making so much money and it’s very trustworthy
work you know with a plus rating on the BBB, trust link all this stuff Forbes, etc.
You want to make sure I will have a link in the description where you can go sign
up for this affiliate program. The regal assets affiliate program which they call
the regal assets wealth partners. And you can make high referral commissions. How
big are you wondering? Well, you can earn up to $100 per a verified lead which
means just by getting the person to enter in their information, you can get
paid a lot of money. You can also make 3% per sale. Now, if you refer somebody who
ends up investing, you make 3% of anything they invest. And the average
investment is right here –$65,000. And the average commission you make from $65,000,
if you do the math is about $2,000. $1,950. $2,000. So, I love doing that. It does not get old. So,
with that sort of money, you only need one good click. You need
one good lead. And you can get a sale. You can create an extra income for yourself
just by getting one good click who fills out their information in either way, if
you get people filling out their information who are interested you will
get $100 which makes this an absolutely amazing program for all affiliates.
Additionally the way this program works is there’s a mentorship component to it.
So I am one of the mentors because I’m one of the original affiliates here. And
I have additional trainings and support if you
sign up to help you make more money. So, it’s a win-win situation. Everybody wins
because this is a monster monster, monster opportunity and you want to get
started. Now, if you’re already excited about the concept of high ticket
affiliate marketing and making huge commission’s from a single click, guys
hit the subscribe button. Slam that down. Hit the notifications bell. You can get
some live streams from me and extra trainings. And also, just just go go in
the comments below. And if you are excited about this, type in, “High ticket.”
You know, or “I’m in” in the comments because I’m excited about this. I quit my
job because of this affiliate program. Now, while I mainly work, you know, I work
a lot with Clickbank and a lot of people know about me from Clickbank. I’m excited
to offer you this opportunity to right here to make huge commissions to help
you supplement your income. Now, if you can just imagine for a second that you
only need to really send 10 clicks a month, you get 10 people, 10 targeted
people clicking on you know, your links per month and you can make a side income
of an extra two thousand dollars, that’s a huge opportunity and you can do very
well with this affiliate program. and an extra $2,000 a month can
give you a you know, a great supplementary income you could do that a
week and you’re doing very well for yourself. So, let me go deeper into this
affiliate program. Now, as you see over 306 million dollars of
business has been referred and has been invested with regal assets. You know,
through into alternative investments such as gold silver, crypto, Bitcoin, etc.
And over 10 million dollars of commissions has been paid out to
affiliates of this program for referring that business. Now, you can see here,
what’s crazy is you know I didn’t put this you know on the title of the video.
But you can earn as much as $90,000. Here’s a sale that somebody
created. It was a 3-million dollar investment. 90,000-dollar commission
for the affiliate. What!? You know, you don’t even have to
talk. Salespeople don’t even get that paid that. Well and they have to talk to
people. This is just from getting people to click on links. It’s silly but it’s
true and that’s the power of the internet. So, there’s more information
here. You see they’ve been endorsed by you know a lot of people –Dennis Miller,
Laura Ingram, etc. If you don’t know who these people are, it’s fine. You’re
probably a millennial and these are all old people. Again, the people who have
money in investment accounts are generally over the age of 50. So, you
really… If you’re working with this affiliate program, you’re only targeting
people over the age of 50 who have the most money in their retirement accounts.
And they were looking to diversify. So, there’s a little bit you have to learn. A
little bit of terminology you have to learn but it’s valuable. And you can join
as an affiliate. You would click this button right here to join as an
affiliate. Now, if you’re wondering how much money, some of the other affiliates
have made with this program. You can check out what some of my mentees have
made who have joined and been trained by me. Either in my super
affiliate system program or otherwise. And you’ll see right here here is one of
my mentees who made over two hundred and eighty seven thousand dollars. So, these
are real results from real people. Here’s $77,000. Here’s
another couple guys. $54,000. $15,000. So,
there’s a lot of people earning a lot of money with this affiliate program and
it’s really exciting to see all of the money being created for both affiliates.
And the fact that customers are now able to diversify their wealth from the stock
market which some people with conspiracy theories can arguably say is rigged. And
really helping them invest in crypto and bitcoin and precious metals which are
real sources of wealth. So, you’re not only helping people diversify here but
you’re also being able to make a lot of money from facilitating that transaction.
Makes sense? So, I hope you’re super pumped about this affiliate program. And
if have friends that would be interested in
learning about high ticket affiliate marketing, please I encourage you share
this video with them because open up the biggest industry in the world. 27 trillion dollars. There’s lots of wealth to be made here. I’d be excited to
see if you make a lot of money here. There’s going to be a lot of people
moving into this now that this company is offering crypto and Bitcoin
investment. So, please share this video with others. Share the love. Subscribe to
the channel. Like this video and comment below if you are in. If you are in type
in, “I’m in” in the comments below. Love to see you take a part of things
and love to see you in future videos where I’ll be going over… If I get enough
people that say I’m in if there’s enough reaction to this, I’m going to be going
deeper into the ways of promoting this affiliate program. I just want to open up
the opportunity for you right here. So, let’s get it have fun and talk to you

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