Here’s How Pinterest Can Help Your SEO

By | September 8, 2019

SAQ 17 – How Does Pinterest Help Your Business In this video we’re going to talk about how
Pinterest can help your business. I have to admit that I’m not using Pinterest
to its full capabilities but I didn’t want my own limitations to get in the way of discussing
Pinterets with you and how it might help YOUR business. Pinterest is another social media site like
Facebook, Google plus and LinkedIn. But the main appeal for Pinterest is in how
easy it is to use and how it emphasizes visuals more then text. I whole heartedly recommend Pinterest for
any type of business that has access to interesting and relevant images connected to your business.
The perfect types of businesses that can leverage Pinterest are companies that deal with food,
fashion, art, travel, photography, pets, sports, automotive, design, music, entertainment,
lawn and garden, real estate, history, children and architecture, to name just a few. While you can be a divorce attorney and still
benefit from a Pinterest account, the types of topics I just mentioned are simply easy,
natural fits for the visual nature of Pinterest. While I’m not going to get into how to set
up a Pinterest account and how to “Pin”, there are hundreds of other video tutorials on YouTube
you can find that will explain that in detail, I wanted to talk about Pinterest mainly from
an SEO and traffic-building perspective. First, when you Pin something to Pinterest,
make sure you add a link back to your site from the Pin. Pinterest links are no longer
DoFollow links, which we discussed in SAQs 12, 14 and 16. The links used to be dofollow
which means you got inbound links value but because of the inevitable abuse that was discontinued
in early 2012. But as with YouTube description links, which
be discussed in SAQ 16, while you won’t get any backlink value, you will have the value
of someone actually clicking on your PIN and arriving at your site. And like with all social
media where sharing is important, when someone repins your PIN, your link goes along with
it. And here’s a tip, although you don’t want
people doing this to your PINS, they can, and I recommend you doing it with your repins
—- change the original link to your own. Last thing I want to point out which doesn’t
seem to get a lot of attention, is that Pinterest allows you to post your YouTube videos — in
fact, ONLY YouTube videos, right to your boards where your follows will also find them. I recommend setting up a Pinterest account
if you don’t have one already and making sure you add the Pinterest share buttons to your
other social media sharing tools. Play around with it to get the feel for how it works and
be sure to follow others and repin their content as well as pining your own. Like with all
social media, you have to actually show up and get involved in order to really get something
out of it. So in addition to the social media value of
sharing your content and videos on Pinterest and having other people share your content,
exposing your content and brand message to interested followers is how Pinterest can
help your business. If you need help with your social media setup
or implementation please contact SamsonMedia today. Hope you found this useful. Thanks
for watching.

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