20 thoughts on “Help! I Can’t Access My Local WordPress Sites Anymore!

  1. Felix Rivera Post author

    I have had this problem in the past with Firefox, I do not use ".dev". What I did was to use a different browser Chrome and it work. Thanks for the video. One question I have is, I develop all of my sites on my local computer. There are times when an entire page needs to be updated, Is there a way to upload just one page to the server?

  2. Akshay Mishra Post author

    The simplest solution was to click on advance and then click on processed anyway, or add it to the exception

  3. Hayden Rogers Post author

    Thx Dave. Alway great to check out your vids. Always helpful.

  4. Athlone Harris-Compton Post author

    Hi Dave, you should try Laragon www.laragon.org. It's incredibly fast, not quite as feature rich as DT and Local yet, but cannot be beat for speed of setup and general performance. One caveat, it's Windows only.

  5. Bart J. Braswell Post author

    If this is local, and not on internet, why would your connection be not private?

  6. Christian Lecuyer Post author

    Hi Dave, what do you use to make your "closed captions" text in your video?
    Thank you

  7. Wayne Sinclair Post author

    Can you figure this out….

    “Error Installing VirtualBox”

  8. Music World Post author

    After SSL certificate my wordpress Admin doesn't work

  9. Lorena S Post author

    the message I get isn't this,,,,just will not pull up….it waits and waits and then says it took too long to pull up

  10. Terry Green Post author

    Thanks for your tutorials Dave, very helpful, I use Windows 10 and have tried Local by Flywheel, but it was excruciatingly slow, it took 30 to 40 secs to open a site, and then to go from a page back to Dashboard etc 20secs minimum. So I have been using Laragon, and the speed is brilliant, to open the site less than a second, to go from pages to dashboard and back etc, also most times less than a second. I did contact LBF support, and tried everything they said to try, but nothing fixed it.

  11. RockFour1 Post author

    What a wonderful tutorial, I too use Local by Flywheel. It's nice having someone that's so well informed share his knowledge! Thanks!

  12. Rajesh Kadam Post author

    Thank THank you very much sir, You have solves our college this local website issue which is not accesable after one time making ..we can't get this website by typing URL …You give us path…THANK YOU…

  13. Wayne Moore Post author

    What do you do when you can't log into WordPress to get to your localhost website?

  14. Anurag Hakeem Post author

    After i start my local site on flywheel I am getting "dial tcp4: lookup website.local on no such host" in the browser. It was showing the website until yesterday. However, I'm getting this error for all my websites :/ I tried creating a brand new site with default theme on locally and still get the same message when i run that website :/


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