Hello Counselor – Lee Sangwoo, Shim Hyungtak, Seo Inyoung, Jeon Somi [ENG/THA/2016.11.28]

By | October 6, 2019

(Monday Night Hello Counselor’s 300th Episode Special) (Shin Dongyeop) (Choi Taejoon, Lee Yeongja) (Jung Chanwoo, Kim Taegyun) – Hello, everyone. / – Hello. Hey, it’s good to see you. (We prepared gimbap to celebrate our 300th episode.) – Oh, my. Look at this. / – Hello. – Let’s share them with the audience. / – Yes. (We started preparing them last night.) Please eat one and pass the plate onto the next person. Pass the plate to the person sitting next to you. – Please pass it around. / – One per person. – One per person. / – Yes. We’ll call you greedy if you eat two. Thanks to your unspeakable concerns, Hello Counselor – has reached the 300th episode! / – Yes! (Episode 300) – It’s amazing. / – Thank you so much. It’s seriously so awesome. To celebrate our 300th episode, we’re also hosting a charity auction, Hello Market. (We prepared a charity auction, Hello Market.) Even the gimbap all of you are eating right now was made by one of our guests of the 290th episode. She generously made them to make today more special. – The taste has improved a lot. / – It’s delicious. – Isn’t it delicious? / – Yes! So you’re joining us for our 300th episode. How does it feel to be here today? Frankly, I’ve never been so honored in my entire life. By the way, did people around you say anything to you after the show aired? I must say, all of my family was so excited. Everyone around me loved the show and supported me. Hence, I’m so happy these days. Great. I’m very happy to hear that things have gotten better for her family. (We hope to continue helping you make happy changes.) Now, I’d like to introduce the guests who are – joining us for this special episode. / – I’m excited! (Today’s guests) Lee Sangwoo and Shim Hyungtak! (Two handsome but quirky men) (Oh, my goodness!) Please introduce yourself to our audience. Let’s start with the one who’s more handsome. Oh, him? – What should I say? / – Say hello to our audience. Hello, everyone. Yes. (Smiling) (The audience goes wild for him.) – Please introduce yourself. / – Tell them your name. Hello, I’m Lee Sangwoo. Hello, everyone. I’m actor, Shim Hyungtak. Now, let’s welcome the sexy divas. Seo Inyoung and Jeon Somi of I.O.I! (Here comes the sexy divas.) Oh, my. They’re stunning. (They’re gorgeous.) – They’re so gorgeous. / – Introduce yourself. Hello, I’m Seo Inyoung. It’s nice to meet you all. Hello, I’m Jeon Somi of I.O.I. We asked you to bring some of your pre-loved items. Yes. I brought something that is very cool. – What is it? / – It’s a hard-to-find – costume. It’s very cool. / – I see. I see. I’m excited to see it. Inyoung, everyone must be guessing the same thing about what you probably brought today. – Your babies. / – Yes, I brought my baby. – Oh, my! / – Nice! But I brought the most special one in my collection. As you know, today is a special day. What I brought today is what I’ve spent half of my – entire 16 years of life with. / – You’re so old. – You’ve had it for 8 years. / – For 8 years. – Oh, my. / – And… It got me to where I am today. It’s important to me. (What is it?) Each host has paired up with a guest. I asked Somi when we were putting microphones on. She told me that her father is three years younger than me. (Her dad is three years younger than me.) – I’ll treat her like my own daughter. / – Great. – I feel bad for her. / – Taegyun. I’m the luckiest one today. My partner is… My partner, put your hands on my shoulders. (No one is moving.) No one is even budging. Neither of them is moving. All right, everyone. The 300th episode of Hello Counselor begins now. (Make unforgettable memories with us!) (Hello Market is now open!) Sangwoo and Hyungtak, we’ll host the first auction. I’ll introduce the person who donated an item to us. Through being on Hello Counselor, he made his dream come true. He’s sitting in the audience now. Let’s meet him. All right. Hello! Hello. (Yang Yongsoo) – It’s been such a long time. / – Indeed. What did you bring today? It’s something Hyungtak would love. I currently run a store that sells – character toys and action figures. / – I see. – So I… / – Hyungtak’s posture changed suddenly. I brought a very popular toy as well as something very rare. I brought two things. Sangwoo, he brought items for this auction. Please go ahead and ask him any questions you have. When are you going to bring them to the studio? (Pardon me?) – He’s so serious. / – I think Sangwoo is so cute. – Today. / – I brought them here today. – He brought them today. / – I see. Please bring them out. (Let’s take a look at the first two auction items.) (It’s so cute!) (My gosh, this is…) (Naturally) My gosh, that’s… (Naturally, everyone is intrigued.) – Oh, my. / – Please don’t touch them. Wear this if you want to touch them. – Taejoon. You have to / – I was too excited. – wear this glove. / – It’s here. Wear gloves if you want to touch them. I want that character from “One Piece”. – My goodness. / – Look at Hyungtak. Hyungtak can’t take his eyes off of them. (He’s already in love.) The one that Hyungtak is interested in – is from the animation, “One Piece”. / – “One Piece”. The character’s name is Zoro. – Only 200 of it was made world-wide. / – Seriously? You’ll find a number at the bottom of it. Yes, it says 50 here. – It’s very rare. / – There are 200 in total? All of you can probably imagine how expensive it is. Yes, these things are expensive. This is resin, right? Yes, it is. I’m impressed. Hyungtak really is an expert. There are PVC figures as well as resin figures. The ones that are made of resin – show colors better. / – They’re superior. (Resin figures are more detailed but more expensive.) – Do you know “One Piece”? / – In the second episode… (This is from the second episode.) This is the scene where Zoro is captured by the navy. – This is from that scene? / – Yes. He knows exactly which scene it’s from. – In the scene… / – Unbelievable. – That’s right. / – “Be my ally.” That’s what Zoro said in this scene. (Hyungtak is certainly an avid fan of “One Piece”.) (The real expert is here!) – I’m so impressed. / – He’s very… – Tell us one more line. / – One more? – Zoro’s line. / – It’s too long. – “Do you…” / – “Do you know when a person dies?” Yes, that line. – You tell us. / – Taejoon, you do it. – Do it. / – Stand up and do it. I don’t remember it exactly, though. The animation must be very popular among guys. “Do you know when a man really dies?” “When he is stabbed? No.” “When he eats poisonous soup? Wrong.” “It’s when…” (He probably cried with Chopper in this part.) “It’s when he is forgotten in people’s minds.” (It’s when he is forgotten in people’s minds.) Hold on a second. (Hold on a second.) Give me your hand. (What are they doing?) – Just one arm. / – All right. (The X symbolizes comradeship.) What is that? (We know what it is!) – What is that? / – What does that X mean? – It proves our friendship. / – Everyone knows. Those who know “One Piece” know this. All right. Then tell us about this Pikachu too. That one was made in Japan. The hood comes off. – It comes off? / – Yes. – But… / – Try taking it off. (Hello, everyone!) – Oh, my! / – It’s so cute. (It’s melting everyone’s heart.) – It’s very cute. / – It makes a great gift. I strongly recommend it to couples. If you give it to your girlfriend who is mad at you, she’ll forgive you right away. – Sangwoo. / – Why is that? Take this. Let’s say that your girlfriend – is upset with you. / – He looks cute with it. I’ll be… As you know, your girlfriend isn’t here. There isn’t really anyone else. I’ll just pretend that I’m your girlfriend. No. Go away! (The girlfriend is upset.) I hate you. You’re so quiet. Even when you see me, – you don’t get excited. / – “You’re so quiet.” – That’s how she feels now. / – You’re too serious. I’m just going to go home. – I’m leaving. / – Don’t go. I got this for you. What is that? Why did you get it? It’s nothing special. It’s Pikachu. Everyone knows Pikachu. This hood comes off. (It comes off like this.) “This hood comes off.” “It comes off.” (Sangwoo, my ears are stuck.) – It’s stuck. / – He’s so cute. (He failed to pacify his girlfriend.) Give it to me. I’ll try. (Dongyeop wants to try.) I hate you so much! You’re always too busy with your nine shows. You drive me crazy. I hate you. You never have any time for me. We’re done! All right, then. Bye. (All right, then. Bye.) He said, “All right, then. Bye.” (They make great gifts,) (and they’ve been approved by this avid collector.) (Zoro from “One Piece” and Pikachu in a sleeping bag) Let’s start the auction for the Zoro figure now. All biddings will start at 10 dollars. The bidding begins now. Anyone for 10 dollars? – 10 dollars. / – Oh, my. (We see hands everywhere.) (Almost everyone is bidding.) – Let’s move it up. / – 20 dollars. All right. Let’s go up to 20 dollars. Anyone? Any bidders for 20 dollars? – Great. / – So many people are bidding. – 30 dollars. / – It’ll be a good gift for a boyfriend. 40 dollars. It’s 40 dollars now. Any bidders for 50 dollars? 60 dollars? – Oh, my. / – Wow. – Everyone wants it. / – I think we can keep going up. The animation, “One Piece”, must be very popular. – Yes. / – Those figures are expensive. How will you feel if your girlfriend gets this for you? (Hyungtak is blissful.) I’d be so happy if you give it to me as a gift. – I’m serious. / – Really? (I see. That’s how much you love it.) Give me a ticket too. – Give me one. / – Give it to her. – It’s at 60 dollars now. / – If you get it, you’ll have to do something for her. Will you date her? You’ll be in deep trouble. (You’ll be in deep trouble.) All right. We’re at 60 dollars now. We’ll continue. 70 dollars. Any bidders for 70 dollars? – Let’s keep going. / – Okay. 90 dollars? Now, 100 dollars. All right. Let’s keep going. 110 dollars. – 120 dollars. / – Oh, my. Any bidders for 130 dollars? We’ll move it up to 150 dollars from 140 dollars. 160 dollars. The highest bid so far is 160 dollars. Let’s move it up to 170 dollars. – I see hands at the back too. / – It’s great. We’re at 170 dollars now. Any bidders for 190 dollars? – 200 dollars. / – Number 147. – That bidder gave up. / – 200 dollars. We’re at 200 dollars now, and we have about 8 bidders. Let’s keep going. Anyone wants to bid 210 dollars? – Oh, he gave up. / – All right. 220 dollars. Anyone for 220 dollars? 230 dollars? We’re at 230 dollars now. – We have four bidders now. / – Everyone here gave up. Among the four bidders, is there anyone who wants to tell us why he or she must win this? – I see Number 41. / – Number 41. Please give her a microphone. I’m personally not that interested in “One Piece”, – but my boyfriend is a huge fan. / – I see. – Her boyfriend is a fan. / – I knew it. We’ve been preparing for an important exam, and it’s just around the corner. I want to give it to him as he’s been studying so hard. – I see. / – It looks like everyone wants to give it – to their boyfriend. / – He deserves it. Do you also want to give it to your boyfriend? No. I’m an avid fan of “One Piece”. – I see, you’re an avid fan. / – Yes. My favorite character is Roronoa Zoro and I only collect Zoro figures. – Just Zoro figures? / – Yes. Hence, I really want that figure. (That Zoro figure is mine!) – She’s a true fan. / – She collects them. (I wish there were two.) The highest bid so far is 230 dollars. We’ll keep going. Does anyone want to bid 240 dollars? – Number 129, 203, and 41. / – Number 129 wants to win. 250 dollars. Any bidders for 250 dollars? All right. Anyone for 260 dollars? (I’m giving up.) 260 dollars? We only have two bidders now. It’s a showdown between two ladies. Number 203 looks so fierce and determined. She’s glaring at 41. “You at least have a boyfriend.” (You at least have a boyfriend.) Let’s throw this in there. (What is it?) Hyungtak, what are you doing? – I brought something. / – You want to add something? – It’s a bonus. / – You’re throwing a bonus in there? Will this make the bid skyrocket? – Show us. / – Here we go. Don’t be surprised, everyone. (What is it?) (Will it make this bidding war more competitive?) Don’t be surprised, everyone. I brought a box of Doraemon tissues. (It’s a box of Doraemon tissues.) (For a brief moment, we forgot) (the fact that Hyungtak is a huge fan of Doraemon.) It’s so cute! – It’s cute. / – It hasn’t been opened yet. I’ll throw this in as a bonus. – I’m not sure how helpful it’ll be. / – It’s adorable. We’re at 260 dollars now. Let’s go up to 270 dollars. 270 dollars? Number 203 raised her hand first. Number 41 is also in. – Now, 280 dollars. / – Number 41 looks hesitant now. – For 290 dollars? / – Gosh. (Oh, my goodness!) A new bidder came into the picture. (Who is bidding now?) – For 290 dollars? / – Gosh. (He surprised everyone.) – 290 dollars! / – A new bidder came into the picture. – That’s scary. / – He surprised me. – Number 209. / – This is… Please pass a microphone to him. He has been quietly observing for a long time. – He’s a pro. / – Sir. Are you bidding because of this? This is the first time he’s bidding. Yes. I want that box of tissues. (I want the box of Doraemon tissues.) He’s willing to spend 290 dollars on a box of tissues. See? I told you. – Oh, my goodness. / – Do you like things like this? I told my girlfriend that I’m not interested, but I actually do like them. I lied to her. He couldn’t resist the urge. “I have to get that!” (He couldn’t restrain the urge.) Where’s your girlfriend? – She’s right beside him. / – Are you disappointed? I feel like I’ve been stabbed in my back. – Stabbed in her back. / – Gosh. It’s now a three-way race. That’s how happy he is. – Hyungtak, these played a big role. / – How amazing. (Compliment Hyungtak.) We now have three bidders. So, the price will go up. Shall we begin? We’ll begin from 300 dollars. – Goodness. / – For 300 dollars. – My goodness! / – There are 3 bidders for 300 dollars. (All three of them made a bid for 300 dollars.) All of them are bidding. 310 dollars? (Will you keep bidding?) For 310 dollars. His girlfriend seems… – This one is a rare find. / – For 330 dollars. All three of them bid for 330 dollars. For 340 dollars. – For 300… / – They’re not lowering their hands. All three of them made a bid for 350 dollars. – My goodness. / – Now, I’ll ask if anyone would like to bid for 360 dollars. – One person gave up. / – There are two people left. (They both seem determined.) (Who will take Zoro home?) Who would like to bid for 370 dollars? (The die is casted for 370 dollars.) Number 203 is the only bidder. – Will you continue bidding? / – Did he lower his hand? It’s your last chance. I’ll close the bid after repeating 370 dollars 3 times. 370 dollars, 370 dollars… (Will he give up on the Doraemon tissue?) – 300… / – Wait, was it because of your girlfriend? No. That’s all the money I withdrew. (He withdrew 360 dollars from the bank.) Can’t you lend him some money? Your boyfriend wants it. (Lend him some money.) – I guess she won’t. / – I’ll yield. 370 dollars, 370 dollars, it’s sold. (Zoro is sold for 370 dollars to Bidder 203.) (Congratulations) (It was so close.) Come on out. (Thanks for winning the bid.) (Kim Jihyeon) She bought it for 370 dollars. (She won the bid, for she’s a big fan of “One Piece”.) This is Hello Market. She donated 370 dollars. Let’s continue with the next one. All right. We’ll continue. It’s a Pikachu sleeping bag. We’ll start from 10 dollars. Here we go. Who wants to bid for 10 dollars? For 10 dollars, bidder 94… My goodness. More than half raised their hands for 10 dollars. For 20 dollars, 20 dollars. – Anyone for 30 dollars? / – Raise your hands higher, – those who want it. / – 30 dollars. For 40 dollars. For 40 dollars. Bidder 24 raised her hand first. Now, Somi will hold the sleeping bag. (Somi hugs the sleeping bag.) Let’s see if Pikachu’s price will go up. Pika! (She acts cute to add the value.) Pikachu! (More people raise their hands to make a bid.) Let’s raise the bidding price. These are my cherished goods. I haven’t worn them once. Many famous designers collaborated to make this. (It was made by many famous designers.) CL wore them too, and I’ve never worn them myself. I’ll give these away on top of Pikachu. Let’s raise the bidding price. – Is that a case for shades? / – Yes. They’re shades. – It looks like a casket. / – Try them on. – It’s like a casket. / – You’ll be invincible. (She looks cool.) – They look good on her. / – You can be fearless. The highest bidding price is now 45 dollars. We’ll continue with 50 dollars, 50 dollars. (Please participate.) Raise your hands higher. – Many people want them. / – Let’s make it higher. Let’s continue. For 70 dollars. – 70 dollars. / – It’s less than the shades’ value. – For 80 dollars. / – Gosh. It’s 80 dollars now. – For 90 dollars. / – For 90 dollars. – Bidder 101… / – Including bidder 24, 4 made a bid. seems to have come here to buy Pikachu. Now, the first digit will change. – We’ll go for 100 dollars now. / – My gosh. – My goodness. / – For 100 dollars. Bidder 219, bidder 182, bidder 101 and bidder 23. 4 people continue to bid. (Wiggling) – There are four bidders. / – We’ll go for 105 dollars. – For 110 dollars, 110 dollars. / – My gosh. – There are now 3 bidders. / – We have 3 bidders. – They must be masters of Pokemon. / – For 110 dollars. Look what these two actors have done. – It’s become like this. / – It’s so cute. – They look really good on Pikachu. / – How adorable! – It pulls them off better than humans. / – Exactly. They look great on Pikachu. No Pikachu wears sunglasses. For 115 dollars. – For 115 dollars. / – Bidder 101. – Bidder 101 raised her hand first. / – Bidder 23, – bidder 182… / – Bidder 182. For 120 dollars, 120 dollars. Bidder 101 made a bid again. – Bidder 182 raised his hand too. / – Bidder 23. Bidder 23 made a bid. Raise your hand properly. (Three people keep bidding competitively for Pikachu.) For 125 dollars, 125 dollars. – All three made a bid. / – They remain the same. For 130 dollars. – For 130 dollars. / – They remain the same. For 135 dollars now. – For 135 dollars. / – They remain the same. – All three of them made a bid. / – Unbelievable. – For 140 dollars. / – It’s still the same. – In fact… / – For 145 dollars. (I’m so popular.) – For 145 dollars. / – They remain the same. (We’ll keep bidding.) – What a close game. / – Ask how much they’ll pay. I would buy it. – Bidder 23. / – He isn’t like one who’d buy Pikachu. (Why does he want Pikachu so eagerly?) Pikachu doesn’t really suit him. – I’ll give it to her as a gift. / – It’ll be a gift. (He’s so amazing.) He’s so nice! In my opinion, he’ll most likely be the winning bidder. Is there a certain limit to your expectation? The bidding price is now over 100 dollars. There’s no such thing. I only have 150 dollars and I didn’t withdraw any. – 150 dollars. / – You’re not supposed to say that! (His Maginot Line has been revealed by accident.) – I only have 150 dollars. / – Gosh, 150 dollars. Bidder 23 and the last bidder. – Which one was it? / – Bidder 182. 150 dollars is his limit. – Are you willing to bid more? / – Yes, I’ll probably win the bid. (Pikachu is mine.) Is there a reason why you have to take Pikachu? There’s a person I really like, and she loves Pikachu, – so I’d like to get it… / – Is she here with you? No. She couldn’t make it here. I’d like to give it to the woman I love. Will you make a bid until the end? – Yes. I’ll continue until the end. / – Give him – a big hand. / – I see. Isn’t it amazing? (Will Pikachu bring success in love?) The bidding price is now 145 dollars. Would anyone bid for 150 dollars, 150 dollars? – 100… / – Gosh, – I feel bad for bidder 23. / – Gosh, bidder 23. For 155 dollars. (I’m sorry.) (I’ll give it to her as a gift,) (so that everyone would be jealous.) We’ll raise to 155 dollars. (He gives up.) I feel bad for bidder 23. (It’s now a battle between bidder 182 and bidder 101.) We now only have bidder 101 and bidder 182. Who would like to bid for 160 dollars, 160 dollars? – Bidder 182. / – Good for you. Both of them bid for 165 dollars. What about 170 dollars? – For 175 dollars. / – My goodness. – For 175 dollars. / – I can’t believe this. For 180 dollars, 180 dollars. (Why are you so greedy?) They raise by 10 dollars each. Why don’t you two date? (Why don’t you two date each other?) That’s a great idea. (Pikachu sleeping bag is a love messenger.) (I highly recommend this product.) We’re at 180 dollars. We’ll raise the bid by 10 dollars from now on. For 190 dollars, 190 dollars. Both of them made a bid. For 200 dollars. For 200 dollars. Amazing. For 210 dollars, 210 dollars. (The bidding price is now 210 dollars.) (Will it keep going higher?) – For 210 dollars. / – For 210 dollars. (Bidder 182 makes a bid for 210 dollars.) (Bidder 101 did not raise her hand.) He’s the sole bidder. Bidder 101, will you stop bidding? (Can I finally approach her with Pikachu in my arms?) – I’ll yield. / – All right. (He’s relieved.) 210, 210, 210 dollars, he’s the winning bidder. (Pikachu sleeping bag goes to Bidder 182.) (Confess your love for her.) Say a few words to your girlfriend. (It was really tough to get the Pikachu sleeping bag.) She’s not his girlfriend yet. – Confess your love on air. / – Anyway… Confess your love. – She’s not my girlfriend yet. / – Not yet. – He’s being careful. / – That’s right. You should confess your love, you fool. (You should have.) Come on out. (Congratulations on winning the bid.) (Kim Hyungwoo) This is Hello Market in Korea, and he’s donating the money. (Good luck.) It’s our turn now. This person has requested it a long time ago. He makes ball joint dolls. – He was a doll artist. / – I remember. – We were really amazed then. / – That’s right. Let’s greet him. Hello. (He looks like an artist.) – He does look like an artist. / – I agree. – Have you been well? / – Yes. Okay. (We’ll cut it short and take a look at yours.) – He’s usually quiet. / – We can cut this part out. Let’s see what he brought. Come on out. (The third article is brought to the studio.) (Here is the third auction.) ♪ Hello ♪ (It’s not a doll.) – ♪ Hello ♪ / – Does it light up? (They’re LED lighting devices made by hand.) It must be beautiful to light them up in a dark spot. – It’ll be so pretty. / – They’re ice. – My goodness. / – It’s ice. They’re big. – They’re pretty. / – How pretty. They’re so pretty. Look at the screen behind us. (They’re even prettier in the dark.) – They’re really gorgeous. / – How beautiful. I think these lighting devices would be good for taking selfies. – For taking selfies? / – Yes. Should I take a selfie to see – if it looks nice? / – Really? – It’s 07:20 p.m. / – To take selfies. How pretty. It feels like Christmas. – You have to hang it. / – She looks so pretty. (Chanwoo picks on Inyoung.) – How pretty. / – Won’t you hang it? I’m not going to hang it. I’ll use the light. – The light… / – I’ll pretend as if it wasn’t here. “I have no makeup on.” (She pretends to have no makeup on her face.) – This one is with the light. / – Hang it and take one. Look. There’s no light for this one. Look. This is why women need lights when taking selfies. This one has no light, – but when there is one… / – That’s true. The selfies look prettier now. – Take one without the light. / – Without the light. (There’s neither lighting nor any facial expression.) – Look. / – Why did you change your look? – I didn’t. / – You changed your look. – It’s like a home shopping channel. / – Wait, wait. – Look, look. / – Her face turns darker. She’s a skilled saleswoman. Look at her. – The one without it. / – It’s the same. (I caught you.) Her look changed. – Show us. / – That’s not true. Show us the picture on the screen. (Let’s see the difference.) – Look. / – This is the one with the lighting. Yes, this one’s the one with the lighting. It looks brighter. Look at her face. – She looks somber. / – She looks somber. That’s not true. You’re upset because there’s no lighting. Without the lighting, you can see my jawlines. (The doll artisan made these LED lights.) (It’s a great device to create a luxurious vibe.) What’s the market price? I haven’t exactly… – Has it not been decided yet? / – No. Only one was made for each design. That’s why I haven’t exactly decided on their prices, but they should be at least several hundred dollars. That’s right. Lighting devices are expensive. He sounds like Sangwoo. He does speak like him. We’ll start bidding one at a time. – Do I speak like him? / – Yes. (What was his question?) As he introduced him, Sangwoo asked me if he sounded like him. I told him that he’s worse. (No, you’re worse than him.) We’ll start bidding from the bird lighting. The initial bidding price is 10 dollars. The bid begins now. 10 dollars is a steal. Somi, will you make a bid? Hyungtak, you also? – 10 dollars is nothing. / – For 20 dollars. – We could go for 20 dollars. / – I should make a bid. – For 30 dollars. / – For 30 dollars. Yeongja is also bidding. For 40 dollars. For 50 dollars. There are less bidders now. For 60 dollars, 60 dollars. We need an SOS. A ritual is needed. Hyungtak, throw in something. – What do you mean? / – Throw in something. – Again? / – Yes. I… Won’t you throw something in? I’ll give away my Doraemon phone case. He had one. – Like this. / – The Doraemon phone case. It’s a phone case for Apple Note. (Apple note? Planet plus? What is it?) Never mind, Note wasn’t made in Apple. It’s Apple plus, Apple plus. What kind of phone is Apple note? (Let’s come back to our senses.) We’ll continue. The bidding price is now 60 dollars. – For 70 dollars, 70 dollars. / – Look. – It changed quite a bit. / – The number increased. For 80 dollars, 80 dollars. – There are about 5 bidders. / – There are 6 bidders. We were at 80 dollars. For 90 dollars, 90 dollars. – Now… / – Bidder 201… – Bidder 201 and bidder 193… / – I will also add something. Manager, where’s my bag? (What is,) (the cherished good,) (Dongyeop brought?) (What’s that?) – What is it? / – As always… (He brought condoms.) (Everyone is tempted.) – Dongyeop, won’t you add something? / – You should. They are not something to be aired. They’re personal stuff. They’re not for sale. They’re my condoms. (They’re Dongyeop’s condoms.) They’re my condoms. (This is a new paradigm of auction.) We’ll continue with this vibe. For 160 dollars. – For 160 dollars. / – For 160 dollars. – No one’s bidding. / – For 160 dollars. (People stopped bidding because of the condoms.) (He was embarrassed.) “Kingsman: The Secret Service”. “Manner maketh man.” As a spoof of the famous line, it’s written here that manner does not make man. (Manner does not make man.) – Among OECD countries, / – We might’ve missed them. Korea ranked the last for using condoms. The last bidding price was 90 dollars. For 100 dollars, 100 dollars. Bidder 201, bidder 193, bidder 41… There are only few bidders. For 110 dollars. Bidder 201 bids for 160 dollars. – For 160 dollars. / – Three bidders… One stopped. There are 2 bidders for 170 dollars. For 180 dollars. There are 2 bidders. They’re Bidder 201 and Bidder 193. For 190 dollars, 190 dollars. (Will everyone stop bidding for 190 dollars?) Both of them lowered their hands for 180 dollars. I’ll ask once again for 180 dollars, 180 dollars. Lower your hands, both of you. Both stopped bidding for 190 dollars. 190 dollars. (This is as far as I can go.) I’ll ask for 185 dollars, 185 dollars. – No one bids. / – No one bids. We’ll go for 180 dollars again. Look. 181 dollars. – Do rock-paper-scissors. / – Raise by one dollar. Let’s go for 181 dollars, 181 dollars. – Bidder 193. / – He’s looking at his pocket. He didn’t raise his hand. – Wait. / – 181 dollars. He’s checking how much he has. We’re now at 180 dollars. She bade for 181 dollars. (When do you think people die?) (When they’re short one dollar.) Sold! (It’s sold.) (The LED light is sold for 181 dollars to bidder 201.) What fascinated you the most? I liked the Doraemon phone case. – I see. / – Hyungtak, you’re the best. The light is very attractive too, right? Of course. The light is beautiful. – How about condoms? / – I don’t know. (I don’t know what to do with the condoms.) “Manner does not make man.” Bidder, please come on out. (Congratulations) (Shin Eunhye) This is Hello Market in Korea. – The romantic lights. / – She donates 181 dollars. (She donated 181 dollars.) (Congratulations) (The fourth article was LED lights.) (A fancy sweater was also given away.) (He bet all his money.) (However, bidder 41 executed a surprise attack.) (Bidder 193 is sad, and bidder 41 is happy.) (Kim Jihye won the bid for 200 dollars.) My team is called Daddy and His Daughter. (The fifth article on Hello Market) So many people were worried because of others’ hobbies. The popular hobby in common was fishing. Many dads were hooked on fishing. Are you still hooked on fishing? I go fishing merely once a week. – He reduced quite a bit. / – He reduced a lot. – He used to go everyday. / – He went fishing everyday. It’s tough not being able to do what I want. However, it’s for your family. Your wife must be glad. Yes. He goes fishing only once a week. (His wife seems much happier.) – Are you happy? / – I am. Big-time. (I’m so happy.) I wonder what you brought today. I brought my fishing rod and its support that I used. I cherish them very much. He’s amazing. How many fishing rods do you own? I have about 20. How precious is this one? I brought the one I cherish the most. It’s very meaningful. Fishing rods are very expensive. Expensive ones are really costly. Bring them in. Come on in. Bring the article to the studio. (He dances as though he were in a club.) (The fifth article is brought to the studio.) It’s his most precious fishing rod. Fishing enthusiasts would know about it. This one’s for freshwater fishing, right? Yes, it’s for freshwater, midwater fishing. – How much would / – Yes. these rods cost? The fishing rod is about 280 dollars, and I can’t tell you the price for the support because I made it myself. (I made it myself.) – He made it himself. / – It’s one of a kind. There’s only one support like that in the world. (All fathers and daughters who are distant, look.) (Your relationship will improve.) (You can also catch big fish.) (It’s a fishing rod and a limited edition support.) We’ll begin from 10 dollars. – I can’t wait to see. / – The bid begins now. For 10 dollars, 10 dollars. There are about 12 or 13 bidders. For 20 dollars, 20 dollars. – For 20 dollars. / – For 20 dollars, 30 dollars. For 30 dollars. Keep discussing. For 40 dollars. – 40 dollars. / – It makes a great gift for your dad. Fishing enthusiasts would love it. – We’ll go for 50 dollars. / – Bidder 193 is bidding again. The highest he can go is 180 dollars. (How did he know?) You’re okay for now. For 50 dollars. – It’s a really good one. / – We’re now at 50 dollars. For 60 dollars, 60 dollars. Bidder 193 and bidder 13. (There are only two bidders left already.) For 70 dollars. Taegyun, throw something in – so we can raise the bidding price. / – I will add… – Bring it here. / – He’ll throw something on top. I’ll throw it on top. (I can’t wait to see it.) I really love them, for those with big heads have a hard time finding the right shades for them. I really cherish them. They’re cool. Like this. (He can’t be any cooler.) – If you know anyone with big heads… / – Classic. It’s about two years old, but I didn’t wear them often. With the sunglasses together, we’ll go for 70 dollars. Bidder 193 and bidder 13 made a bid. – There’s bidder 73. / – For 80 dollars, bidder 67 did. There are 3 bidders. For 80 dollars, bidder 23 joined. For 90 dollars, 90 dollars. – Good. / – We’ll go for 100 dollars, 100 dollars. – 150 dollars! / – Yes, 4 bidders… – Somebody shouted, “150 dollars!” / – 150 dollars. (150 dollars!) He seems so strong. Accepted. Bidder 67 made a bid for 150 dollars. For 160 dollars? He made a bid for 180 dollars. (180 dollars!) (What a gut he has.) Shall I throw something in? – You can make a bid for 181 dollars. / – Oh! In order to continue this vibe, I’ll add something. Good, Somi will add something… – Somi. / – Somi’s cherished good. When I was in grade six, (It’s a very old item.) – this was highly popular. / – What is it? They’re mittens. – Okay. / – Gosh, they’re adorable. When your hands are freezing from fishing – in the winter time… / – They’re cute. – The shark gloves. / – My winter was always warm. – How cute. / – They’re so adorable. You can go fishing with those gloves on. – One more has been added. / – The bid may rise. We’re now at 180 dollars. – That man… / – For 190 dollars. Are you okay with this? He must have got 10 dollars somewhere. (My goodness.) – Since I.O.I… / – Did you borrow the money? It’s going up. – 250! / – 250 dollars! (Someone bids 250 dollars.) Number 67 bids 250 dollars. – Wait. / – How can this happen? (Today’s not my lucky day.) You shouted 250 wildly. Please introduce yourself. I’m Somi’s fan and I love fishing. Do you know how much it’s worth? Yes. But I only have a saltwater fishing rod. – He needs it. / – I rent one for freshwater fishing. So, I want to get one. Perhaps, 250 is your highest bet? – No. / – He’s got more coming. There will be war. He only had 180 dollars, but he borrowed ten dollars. So, he managed to bid 190 dollars. – But he’s beaten. / – The other one bid 250. Are you interested in fishing too? Yes. I’m considering about starting fishing. I raised it to 180 dollars, but I didn’t know someone would bet 250 dollars. Maybe you’re bidding for every gift? That’s not it. I bid for the light because I thought it’d look good on our new house. So, does your wife gave you ten dollars? Yes. (We love your passionate attitude!) 250 is the highest bid so far. I’m asking for 260. 260 dollars, anyone? – There’s no one. / – No one. – Nobody is bidding now. / – Yes. We’ll close it. 250 dollars. (Should I bid or not?) (The video is not paused.) – Sold! / – Sold! (It’s successfully auctioned off.) Bidding 250 dollars was a good one. It got successfully sold for 250 dollars. (I hope we don’t go home empty-handedly.) The bidder will come down to the stage. (Congratulations on winning the bid.) (Lee Kyuwon) This is Hello Market! Please put the money in there. He donates 250 dollars! (250 dollars have been donated.) (He’s amazing!) I’m a big fan. He’s actually got a picture of Somi. So, he’s a real fan. – He has Somi’s picture. / – He’s got her picture. (He always carries her picture.) You’re her big fan. I’m glad you got it. Please say something to Somi. (He’s shy in front of her.) Say something. (I’m listening.) Cheers, Somi! I’m always rooting for you. And… Please don’t leave and work hard. (He murmurs.) If you like Somi so much, can you do Somi’s dance? – “Pick Me”. / – “Pick Me”. Start. (Can he dance?) – Dance together. / – Dance together. (He’s got an amazing sense of rhythm.) (Am I dreaming?) Go to the front! Dance together! (Somi, be happy.) Dance together until the end! – He must be their big fan. / – Until the end! Do it until the end! Merry Christmas! That’s crazy. – Look at that! / – Come on! Keep going! He’s really good. (We’re proud of him!) He’s her big fan. – That was good. / – Thank you. Thank you. (Thank you for your performance.) It’s our turn now. A pregnant wife was in much pain because of her husband who was a sports fanatic. She was struggling. But on Hello TV, we saw that he had improved a lot. Do you feel less frustrated now that he’s changed? Yes, I feel much less frustrated. My children are happy too. He’s changed a lot. It looks like he’s lost a lot of weight. – Didn’t you lose weight? / – I did. I lost about 4 to 5kg. You had gained weight because of the sports. It seems like taking care of the baby burns more calories than doing sports. – Of course. / – You’re doing a good job. Imagine how tough it’d be for her if you don’t help. Which item did you bring today? I brought a tennis racket I really adore. – It must be expensive. / – A tennis racket. – It was for competitions. / – Competitions! I saved up my allowance for six months to buy this, so I was in love with it. But I can’t play tennis now. So, I thought it would be useful to another person. – That’s why I brought it out today. / – Okay. He saved up for six months to buy this. Bring it out! (The third article is brought in.) Tennis racket! It looks like he’s been using it for six months. – Should we open it? / – Yes. – It’s a racket. / – It looks nice. – It’s very nice. / – It’s a racket. (It looks very fancy.) – It’s fancy. / – It’s not an insect killer. (It’s not the electric insect killer.) – Please explain. / – There’s a big tennis game called Wimbledon. – The best tournament. / – There’s a limited model that comes out during the season. Your wife seems to be really happy. She’s thrilled. – Are you into tennis? / – Do you want it? – Can you teach him? / – He wants it. (He swings the racket.) It’s my first time doing it. (It turns out it was his first time.) Taejoon, you do it. Think you’re shooting a film. I’ve never played tennis before. (It looks like he’s beating someone.) This is when you beat someone. I’ve never played tennis before. Can any of you play tennis? Can you play tennis? – He looks like he’d be good. / – Have you ever tried? – You play tennis well. / – Just give it a try. (Do I play tennis well?) Play tennis. (How well can he play?) (He’s the best.) (After doing well,) (he becomes really shy.) – Then, I’ll… / – Why is he so shy? (He badly reenacts what Sangwoo did.) (Did I do that?) Give us a tennis ball. (They will check how powerful the racket is.) It’s hanging. I’ll hold it. Do we have to play it alone? It’s the same thing. – That’s it. / – Oh! – Is it good? / – It sounds different. (It’s a little dangerous.) He actually got scared. (This time, he tries for real. He smashes.) There was a thud. (She has no clue about tennis.) That’s amazing. It’s a strong racket. – What will you… / – Is there a thud? I have to say something to sell it. We’ll sell this too. – You can practice alone. / – It’s nice. – It’s nice. / – Two for a price of one. – You can practice at home. / – You can. You get this too. Since there’s only one racket, I’ll add a t-shirt you can wear when you play tennis. – Is it yours, Taejoon? / – He used to wear it. I used to wear it often, but it’s still fairly new. You can wear this and play tennis. (Both tough guys) (and shy guys will love) (this fancy tennis racket.) (It comes with nice freebies! Don’t forget!) A racket and Taejoon’s hoodie will be auctioned. – Also the practice ball. / – Right. – Yes. / – We’ll also auction the practice ball. The starting bid is 10 dollars. We hope for a good bid. The auction starts. 10 dollars. – 10 dollars. / – Many people are bidding. – Thank goodness. / – 20 dollars. Some people put their cards down. Half of them gave up. What’s funny is how shocked they were. – Come on. / – Half of them gave up. I’ll sell this for 10 dollars. This is 10 dollars. It deserves a fair price! – I’ll raise it to 30 dollars. / – 30 dollars. Let’s raise it to 50 dollars. I’ll ask for 70 dollars. 70 dollars. – Kimbab… / – Kimbab! – Mrs. Kimbab made a bid. / – She did. Why did you bid for the tennis racket? – Who plays tennis? / – Where is she? I used to play tennis when I was single. You want to do it again. Yes. I gained weight while making kimbab. So, I really want to have it. – You want to have it. / – Yes. The highest bid is 70 dollars. I’ll ask for 80 dollars. It’s 80 dollars now. Let’s bring it up to 100 dollars. 100 dollars. – Many people are bidding. / – It’s limited edition. We did say it was limited edition. I’m asking for 150 dollars. Let’s make it 160 dollars. I’ll ask for 180 dollars. – Number 185! / – Number 229. – Also number 185. / – She just raised the sign. No. She’s been holding it up ever since the start. It’s now 190 dollars. Both of them are bidding. It’s 200 dollars now. – It’s 200 dollars. / – Number 229 and 185. Wait. Can you pass them a mic? She looks like the queen of tennis. Number 229. Is it Taejoon’s hoodie that you really want to have? Is it because you’re Taejoon’s fan? – I used to be a tennis player. / – Player! (She used to be a professional tennis player!) (I can’t believe I swung the racket in front of her.) – I see. What do you think of this then? / – Yes. (He asks what she thinks of the practice ball.) – What do you think of this? / – It’s worth about 50. – That’s too dangerous. / – It’s dangerous. – I know. Why would they give us this? / – If you… The bidding price is 200 and there are 2 bidders. Let’s raise it to 210 dollars. (It’s interesting.) (A fancy tennis racket and a hoodie are being sold!) Number 229 and… He gave up. (Number 185 put his sign down.) – Number 185. / – Are you giving up? – He put down the sign. / – I’ll end it. It’s 210 dollars. 210 dollars. – It’s sold! / – Congratulations! It went to a right person. – Please come on out! / – Come on! (It was sold to Number 185 at 210 dollars.) (Park Yongran) (The racket found the right owner.) This is Hello Market! – She donates 210 dollars! / – Congratulations. Congratulations. Thank you. – Do you like it? / – Yes. What’s good about this racket? The grid is very uniform. So, it’s nice. – See if you like the grip. / – Okay. Since you used to be a player, show us how to play. – No, never mind. / – Yes, show us. (She refuses to show us.) – I was very young, then. / – Still. – Check the grip. / – You’ll still be better than us. It’s very dangerous. (She elegantly poses) (and strongly hits the ball.) (It’s dangerous!) Good job! This article was donated by a child. – A child? / – Yes. He came all the way from Jeju Island. – I know who it is! / – He donated it. Right. It’s 9-year-old kid, Sujin. Have you been a good boy since you were here? – Yes. / – Really? – So… / – You used to have fans in the storage room. Did you get rid of those? Your dad told you to. I made a small room for Sujin. – I know. / – Using movable panels, I built him a tiny room. It’s his own work space. – He got a studio. / – Yes. Last time, he introduced us many electric fans. Which one did you bring today? Of course, I brought the most expensive one. – He’s cute. / – Isn’t that really old? It’s really old. When did you say it came out? It was manufactured between 1930 to 1950. It’s an antique. It’s very precious. Are there a lot in Korea? There’s only one in Korea, of course. Is there only one? Is it okay to donate such precious thing? – I… / – Yes. – I love helping… / – Please pull the mic down. – That’s it. / – Show your face. – He did that last time too. / – I love helping the less fortunate people. It’s a good investment. (He’s a good kid.) He talks like a politician. I know. Please introduce that precious antique fan. There are two levels – of wind strength. / – Yes. It’s a vintage design. (It has a vintage look.) So if you put it in a vintage cafe, it will look very good. My house has a classical interior style. – It’d be perfect! / – My furniture are antiques. I think Sujin and I have similar taste. You can buy it if you like. I know. I prepared money. – Let’s check it first. / – Let’s check the fan Sujin generously donated. – Please bring it out. / – Yes. (The seventh article is brought in.) Hello! This is it. – Let’s turn it on. / – Yes. How do you turn this on? Here’s the button. – Is this not it? / – Do you need my help? – Are you coming down here? / – I… – Come on. / – Do you want to come down? – It still works. / – Is it strong? It still works. It’s very cool. It first came out in 1930. – It’s very cool. / – It works. (It works well for an antique gadget.) – I used to do that. / – Is it working? Be careful with your hands. – It has a special talent. / – Special talent? What are you doing? (Su Jin suddenly put it down.) Be careful, Su Jin. You can adjust the angle of the head. You have to put it down first. It’s steel in the back. – You can put it on wall too. / – It can face the sky. – You can hang it on the wall… / – Give him a mic. – Give him a mic. / – Wait. (Goodness!) (The fan dropped to the floor.) (Oh, dear!) – Who’d buy this? / – It’s steel, so it’s fine. – This is how strong it is. / – It was – It was a strength test. / – It was a strength test. You dropped it on purpose! Yes. It’s made of steel, so it’s fine. Sujin, is there a warranty for your customer? Yes, there is a warranty. – Will you go? / – Yes. You can send it to Jeju Island. Sujin really fixes all the fans. – He can fix any fans. / – Yes. (It’s a strong interior prop) (that contains innocence of childhood.) (It’s an antique fan.) We will start the auction for the fan. The starting bid price is 10 dollars. Let’s begin. It’s 10 dollars. (Many people are supporting him.) Everyone loves Sujin! – You’re amazing. / – You should scream too. Let’s raise it to 20 dollars. 20 dollars. It looks like everyone is holding up the sign. – Everyone wants it. / – 30 dollars. 30 dollars. Should we make it 50 dollars? Let’s make it 60 dollars. Let’s make it 60 dollars. The signs fell like the falling leaves. They fell like the falling leaves at 60 dollars. (It’s expensive though.) Let’s make it 70 dollars. 70 dollars. 70 dollars. We’re starting to see who’s remaining. – There are still a lot of people. / – There are. – It’s 80 dollars. / – We’ll add something. – We’ll add something? / – Yes. I have one too. They will both add something. – Is it a clothing? / – Get mine too. It’s a sweatshirt. – It’s nice. / – It’s a sweatshirt. I love the color. Whose is that? – What’s that? / – What’s that? – Whose is this? / – It’s mine. – Put it on. / – It’s a costume. What’s that? – What’s this? / – It’s really nice. Is this your stage costume? You can pretend to be a king at home. You can always say, “Get me water.” You can do a role play. It’s our performance costume. So, there’s only one. It’s a tailored costume. It’s a very meaningful costume for us. I was going to give it to our fans, but do we have any? (He’s not sure if they’ve got any fans.) I wonder how many people will still raise the sign. Two pieces of clothing are added to the fan. We will continue with 80 dollars. 80 dollars. – Less people are bidding! / – What? Less people are bidding! Much less people! Take this out. Why? It’s very precious to us. I’m sorry. Let’s try without this. Let’s try with just these two. It’s 80 dollars. More people are bidding! (More people are bidding for it now.) More people are bidding! Let’s try with the costume. It’s 80 dollars. Really? – Take this out. / – It’s useless. It contains their precious memories. – Yes. / – It’s very precious for us. You have to take it even if you don’t want to. They have to want it. Let’s try it again. I’m asking for 80 dollars. Three people. Four people made the bid. – Aren’t there five? / – Including No. 11, it’s 5. He wrote 150 dollars. – What? / -150 dollars. Number 54 offered the highest price – of 150 dollars. / – Get the mic. Why did you offer 150 dollars? Because I want it. How about this? I will hang it at home. – Yes. / – Hang it at home. Have you always been interested in antiques? I own a coffee shop. – It’s perfect. / – That’s perfect. You can hang it in your coffee shop. Is anyone willing to be 160 dollars? – She’s bidding 160 dollars. / – Thank you! Thank you. 170 dollars. We’ll raise it to 180 dollars. Thank you. – It’s 190 dollars now. / – 200 dollars. – 200 dollars. / – Thank you. The highest bidding price is 200 dollars. 210 dollars? I bid 250 dollars. She bid 250 dollars! That’s the price Sujin paid. It went all the way up to 250 dollars. One more bid. – It’s the original price. / – Does anyone want to bid? That’s all I have. 250 dollars. You only have 250 dollars. You just need to add a dollar. – I bid 251 dollars. / – 251 dollars! All right. There’s no one else, right? – Thank you. Good job. / – Inyoung? You played it well. I actually wanted it. But I think he needs it more. We’ll close it at 251 dollars. It’s 251 dollars. 251 dollars. It’s sold! It’s sold. Sujin, it was sold at 251 dollars. How do you feel? I feel good, of course. But to the person buying this, I want to say this. What is it? He’s very mature. I worked hard to buy this. Never think about selling it to another person. He really loves it. (We can tell how much he cherishes it.) Why did you tell him that? – It’s… / – You can remain seated. I think he’s going to try to sell off that beautiful fan. – I don’t think he’s like that. / – So, please don’t. Sujin thinks you’re a bad guy. (Sujin thinks he would sell it off.) He really treasures it. It will always be there in my shop. (Please keep your promise.) Please come out to the stage! (Lee Jaewon) He’s coming down. (He’s the new owner of the fan!) This is Hello Market! He will donate 251 dollars! – He donated it! / – Congratulations. (Congratulations on your successful bid.) The article – Where did she go? /- that will be auctioned now will be a huge hit, – Where did she go? / – I think. It’s Somi’s (People are already swayed.) cherished item. She mentioned it when she introduced herself. This made her the person she is today. (It made Somi who she is.) Please bring it out. (The eighth article is brought in.) (What’s this?) – Let’s see. / – They look pretty. I heard that Somi has a third-degree black belt. It has her name on it. Her name is written down here. (Somi’s name is clearly on it.) I have my name written down on my clothes too. It’s a taekwondo uniform with Somi’s name on it. There’s a message written down. “Thank you for your support. I wish you happiness.” “Don’t catch cold. Thank you.” – There’s her signature and everything. / – Right. You could just wear those shoes daily. – They look like sneakers. / – Let’s check it out. Here it is. It’s cute. This is the taekwondo uniform that gave Somi first place on “Produce 101”. Somi’s not here with us at the moment. She’s getting prepared to show us a taekwondo demonstration. (Somi will demonstrate taekwondo.) She looks cute. Somi grew out of size to wear this uniform. She’s wearing the one that fits. I had childhood obesity. I used to be very fat. – I see. / – So my parents got me to exercise. My dad also did taekwondo. I have eight years of experience in taekwondo. This is the uniform I wore last. – Is this the latest version? / – Yes. When my schedule is finished for I.O.I, I’ll work towards the fourth-degree in black belt. – That’s amazing. / – Let’s see how good she is. Show us how it’s done. (Let’s see how good she is?) Can you do the chant with me? – Just the chant? / – Yes. In one, two, three. Then I go… (How good is Somi?) (It’s impressive.) (She maintains a stable posture.) (It’s a high kick.) (Oh, my goodness.) (People are admiring her skills.) Did you see that just now? Did you see that? Here it goes. (She makes it look easy.) It comes easy for her. My kicks were very good. I see. (She’s about to do a kick.) (She roars.) (It’s a perfectly straight line.) Can you do a spinning kick? (It’s a spinning kick.) Applaud. She’s really good. Somi’s so good. The actors fell in love with her. – Isn’t she good? / – She’s really good. (I fell in love with her?) Can you do a spinning kick for us? – They look awkward. / – Look at them. In one, two, spin. You have to give a shout. – One, two, spin. / – You have to give a shout. They can’t keep their legs up. Do the kick. (It hurts.) (It’s more of a moan rather than a roar.) (He’s trying his best.) (He looks shy) (after doing a good job.) (Taekwondo uniform and shoes.) (Somi wore these from second to sixth grade.) We will start the auction for Somi’s belongings. The starting bid is 10 dollars. The auction starts. – Look at that. / – It’s getting heated. – 20 dollars. / – She has so many fans here. Somi’s fan who bid 250 dollars has his arms crossed. 20 dollars is nothing for him. – He used all of his money already. / – Did he? He could borrow more money. I’ll ask for 30 dollars. 30 dollars. 40 dollars. 50 dollars. Sujin’s parents are participating as well. – His mom wants in. / – She’s been very participating. – I’ll ask for 60 dollars. 60 dollars. – It’s 60 dollars. / – 70 dollars. – 80 dollars. / – This is surprising. It has Somi’s name on it. – I didn’t think people would want it. / – Why? It’s valuable to me, but it doesn’t have practical use. (The uniform is something valuable for Somi.) We’re at 90 dollars. I’ll ask for 100 dollars. 100 dollars. (They didn’t even flinch with 100 dollars.) – This is looking good. / – 110 dollars. – 110 dollars. / – Number 67 is in. – How much did you say? / – 200 dollars. (200 dollars) – He bid 200 dollars. / – Aren’t you trying too hard? What are you going to use it for, Number 77? My brother is a huge fan of Somi. I am too, so… – How old is your brother? / – He’s 18. (He’s 18 years old.) The uniform probably won’t fit an 18-year-old. His brother is a big fan of Somi. – You’re a good brother. / – He is. You don’t want it for yourself? I do. You can share the top and bottom. The highest bid is 200 dollars from Number 77. Is there a bid of 210 dollars? – Number 29 is in. / – There are lots. – Can you give her a mic? / – Can you tell us why? I’m a big fan of Somi. I’ve been a fan since she was on “SIXTEEN”. I really want it. She really wants it. – The thing is… / – None of my fans are here. (None of my fans are here.) (He’s jealous of Somi.) Somi came in first place with all that competition. I feel like her belonging – can be like a lucky charm. / – That’s probable. Her uniform might bring good luck. Are there more bids of 210 dollars? – There are lots. / – Number 72 is in too. There are lots. – There are many bidders still. / – 250 dollars. Wait a minute. There are still many bidders. (Number 77 made another bold bidding.) – 250 dollars. / – Number 77 bid 250 dollars. (Not so fast.) – 350 dollars. / – Let’s see how high it goes. (Who was that?) – He finally made a move. / – 350 dollars. (You think you can top that?) He looks very confident. 350 dollars? Number 67 bid 350 dollars. The highest bid is 350 dollars. Is there a bid of 360 dollars? – 360 dollars. / – 370 dollars? Number 77 bid 370 dollars. – 380 dollars. / – It doesn’t look like stopping. 390 dollars. 400 dollars. Number 77, 67 and counting. I knew Somi’s belongings would be popular, but I didn’t expect it to have so much competition. I’ll ask for 410 dollars. 410 dollars. Number 77 bid 410 dollars. 430 dollars. 450 dollars. – 450 dollars. / – Check your wallets before you bid. You all have the money, right? I’ll ask for 500 dollars. 500 dollars. In one, two, three, four, – and five, six. / – Is there a bid of 500 dollars? Let me count. – There are lots. / – There are six people. 520 dollars. 530 dollars. – 540 dollars. / – 540 dollars. The six people are still in the game. I’ll ask for 600 dollars. 600 dollars. Number 67, 77, 171, 120, 109 and 197. Why do you want this so badly? Can you tell us why? – I’m a fan of Somi. / – I see. Just because you’re her fan? But still, isn’t that too much – for a taekwondo uniform? / – I know. I get to make a donation – for a good purpose. / – I see. – It is for a good cause. / – Number 197? I’m a fan of Somi and I have a friend of mine who’s also her fan. I want to… Are you trying to make a profit from selling it to him? (We’re going to split the cost.) I’ll ask for 620 dollars. 620 dollars. 620 dollars. There are 6 bidders for 620 dollars. They’re not looking like they’ll quit. I’ll ask for 640 dollars. 640 dollars. – Someone gave up. / – We have one less bidder now. I’ll ask for 650 dollars. 650 dollars. – 670 dollars. / – What’s going on? Those five people are still in the game. – Can you yield to each other? / – Yes. There are five bidders right now. If there were four of you, you could all share. (There’s plenty to go around.) – There’s one for everyone. / – Don’t forget the belt. Oh, right. – 700 dollars. / – It’s 700 dollars now. 700 dollars? We’re at 700 dollars now. It comes down to four people. Let’s get the four people (There are four bidders left.) up here. (They will decide on the winner by a different method.) Let’s see their kicks. Can Somi make a suggestion on how the winner should be chosen? Let’s decide on the routine I did when I did a spin and a kick after. (The person who does the best demonstration) (of Somi’s taekwondo routine will be the winner.) – Look at her go. / – It’s ridiculous. Wow! – Lift your right leg. / – He has long legs. Don’t let his skinny legs fool you. Give a shout. He could be really good. Let’s go. Did he do taekwondo before? Looks good so far. (What’s this?) Do the kick. He’s stiff. – He’s so stiff. / – Somi will decide on the winner. (The next contender isn’t any different.) It must be harder than it looks. (This will be the hardest decision to make in my life.) The bar isn’t that high. You can do it. Go, Number 77. Oh, gosh. – That wasn’t bad. / – He’s the best one so far. This is very difficult to choose from. Nobody really stood out, but I’ll try to make a good decision. Please step forward. This is fun. Go stand behind the person on the count of three. Close your eyes now. Close your eyes. Who will Somi choose? Why don’t you put your foot on the person’s shoulder? – Should I do that? / – Let’s do that. (This is fun to watch.) Let’s do it. (Who will Somi choose?) (Who will win Somi’s belongings?) (It’s Number 77.) – Congratulations. / – Number 77. Congratulations. (Good! I won!) Congratulations and thanks. Congratulations. I got to donate money and get something meaningful. – I’m pleased. / – It’s for a good cause. He paid a lot for this. Somi, didn’t you bring something else – in case no one bid? / – Yes. Why don’t you give it to him? Yes. Do that. He bought this for hundreds of dollars. (The extra item) (is Somi’s cute backpack.) – A backpack. / – What’s that? – A bag? / – I lost. Did you use this? In my first year of middle school. (Somi actually used it.) – Turn around. / – Turn around. It’s the famous cat. This is a really fashionable item. – What do you think? / – I love it. (The bidder is satisfied.) Can the bidder please come on out? (Congratulations on your win.) (Yoon Youngsung) You’re watching Hello Market. The bidder just donated 700 dollars. (700 dollars is donated.) Please welcome my two guests. (They’re excited.) How did you feel when you saw how much Somi’s uniform went for? Everyone’s taking part to donate to a good cause. I think it’s great. (He thinks it’s great.) (You do feel happiness, don’t you?) – He’s being honest. / – He is. Bring the next item. (The ninth article is brought to the studio.) Are those clothes? It’s clothing. (Hyungtak and Sangwoo’s donations) Are these Hyungtak and Sangwoo’s articles? – Yes. / – Okay. Let’s start with Sangwoo’s donation. Which is it? These two. They’re cups. – There must be more. / – Yes. – Is there more? / – Two cups and my sunglasses. Could you show it to them? (It’s like from a Hong Kong film noir.) (It’s a pair of masculine sunglasses.) He looks good. Gosh. Could you introduce the items you brought? These two cups… I made myself. In person? I made them for a fan meet to give my fans. How long did it take? One day to shape, and then one day to fire them, so about three days in total. – It takes a while. / – It was made with love. How about the sunglasses? I bought them two or three years ago. I didn’t wear them often. – Do you have a photo? / – What? – A photo of you in these. / – There’s one. – We need that. / – I know. – But… / – Let’s see it. (Why do you give such reaction?) (Naked?) (This is what I’m like.) (He’s a true masculine man.) – Sangwoo. / – When was this? – When was this? / – When he was in the triad. – Nice body. / – When was this? – Have you seen this photo? / – Yes. What scene is this from? – My hair stylist had changed my hair. / – Okay. I wondered how I’d look, so I came home and posed with a few accessories. Why are you topless? – To complete the look? / – It was summer. He was hot. Lee Sangwoo’s ceramic cups and sunglasses. I’ll start the bidding at 10 dollars. – Everyone bid. / – Thank you. Anyone for 20 dollars? 30 dollars. 40 dollars. 50 dollars. 60 dollars. 60 dollars. Okay. Half the bidders gave up at 60 dollars. For 60 dollars. We’re losing bidders. Pose with these on. Pretend you’re James Bond. (He’s hesitant.) Go on, pose. (Oh, whatever. Let’s do it.) I like that. Well done. He’s so naive he’ll do anything he’s told. – Don’t do it. / – We have to sell these. He’s so sweet. For 90 dollars. 100 dollars. For 100 dollars. Sujin’s still in the race. We’re currently at 140 dollars. Four people left. The wife of bidder 193. I think you need to write into our show. Your husband has too many interests. Do we have 150 dollars? Bidder 139, 49… – Three people left. / – Sujin. – And 193. / – Let’s talk to Sujin. Why do you want to buy this? I think they’ll suit my dad. – The sunglasses? / – Yes. Bidder 193, we’ll skip you. You want to spend money. (He has money to spend.) Okay, that’s fine. 170 dollars. For 170 dollars. (He looks anxious.) – Bidder 193’s nearing his limit. / – He is. (I can do this.) For 180 dollars. 180 dollars. Bidders 193, 10, 139 and 8 as well. Five bidders are still in the game. For 200 dollars. 200 dollars. – 200 dollars? / – Let’s talk to bidder 193. He borrowed 10 dollars. It’s for 200 dollars and you’re still bidding. My wife said I could go a bit further. How do you feel, Sangwoo? We’re at 200 dollars. Right. I feel very good. (He’s charming.) – I’m pleased. / – Okay. We’re currently at 200. I’ll ask for 210 dollars. – Bidder 8… / – There are bidders 8, 193… There are four bidders. 220 dollars. 230 dollars. 240 dollars. 250 dollars. All four are still bidding. – Shall I go on? 260 dollars. / – Keep going. – 260 dollars. / – She gave up. You’re hesitant. 270 dollars. For 270 dollars. We’re down to two bidders, 139 and 193 and 49 as well. (Bidder 49 is back.) – Bidder 139? / – Three bidders. 280 dollars. 290 dollars? 300 dollars. 310 dollars. (I have to beat just one more person!) He’s close to his limit. Hang in there. He knows that. – Is it 330 dollars next? / – For 330 dollars? 330 dollars. – Are you giving up? / – Bidder 49. I’ll call it, then. 330 dollars. That’s 330 dollars. 330 dollars. Sold! Congratulations. Mom, you come out. They’re counting the cash. They’re counting the cash. Dad and son, then? Come on out. (Congratulations on the win.) (Yoon Sujin) Where’s his dad? (He donated and bid too.) Hello, Sujin. He just donated 330 dollars. Congratulations. This item of clothing is… It’s a coat. This is the work of fashion designer Lee Juyoung. I was given this the first time I was invited to a fashion show and sat in the front row. I got this as a gift. – I love the lining. / – Right. Look. It looks like a sweater. – It looks warm. / – It’s high quality. It’s actually sells for 800 to 900 dollars. – It’s a designer’s work. / – It would cost that much. How many times did you wear it? I never wore it. – I just couldn’t. / – You couldn’t. – No. / – I see. Let’s start the bid for Shim Hyungtak’s coat. I’ll start us off at 10 dollars. Let’s bid. 10 dollars. Everyone’s bidding, as usual. 20 dollars. 30 dollars. 50 dollars, anyone? 70 dollars. It’s now 100 dollars. That’s 100 dollars. For 110 dollars. Still quite a few bidders. 120 dollars. 120 dollars. We’re down to the chosen few. 130 dollars. For 140 dollars. (Many people drop out.) – This is a good time… / – For what? I brought something I cherish. I’ll throw this in. What’s this? (Another Doraemon?) – It’s a mat. / – A small mat. (It’s a Doraemon mat.) – That’s cute. / – I’ll give you this. – And then… / – Is it for outside the bathroom? – Inside the pocket. / – Is there something else? – A smartphone screen protector. / – The sticky film. – And then… / – He brought a lot. He’s Inspector Gadget. This is a small figure. You need to try on the coat to see if it fits. Looking at it isn’t enough. Let’s have a fashion show. – Okay. / – Then, we can go straight to 200 dollars. (Gasping) Let’s see the fit. (It looks nicer.) You look great. Go on. (He’s coming!) His catwalk walk. (It’s the coat you need for this fall and winter.) Look at his shoes. – Now, with Doraemon. / – His shoes… (He’s serious.) Your shoes… (Doraemon works wonders for your confidence.) (All these can be yours as well.) I love your shoes. Let’s continue bidding. Increase the price. – For 150 dollars now. 150 dollars. / – See? 160 dollars. For 160 dollars. How about for 180 dollars? 190. 200 dollars. For 210 dollars. 210 dollars. For 220 dollars. 220 dollars. We’re down to six bidders. – For 230 dollars, anyone? / – 230 dollars. 240 dollars. Bidder 43. You donated already. Why do you want to bid? Fanatics have a connection. I’m a huge fan of Hyungtak’s. – I could decorate my store / – Yes. and give them as gifts. If you put them up saying Hyungtak donated these… – Yes, that would be nice. / – Thank you. We’re at 240 dollars. Anyone for 250 dollars? 250 dollars. Bidder 11, – 93, 43. / – And 204. 204, okay, thanks. Four are still bidding. 260 dollars. 260 dollars. 270 dollars. – They’re still… / – At the end. 280 dollars? 280 dollars? 290 dollars. We have 3 bidders. 300 dollars. Bidder 204. – Pass her a mic. / – We have a lady bidding. – Is she Hyungtak’s fan? / – Is it for a boyfriend? I’m a fan and I want what was his. Why do you like him so much? I love his personality. – I see. / – He’s a great guy. – He’s so innocent. / – He’s so nice. He greets everyone who says hi. We’re currently at 300 dollars. I’ll go up to 310 dollars. 310 dollars. It’s the young businessman. Bidders 43 and 204. Is it down to them? – 320 dollars. / – Bidder 40? (Bidder 40 joined in.) Give her a mic. Why did you suddenly join in? Bidder 40, why join in now? I thought the price would climb. – Were you waiting? / – Yes. Is it that valuable? All the waving will only make your arms ache. – Yes. / – What for? I really like the coat. Is it a gift or for yourself? I want to wear it. – A woman could wear it. / – Large coats are trendy. – She seems tall. / – It’s pretty. 330 dollars. 330 dollars, anyone? – Still three bidders. 340 dollars. / – Bidder 40’s in. 350 dollars. 360 dollars. 370 dollars. 380 dollars. – 400 dollars, then. / – Good call. No one dropped out. – All three are still in. / – My goodness. Sangwoo, how do you feel? We’re at 400 dollars. I’m very pleased. (I’m very pleased.) 410 dollars. For 410 dollars. I can’t watch. – It’s nerve-racking. / – 420 dollars. – Still three bidders. / – No change. 430 dollars, please. 440 dollars. 450 dollars. We still have three bidders. 460 dollars. – Bidder 40 quit. / – We’re back down to two. – Are you out? / – 470 dollars. 480 dollars. Why are you giving up now? – 480. / – We’re currently at 480 dollars. If that’s it, I’ll close. 480. 480 dollars. That’s 480. – Sold. / – Congratulations. (Hyungtak’s coat goes to bidder 204 for 480 dollars.) Come on out. (Congratulations on the win.) Congratulations and welcome. Welcome to Hello Market. Make your donation. (She donates 480 dollars.) (Congratulations) We all know that Inyoung is famous – for her lovely little babies. / – Her babies. – She donated one of them. / – Which one? – You brought a pair of shoes. / – Yes. When I turned solo with the album “Anymore”, I put a lot of work into the music video. I went to Japan and bought these pair of shoes. I spent a bit below 1,000 dollars on them. I wear 230mm and these are 240mm, so they’ll fit many other ladies but they’re too big for me. I couldn’t wear these but they’re perfect for the year-end. – For parties? / – For year-end parties. – Inyoung’s precious little baby. / – Her baby. Bring them out. (The 11th article is brought to the studio.) (The baby’s covered.) Inyoung’s baby. It’s like the show where you value antiques. – “Antique Roadshow”. / – “Antique Roadshow”. Let’s have a look. Ready? In one, two, three. Ta-da. – Isn’t that pretty? / – What’s that? (They’re shocked.) – Isn’t that pretty? / – What’s that? Ready? In one, two, three. (These are shoes fit for a femme fatale.) How high are these heels? – Women would love it. / – They’re very comfortable. Somi, have a look. – Ladies would want these. / – Look. It’s a work of art. These are all spangles. (They’re handwrought spangles.) – 240mm. / – 240mm. I never wore these. I’ll model them. Wait, it’s all down to the model. – Somi, you try them on. / – Somi. (This should be exciting.) – What size do you wear? / – 240mm. – They’re so pretty. / – They fit perfectly. They’re beautiful. – She shot up. / – She was already tall. Stand over here. (It’s an elegant walk.) They’re beautiful. Have a look. (I’m so happy.) Can you do the spin with those on? – No. / – No, right? – Don’t even ask. / – They’re lovely. They really are pretty. (She poses like a real model.) – They’re very… / – Aren’t they pretty? – I had the perfect model. / – A real model. – Those shoes make / – What? – her look / – Sexy. – more mature. / – More grown-up. They’re open. – I like the open back. / – Tell us how you feel. – I feel very… / – Sexy. I feel different and I like it. Are they comfortable? Yes. I thought they would be uncomfortable. They’re platform shoes. I see. They suit you well. This is the bid for Inyoung’s shoes. We’ll start at 10 dollars. Let’s begin. 10 dollars. Everyone’s bidding. This is a great start. – Somi, you too? / – 20 dollars. 30 dollars. All the women are bidding. They’re beautiful. I think we need to go to 100 dollars. – 100 dollars, please. / – Of course. – Okay. / – See? Quite a few bidders. 120 dollars, then. For 120 dollars. How about 130 dollars? – They suit you. / – Let’s go to 180 dollars. – Bidder 193? / – He’s bidding as well. – Go up to 180. / – Thanks for waiting until now. Go up to 180. Could you shout out your price? – 180? / – 180 dollars. We have a bid for 180 dollars. Bidder 12’s still in. – Bidders 12 and 83. Four bidders. / – 83. We’re on 180 dollars. 190 dollars. 190 dollars. Okay. – Did you see him lower his paddle? / – He’s out. – Bidder 29 joined in. / – 185’s still in. We’re on 190 dollars. 210 dollars? – Keep going. / – 220 dollars. 230 dollars. – 240 dollars. / – Just a moment. Bidder 12, take a mic. – Are they for yourself? / – They’d suit you. I’m such a huge fan of Inyoung. So that’s why I am determined to buy them. Are they your size? They’re big. – They’re 240mm. / – I wear 235mm. That’s not too bad. You can wear them after a long soak in a bath. The man in the back. Bidder 185. Who do you want to buy them for? – It’s for my girlfriend. / – Your girlfriend. – Yes. / – Is she here? – Yes. / – Oh, it’s her. – Are they her size? / – Yes, she wears 240mm. (I’m jealous.) Do you like them? – They’re pretty so I asked him to buy them. / – Okay. (I asked for them.) – Are they for your girlfriend too? / – Good for you. Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday. Your wife? – No wonder. / – Since we got married. – Go on. / – Shall we continue? 240 dollars. 240 dollars. All three of you? 250 dollars. How about 260 dollars? Two bid for 260 dollars so we’ll go to 270. Still two bidders. 280 dollars. Let’s do 300 dollars. (No one’s giving in.) Neither one’s backing down. 310 dollars. (Both gave up.) Let’s go back to 300 dollars. 300 dollars. It’s like before. How about 305 dollars? 310 dollars? – It’s just five dollars. / – Are you serious? Is that such a big deal? It’s one less coffee. How about 306 dollars? 306 dollars? 306 dollars. I’ll end by calling out three times. 306 dollars. 306 dollars. – 306 dollars. Sold! / – Sold! (It’s sold to Bidder 185 for 306 dollars.) Come down with your girlfriend. Please welcome the bidder. (Congratulations on your win.) (Ahn Jaemin) Welcome to our very own Hello Market. He donated 306 dollars. – It’s not easy to donate so willingly. / – It’s not. You all took part because it’s for a good cause. Show us how much we collected today. (What’s the grand total?) How much did we make at Hello Market today? How much is it? (They’re nervous.) – 3,488 dollars. / – 3,488 dollars. (We’ll spend it wisely.) – Thank you. / – Thank you. (Thanks to everyone who took part.) (We spent the money to buy coal for the poor.) (“It’s Raining” by SNUPER)

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