Guide: How To Use Linkedin In 2020 (Dominate it like a PRO) | Advanced B2B Linkedin Tips & Hacks

By | November 12, 2019

how to dominate LinkedIn in 2020 first
and foremost guys I’d love to hear your thoughts on how LinkedIn has been
treating you like number one because if it wasn’t for LinkedIn for me I really
feel like it’d be a lot harder to do outbound and inbound marketing for my
business and that’s inside inside for us we’re seeing the actual business owners
that do a part b2b Digital growth so LinkedIn has been absolutely amazing
environments from a business perspective from me for meeting people getting on
phone calls sourcing clients finding leads some couple of other hacks etc I’d
love to hear your thoughts what type of industry you’re coming from make sure to
comment below do not subscribe to this channel do not done but from the aspect
of how to dominate LinkedIn in 2020 it’s pretty simple I’m gonna assume that you
have a pretty well built out profile you’re avoiding terms like evangelist
influencer like keep it humble keep it along the lines of maximum you know
founder or if you’re CEO put chief executive officer chief marketing
officer let them identify who you are but avoid avoid the super like
aggressive obnoxious ones because it just doesn’t make sense and it removes a
lot of credibility from your profile where professionals are actually looking
at who you are what you’re doing but I’ll assume you actually have a pretty
good profile in that sense and if you do just follow these four points and it
should be pretty easy from there number one super super simple content right
start creating content I see a lot of these professionals just post and share
write other people’s stuff and still write those articles and text content
etc and just to cut it clear it’s good it’s better than nothing right but if
you’re not creating video content within your industry somebody else is and if
somebody else is that means they’re hijacking your potential and the clients
are coming to them instead because they’re seeing their face they’re seeing
that transparency they’re seeing for instance for instance cura Personalis he
runs inside the inside he’s not scared to go on
camera and make a video of himself talking about the key topics within the
industry let’s hop on a phone call with this guy
as opposed to cairo chris tolly since you’re sharing another guest post you
know what can this guy really do what type of value can this guy really are
etc bring yourself to a point of where you’re creating content and bring
yourself to a point of where you actually stand a chance of becoming a
thought leader within your industry what type of content super-simple again
either talk to your consumers pain points so try to solve your consumers
problem either talk about major industry updates then either your consumer could
benefit from right when you have an interest for it or your other
competitors or partners could benefit from right so let’s say something
happened in the industry and they’re like interesting you will just make
content about this and be nice to learn about it and you know two minutes you’re
having a morning coffee you watch some content that’s it you’re up to date and
you know exactly what’s happening or the third one there is no favorite for now
to talk to your consumers pain points or just update people with regards to
what’s happening in the end there should be find a news report do some good copy
so summarize the actual news report have that copy create a video edit your video
not too much not too little somewhere in between subtitle it and post you’re
creating content that’s it people are scared to create content note that
so immediately for creating content regardless whether it’s bad or good
you’re already standing out from the crowd and consumers are looking at them
and they realize transparent right if you’re not if you’re in a regulated
industry as well and this is typically one piece of advice that I have for
accountants and brokerages and brokers out there content thought leadership
style content is one of the best ways to stand out because everybody else is
relying on not very aggressive marketing right but they’re avoiding this segment
that can bring in a lot of attention towards you and it’s just it’s golden
that’s one number two is outreach there’s a couple of tools and I don’t
want to get too deep into this because LinkedIn is like cutting down on these
people but supercell probably cut this part out make sure whether it’s through
automation or whether it’s through employees or etc or through manual labor
make sure you’re reaching out right with a template to approximately 100 to 150
people you could do 100 without running a risk from the industry that you’re
targeting on a daily basis right so make sure you’re actually using LinkedIn to
network send out anywhere from 20 to 30 templates I do 100 but send out anywhere
from 20 to 30 if you don’t have the time and network ask people how you can add
value to their existing business right very important actually use LinkedIn for
networking otherwise it just goes to waste
so content network have that outreach running start coming in contact with
people start looking at their businesses start researching who they are right and
when you outreach as well when you do a sales call for instance with somebody
from your industry and then you realize okay I can’t sell this guy right but
he’s from the industry that I’m trying to name give them a proposition to
actually create content together so get them on a phone call right let’s say for
instance I’ll break it down even more let’s say you’re from let’s say you want
a b2b growth agency like I do and let’s say you target app development first so
you target pop like development firms that do develop and work for mobile for
companies looking for mobile apps for software development etc you can’t close
the data no problem it’s not a problem whatsoever tell them look I realize we
can’t do business at the moment but there’s another proposition that could
drive business to you and at the same time drive business to
me so it’s a win-win situation let’s arrange a room call in the upcoming week
where we sit down and we have a recorded conversation we talked about some of the
biggest industry highlights or some of the biggest industry issues that you’re
facing or aren’t facing and let’s record it and let
in podcast or webinar format on YouTube and then we’ll just drip feed it in to
limit them so outreach you’re gonna get sales calls you’re gonna get
partnerships and make sure you’re also getting those like content partnerships
with individuals either from the industry you’re targeting or from your
own industry etc you crazy the third thing of course is linked in
life which is whoa it’s crazy I haven’t had the chance to actually get it at the
given moment but because there’s an application and you need to have a
pretty good content standing which I don’t have only started out with regards
to releasing daily content on the usual through a systematic approach but if you
do have a good standing and you do have a subscribe you do have you know a
YouTube channel with 5,000 subscribers or even more and you’re able to
backtrack and prove that apply for LinkedIn life because it means that you
could take your phone you could start streaming live right talking about all
the different strategies that I mentioned before everybody within your
first degree connections get a notification but you just went live and
it’s major that’s it so you’re getting the attention you have their attention
you’re able to produce content you’re also able to you know add the CTA call
to action to your company so make sure to head over to inside inside if you
have any questions with regards to us or any questions with regards to b2b growth
it’s perfect LinkedIn life apply I’ll put a link below in the description of
how you can actually apply or where to go to apply if you get accepted perfect
if you don’t try again simple try again reapplying blame maybe once per week the
other thing is ads so the LinkedIn ad platform is probably the most
underutilized ad platform out there at the given moment if you have a budget
and you wanna be to be firm right and you actually want to reach b2b
demographic use the ad platform perfect with video content and long-form
copy the results that you can get are pretty spectacular it’s quite expensive
but if you’re offering a high margin service or a high ticket service and
your cost per acquisition right or the revenue that you get from the ticket and
the LTV of the client is high Lincoln our platform is by far the most suitable
ad platform out there not Facebook LinkedIn for short because you’re able
to tie get it I’ll keep decision makers so all CEOs
within the companies within the industry right you’re able to exclude people as
well and you’re able to do in mail that’s one email works very good so you
send a custom message to all the CEOs of the companies in the industries or
you’re able to do a simple standard ad which means that on the newsfeed they’ll
see your ad see a video to see your copy and if they’re interested they opt them
lead capture or whatever format you have the other one of course is that’s about
it SEO your profile as well so make sure in the title that you have make sure
it’s something that people actually search for CEO people search for that
blockchain evangelist nobody searches for it evangelism right make sure you’re
using terms that people will actually search for and that’s about that those
are the key points that I use myself that I’ve been using myself and we’re
basically killing it at the given moment and it’d be nice to see other people
kill it too comment below if there’s anything

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