Guests: Kim JaeHwan, Sam Hammington, GOT7 (BamBam, Yugyeom) etc [Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2019.05.27]

By | November 9, 2019

We root for you to solve your concerns! Tell us your concerns! Let me introduce today’s guest panel. Everyone’s father. Everyone’s daddy. – Sam Hammington! / – Sam Hammington! (Everyone’s father Sam Hammington) – TV personality Jang Youngran! / – Welcome. (Human vitamin Jang Youngran) BamBam and Yugyeom of GOT7! (BamBam and Yugyeom of GOT7) (They’re so handsome) From Wanna One to solo artist, Kim Jaehwan! (Sweet voiced Kim Jaehwan) (Make some noise) They call you everyone’s daddy. I want to call you dad too, Sam. William is so cute and so is Bentley. (Peek-a-boo) They’re so cute! They’re like dolls! William looks just like me as a kid. (So adorable) Bentley is just strong. He’s still cute. Youngran is known for being energetic. I imagine you don’t have any concerns. I’m a mother of a 6-year-old and a 7-year-old. My oldest is entering elementary school next year. And I’m known for being funny on TV. I’m worried the kids will tease her. “Your mom is Jang Youngran?” You’re worried that your kids might get teased. Mothers worry, but kids… Don’t care about that stuff. We have two foreigner guests today. BamBam and Sam. They seem more Korean than actual Koreans. When I went to Jeju-do with my friends a blonde woman passed by. – A blonde woman? / – A blonde woman. I was like, “Look, a foreigner.” Then my friend said, “You’re a foreigner too, fool.” (Oh, right…) Sometimes I panic when I see a foreigner. From living in Korea for so long. Yugyeom has such fair complexion that you don’t know where he’s from but he seems foreign. He does seem like that. I hear he pretends to be a foreigner sometimes. It’s crazy. A lot of my friends from LA visited. He thinks he’s good at English around them. “Yo, what’s up, man?” Like that. – He knows some phrases. / – Yes. “Yo, what’s up?” Stuff like that. It sounded good. Try speaking English. Try speaking English to Sam. – Go ahead. / – Yeah. Nice to meet you. Hi. How’ve you been? Good. (Conversation over!) Are you good at English, Jaehwan? Can you speak English? Yes, I can. Okay, okay. – Speak together. / – Speak together. – Hello. / – Hi. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. (Getting interesting) How are you? I’m good, and you? How many greetings is this? (Endless greetings) Jaehwan hasn’t changed since Wanna One. You always have that shy look. You should be cockier now that you’re famous. Try sitting like this. Put this knee up. Yeah, yeah. You can sit like that. You have experience now. I just made a new start… His ears are red. Hey, your ears turn red! Hey, buddy! (Nice to meet you, buddy!) (Both their ears turn red) (He’s a pure soul) Jaehwan, since you’re here you might as well sing for all these people. The title track for my first album is “Begin Again.” Shall we all listen? Here I go. (“Begin Again” by Kim Jaehwan) ♪ Starting with the word “hello” ♪ (My racing heart) (His high notes sound precise) Nice. ♪ Forget that time ♪ ♪ The day that I left ♪ (Such a sweet voice) I was nervous. It’s hard to sing unaccompanied. GOT7, are you guys going to just sit there? GOT7 released a new song as well. (“Eclipse” by GOT7) (Powerful!) (Heart racing) (Smooth yet powerful dance moves) (A flawless performance by GOT7) (They’re so good) (They’re the best) Once again, we have three concerns today. Please show us the keywords. – “Extreme Parent Pleasing.” / – Oh, parents… “Accident-prone.” “A Disgusting Concern, I’m Sorry.” “Extreme Parent Pleasing.” Hello. I’m a man in my 30s who is afraid to go home. Things are always energetic at my house. “That was a roundhouse kick. Wah!” It’s because of my 64-year-old father that’s always acting like Bruce Lee. (Me?) This is the father. “Hiyah! Wah! Son, how was that? Just like Bruce Lee, right?” “Sure, dad… You’re just like him.” “What kind of response was that? That’s it! I’ll show you for real! Hiyah! Pow, pow, pow, pow!” He keeps using those moves on me for real. He really hits him. “Dad! My arm! Ouch! Dad!” “You call yourself a man? I was just playing around!” My dad has given me a bloody nose and bruises. – I even twisted my ankle. / – He really hits him. I try to be a good son and just go with it, but this is the biggest concern. “Stand right there, dear. Let me show you a kick. Hiyah! Hiyah!” “Argh! Why are you doing this, dear? That really hurt.” He even hits his wife? My entire family is in danger. Please stop my dad! We always used to copy the moves from kung fu movies when we were kids. After those movies, everyone at the theater went… (Everyone became martial art masters) You want to copy those moves from the movies. Does anyone here not know Bruce Lee? – It’s possible. / – Oh, right! – You know Bruce Lee, right? / – Of course. – You do too, right? / – Do you know him? Yes, the guy in yellow. So he knows. (That means he knows everything) Let’s bring out our guest! (Whose father wants to be like Bruce Lee?) (Goodness!) (Choi Junghyeok) My gosh! That’s possible? As expected from Bruce Lee’s son. (Stepping down) That’s a pretty steep incline. (He’s got some moves) Your father is a huge fan of Bruce Lee? He’s not just a fan. He becomes him sometimes. He thinks he’s Bruce Lee sometimes. He’s always saying “hiyah” after doing things. He has steel nunchucks. He used to train with them. I tried using them as a kid and I hit myself hard. I got a lot of bruises. He’s into mixed martial arts these days too. If the fight wasn’t a clear victory, my dad comes to me and… He uses the moves on you. Did he learn martial arts? Is he a martial art master? The total opposite. He’s a photographer. A photographer? He taught himself jeet kune do. From a really old book. He memorized every single word. He teaches kids too. What kids learn that? I’m curious about those kids myself. I just heard it from my dad. I’m really curious about those kids. (I’m sorry, but I just don’t get you, dad) This is the book that his father used to learn. Where’d he get that? Every home had this book back in the day. I’ve seen that in a movie. That’s Bruce Lee. (That’s so interesting) (Wow) He underlined everything. It’s not just pictures. There are words too. – He wrote notes. / – There are pictures too. (He drew the angles himself) He underlined everything. Not just important parts. It’s all important to him. You should go along with it. That’s your father. That’s what you might think, since I’m his son. But it really hurts. This is the worst injury I got. He was watching a UFC fight and he said, “That move doesn’t look like it hurts that much.” Then he did the move on me. He twisted my ankle. (Goodness) (Yikes…) There’s a limit to how much I can go along with this. Honestly, the thought of going home actually scares me. How about moving out? Oh, right. Wham-bam. Problem solved. Wham-bam… (Sorry about that) Your kid will be in elementary school soon. This is my problem! I actually moved out a year ago. Work is 40 minutes away, so that’s a doable commute. But I visit in case my parents get lonely. – He does the moves on your mom too? / – Yeah. Your mom too? He doesn’t hit her for real, does he? He never tries to actually hit people. But he gets really into it and sometimes he slips. Like faking with his hand and then kicking. You can play-fight like this. – He has to stop. / – He does it on his wife? Jaehwan, try it on me. I can block everything. – Really? / – Sure! – But I’m strong. / – Go ahead. Go ahead! – Really? / – I’ll block everything. Go ahead. – Do it for real. / – He’s scared. (Hahaha) (That was scary) His ears are red again. Sometimes my mom gets hit by accident. She’s so tenderhearted that she cries. I have a sister that’s a year older than me. She has really bad vision. She’s really sensitive to sounds. But my dad’s reactions are too loud. Do it for real. How loud is he? Give it your all. Wah! Like that. (Startled) – At home all of a sudden? / – It’s louder. He startles everyone at home. (Please think about your family) We should meet the father now. Hello! (Who is the father that’s obsessed with Bruce Lee?) Why do you use those moves on your son, sir? Because he’s my beloved son. – Because he’s your son? / – Yes. I teach him jeet kune do in a short period. – So you’re teaching him. / – Right. I’m donating my talent to my son. (Disbelief) What a cute father. He has to feel some pain to know that the move is effective. I don’t think your son wants to learn this, sir. Yeah. (I don’t want to learn this at all) That’s what he thinks. (I’m so sad) But that’s not how I feel. This all started with your love of Bruce Lee, right? When I was in my late teens, I saw the movie “The Big Boss.” It showed all of Bruce Lee’s jeet kune do moves. I just fell in love. “This is it. Now that’s true fighting.” I became more obsessed after “Fist of Fury.” – “Enter the Dragon.” / – Right, “Enter the Dragon.” “Enter the Dragon,” “Way of the Dragon,” and “Game of Death” came out. I became totally obsessed after “Enter the Dragon.” (The movie that made Bruce Lee into a legend) That’s when I bought his book and started learning. – That’s when you bought this book? / – Probably. Excuse me, sir, but you’re a bit too serious. – Of course I am. / – He’s so serious. It’s good to learn martial arts for your health and you imitate the moves. “Hiyah!” Hiyah! Hiyah! The tone is higher than that. But doing it now… Wah! (He’s good at it too) He’s watched the movies so many times. (I’m the one that’s embarrassed) In my heart, Bruce Lee is my hero. Celebrities on variety shows… Lee Gyeonggyu imitates him. They make a certain face, but I wish they wouldn’t make that face. Why? Why? They make it too comedic. The great Bruce Lee… In “Enter the Dragon,” he makes a lot of really cool faces. I wish they’d take screen shots of them and make those cool faces. I thought he was just playing around with his son, – but that’s not the case. / – He’s the real deal. Did you know that your son moved out because of you? Yes. How did that make you feel? – I was sad. / – You were sad? Did you ever think about toning it down or stopping? Not at all. I want to do more. Why? Why more? Because he’s my son. Alright, so you do the moves on your son. But how could you do them on your wife? When my son was still young, I used my wife for practice. I need someone to test my kicks on. Ask a friend. How could you do that to your wife? I don’t do joint locks or throws on my wife. I just practiced my kicks on her. I just practiced my kicks on her. (Rage gauge is filling) (At a loss for words…) Shouldn’t you ask her first? She begrudgingly gives me the okay. – She’s a sweet person. / – Since I beg her. We should ask her if you asked for permission. Hello, ma’am. Hello. Your husband must’ve done a lot of moves on you. He says, “This is how you kick.” I’ve been kicked in the head and the shoulder. I’ve been thrown on the sofa. (How could you do that to your wife?) (Unforgivable!) It really hurts and I end up crying. I cry, but he still jokes around. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Why don’t you hit him back? “I’m going to hit you too!” Just go at it… When I get angry at him about this, he gets sulky for over a month. So he gets upset easily. You love Bruce Lee so much. You train and you taught yourself from the book. But you get sulky when your family won’t play along. Doesn’t it say in the book not to do that? (That one stung) (What happened to the spirit of jeet kune do?) (Let’s see) It’s in the book, sir. – It’s in there. / – It is? This is what it says. “Jeet kune do shouldn’t be used to injure people.” – “Through that…” / – She found it. It’s really in here. “Through that, life is one of the ways to initiate his secret. We must be able to look into ourselves first to look into other people.” – I’ll keep that in mind. / – Look into yourself first. You underlined that, sir. (From the book, he should be a master) (It was odd that everything was underlined) As you can see from the book… I do things for real. I only hit my wife by mistake. But I want my son to feel the pain. (This is a concern…) Is your dad like this outside with other people? – Of course. / – He does that outside too? I had drinks with a friend and he came to my place. Without knowing how terrifying it is. My friend came to my place and slept over. The next morning, he told me that he was knocked out. I was like, “Why did you get knocked out?” He said my dad hit him. Minsu sat next to me. We watched martial arts. I told him to put his dukes up. I threw a left and meant to stop, but I ended up hitting him here. I thought I just grazed him… You need to learn more. You don’t have a good grasp of your reach. Jang Hyuk demonstrated jeet kune do here and he was good at controlling his reach. I’ll show you a demonstration later. (Backs down) (He has the death stare) One of your friends is here. Let’s meet him. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Minsu? Yes, I’m Minsu who was knocked out. (Hahaha) I feel like we’re meeting someone famous. Do you remember that day? His dad wanted to show us a move and Junghyeok just went to his room. To avoid the situation. His dad was like, “That worthless son of mine just ignored me and went to his room.” So I said, “I’ll put my guard up. Try it on me, sir.” So you asked for it. I didn’t know. He threw a few jabs and then I saw stars. You saw stars? If there wasn’t a sofa behind me, I wouldn’t be on this show. I’d be dead right now. (Minsu never came over after that day) Sir, can you demonstrate your martial art skills? Please show us. (Sick of it) (He takes off his tie) His tie… Is he taking his shirt off? Does he have a yellow tracksuit on? (With the spirit of Bruce Lee) (I’ll show you my skills) (I underlined everything) (As I trained my body and mind!) (Hiyah!) (Wow) He has no fat at all. He looks sturdy. (He must exercise a lot) (The son is embarrassed) I’m a 64-year-old man, with the body of a man in his 20s. You really are in great shape. This way, please. Ma’am, are you laughing at what he just said? She knows something that we don’t know. What could it be? (He’s in great shape… I’m jealous) What’s your best move? – It’s called a Superman punch. / – Superman? There are two types. The one that goes like this… I shouldn’t do it here. (Let me move this) No, I’m going to spar on that with my son later. (From out of nowhere) (I want to go home…) What’s the Superman punch? This is the Superman punch. You’re like this and then you suddenly jump in. (You feign a kick and then throw a punch) – You put all your weight into it. / – Right. That’s what you’re supposed to do. – The Brazilian kick. / – How does it go? As for me… Don’t do it on me! (I almost had a heart attack) You read my story… (His face) It’s this. (Kick!) (It’s a downward roundhouse kick) He likes doing moves on people. – He likes reactions like this. / – Yeah. (Take this! Hiyah!) (Flopping around) (Timid revenge) This is how I spar with my son at home. Don’t hit him for real, sir. Sir, can you take your shoes off? In case someone gets hurt. Sorry for asking you to do this here. – He’s scared. / – Go easy on him. – Come closer. / – Just stay on the mat. (His eyes changed) (Go easy on me, there are cameras) Don’t hit him for real. (He grabbed the leg!) Hold on… Hold on… (He trips the other leg for a take-down!) (A leg lock) (No mercy) (You’re hurting me, dad!) (Enjoy the pain, son) (Hehehe) (At a loss for words) (It got cold in the studio) Minsu, come here and get knocked out again. (Please don’t kill me) (This is my life) Your wife seems resentful. She won’t look at you. – How was she hit? / – What moves did you use? The Brazilian kick I showed you earlier. (You did this to your wife?) What was that again? Don’t hit her for real. We spar and on the sofa… You threw her on the sofa? (Even his young son was in pain…) – The sofa. / – On the sofa. He doesn’t need the sofa. You just do the moves on him? Gosh, sir… – You know, Yeongja… / – Yes. You’re skinny. (Did you just insult me?) (Hiyah) (So that’s how it is? Okay) (You’ve awakened the sleeping tiger) (My opponent is Lee Yeongja) You have your shoes on, sir. (Fakes a punch) Take your shoes off, sir. (It doesn’t matter who! A flurry of attacks) (Maybe he really got upset) (That’s what he does to me) Sir! Sir! (Sam goes to stop him) (Don’t stop me!) (Now his opponent is Sam Hammington) (No! Stop!) (I’m going to lift you up!) (So competitive) (Stop, dad!) (His legs give out) (I won’t lose) (He can’t overcome the weight difference) That’s enough, sir. – Sir, sir. / – That’s enough, sir. – You’ll get hurt. / – He’s a different weight class. That was the first time your wife smiled! She smiled after seeing her husband get attacked. You’re amazing. – I’m sorry. / – No, no. Give him a big hand. – I’m sorry, Yeongja. / – No, it’s okay. For a 64-year-old… He’s really impressive. He’s very strong. (His forehead is covered in sweat) (Now you know why I’m here, right?) I think it’s a good thing that he practices martial arts for his health. It wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t use his family. – He just needs to cut down on that. / – Yes. It’s been going on so long, that my parents stopped talking to each other 3 years ago. I live on my own, but I keep visiting my parents because I want them to talk more. But it isn’t working. (His parents are growing more distant) (That’s why they look so sad) He’s always watching UFC matches and I’m right next to him. If I got angry at him that would make things harder on me, so I just let it go. That’s why you don’t talk anymore. Yes, I think it’s better this way. – It’s better this way? / – Yes. (The wife has closed her heart) That’s not the right approach. What really makes it hard on me is all the other issues. What other problems besides jeet kune do? He has a short temper and he’s impatient. He’s always shouting, which is hard on me. Whenever he gets upset outside it’s written all over his face at home. He cusses and calls me an idiot. (He’s always swearing at his wife) He’s said a lot of hurtful things to me. Oh, personal attacks. He vents his anger at home. Does he ever do that during a meal? My daughter has bad vision, so she has trouble with chopsticks. He pinches her and yells at her. “It’s because your mother didn’t teach you properly.” That’s so hurtful. Once he didn’t like what we were having, so he threw the food and it got all over the wall. He can be smiling, but he suddenly loses his temper. I never know when he’ll blow up. I’m always nervous and anxious. You’re afraid of him. You’re always nervous around him. That must’ve been really rough on you, ma’am. I do have a hot temper. I was raised by three women. I grew up without knowing what a father or a husband is like. So I do act too authoritative. He acknowledges that. (That’s just an excuse) Your daughter is visually impaired. Why were you so mean to her, sir? I want my daughter to be feminine and proper. She should eat with her mouth closed. I want my wife to teach her that, but she doesn’t say anything. That’s why I end up nagging at her. Hold on. I have something to say. You both gave birth to your daughter. You should both teach her. That’s why I’m teaching her. – But your wife… / – She does nothing, so I step in. Should I say this here? When I was in 8th grade, a female teacher said that I’m so tidy that I eat my lunch like a girl. (What does that have to do with this?) (Everyone jeers) I wasn’t going to mention this. – Sir, that’s fine… / – Hold on. I want to talk. Even when it’s raining or snowing, he’s never drove our daughter to the hospital. He complains that the medicine is too expensive. (Does he really care about his daughter?) (Was that so wrong?) Have you ever tried to improve your relationship? We’ve gone to counseling. – Together? / – Yes, together. For our 30th wedding anniversary, I bought her a luxury brand bag. I’m not sure. As a woman and a wife myself, if my feelings are still hurt from years of mistreatment, expensive bags and diamonds are all useless. She still feels hurt. Gosh, I’m starting to see why the son wrote to us. Did you know it was this bad between your parents? I didn’t know it was this serious. If my mom is saying all this here… She’s timid, so she would never agree to be on TV. But the fact that she’s speaking her mind here, she must’ve gone through a lot. She’s really hurt. I have to try harder so they get along. (Your father has to try harder!) Sir, do you have any intention of changing? I didn’t think it was a problem for my family. I want to tell you this, sir. Sir, nobody taught you jeet kune do. – Right. / – You taught yourself. How about how to treat your wife, how to treat your son and how to treat your daughter? If you haven’t learned, just teach yourself. You know so much about Bruce Lee, yet you don’t understand your family at all, sir. (Did you ever think about how your family feels?) It’s hard to change immediately, but why not tell your wife that you’ll try? I’ve heard that a lot. (She doesn’t trust him anymore) It’s different if you say it here versus at home. It’ll be different today, ma’am. He always has so much to say. I just want him to give me a short answer. I just… Want to live quietly. We can solve our issues if we talk. She needs to talk to me, but she won’t. She says you talk too much. Even when I don’t. Let me just say this to you, sir. Don’t think about love as giving your loved ones something they like. It’s about not doing things that they don’t like. You think you’re just hurting them physically, but you’re hurting their feelings too. They’re still in a lot of pain. (He needs to try harder to change) I really love my son. I’m happy because I have him. And my wife… Tell her yourself, sir. I don’t know how I should ask for your forgiveness. I… I’ll never hurt your feelings again. Please believe me and forgive me. – Ma’am, look at your husband. / – I love you. (He’s sincerely asking for forgiveness) (His wife doesn’t move) Sir, reach out and hold her hand. (Dear, forgive me and believe me) (She’s been hurt for so long) (It’ll be hard to get over this immediately) (He needs to try hard to keep this promise) (Will they find happiness?) – Gosh… / – Thank you. (His wife grabbed his hand) (Please never hurt her again) (Please love and cherish each other more!) (I’ll try harder too, mom) (We hope they can be happy) Should we start with Jaehwan? Is this a concern? I hope things are resolved and they can be happy. Honestly… Someone like you shouldn’t watch martial arts, sir. You said you two need to talk and your wife gave you a hint. Don’t be so long-winded and give short answers. I’d like you to follow through with that first. And try to control your temper. Then your wife will gradually open her heart. I’m still too young… It’s not like I have kids. But I think it’s a concern. It’s great that you practice jeet kune do, but you should use it to protect your family, not torment them and injure them. If you think this is a concern, press the button! (What do the people think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Stop! Show us the results. (Revealing the votes) (The last digit is 7) It’s definitely over 100 votes. (How many?) – Aside from the results… / – 167. Aside from the results, it’s good you wrote to us. It won’t be easy, but things will get better. This is “Accident-prone.” Hello, I’m a woman in my 40s with a 10-month-old baby. My heart skips a beat whenever I get a text alert. “February 9. Your car was in an accident.” “April 10. Your car was in an accident.” – “May 2. Your car was in an accident.” / – Gosh. Why so many accidents? I’m not causing these accidents. It’s my father. He’s 69 years old and he started a freight business 3 years ago. He’s got into 15 car accidents over those 3 years! That’s a lot. Guess how much we pay a year for insurance? $3,000. ($3,000?) Our insurance came out to more than $3,000. This is a bigger concern. The car is under my name! It isn’t under my father’s name. It’s under my name. But my dad doesn’t think the situation is serious. “Dad, can’t you drive safely so you don’t get in accidents?” “Shut your mouth! It happens sometimes when you’re driving!” – “Come on, dad!” / – He’s good. “You might get into a serious accident. Just sell the car.” “Fine, fine. Sell it. If you don’t sell it, I’ll smash it with a hammer.” – “What?” / – “I’ll smash it.” “How could you say that to your daughter?” He gets mad for no reason. Can you please get my father to stop driving? (Don’t drive aggressively) How about the people here? Yugyeom? – For me… / – I bet he drives safe. I bet he drives with gloves on like this. With a visor on, so his face won’t tan. How about you, BamBam? I don’t drive. – Oh, really? / – Yes. Why not? I did the math. The taxi fare comes out to $10 at most. You’ll need a car once you get a girlfriend. Me? I can’t get a girlfriend with my job. (What’s a girlfriend? All I have is my fans) – Wow. / – Nice one, BamBam. (So witty) He said that immediately. Let’s bring out the daughter. Come on out. (Who’s concerned about her accident-prone dad?) (Lee Hyebin) Yugyeom, help her out. She can really slide. 15 car accidents in 3 years. Gosh… I have a lot to say. There have been 15 car accidents since 2017. When do these accidents happen? He says when he’s trying to park, but I think there’s a problem with the way he drives. The way he drives… Most people drive defensively. But my father drives aggressively. – He parks aggressively too? / – Yes. I rode on my dad’s truck with him. He brakes suddenly, cusses, cuts people off… He even crashed into two imported cars. Imported cars are expensive. Why is the insurance under your name too? Why not have it under your father’s name? My father used to be a policeman. – He retired voluntarily. / – Okay. He got bad credit trying to run some businesses. So someone set him up with a driving job. So I got him a freight truck. So you paid for it. Gosh… That’s when it all started. With all the accidents, the insurance is $3,000. Gosh… I bet. We had to change insurance providers 3 times. I get a text whenever there’s an accident. Sometimes he tries to settle, so I don’t get a text. – That’s what you think he does? / – Yes. (There’s a reason why I want him to quit) Let’s meet the father and hear what’s going on. Where are you, sir? (Who is the aggressive driver father?) Sir, do you understand why she’s concerned? Yes, I definitely do. I’m trying very hard to solve this concern. Then problem solved. Goodbye! Taekyun, people in that seat never say that. Right. He admits there’s a problem. He was lying. (Of course) When do the accidents happen. While parking? I used to drive a sedan, but now I drive a 1-ton truck for work. Trucks are longer. That’s why I end up bumping into cars when I park. You’re not used to the size of the truck yet. – Even after 3 years? / – Yes. Thankfully, you’ve never been seriously injured. I’m getting to that. Just wait! (He’s so ahead) As my daughter said, I was a policeman. A dog ran into the road while I was driving. It was a two-lane road. The dog was near the curve, so I had to hit the brakes. After hitting the brakes, I slid into the centerline. It was a head-on collision. I broke 8 ribs and I was hospitalized for 6 months. (Now we’re worried too) To see how the father drives and if the daughter is mistaken, we’re going to see the dashcam footage later. You can look forward to that, so stay tuned. Your daughter suspects that you settled some accidents without letting the insurance handle it. That’s what she suspects. Yes, I’ve done that. You’re so eager to admit to everything. It happened twice. I settled two accidents that came out to less than $300. I know those accidents were my fault and she’s angry, but… “Are you hurt, dad?” – After an accident? / – Yes. She has never asked me that once. What does she say? She threatens that she’s going to sell the truck. Then I lose my temper and say something. “I’ll smash it with a hammer.” What if she hands you a hammer? I wouldn’t smash the truck. He’s so adorable! But it’s happened 15 times. My blood pressure goes through the roof. I can’t say nice things when it happens. Hold on. So you wanted her to ask you if you were okay after each of those 15 accidents? Yes. (I didn’t know that) He’s adorable. His glasses were like this. “Yes.” (They look the same now) He looks a bit like Song Hae. (Now that you mention it…) He has a likable face. Do the “Korea Sings” intro. “Korea…” I’m sorry. (Very fast to apologize) That was fast. Is it just accidents? Does he get parking tickets too? – I can’t even express it in words. / – Tickets too? 18 fines. That’s a lot. (Ta-da) Wow, look at the dates… (2017, $134) (2018, $287) (2019, $70) – 18 cases. / – $70… Wow… Some haven’t been paid. (He still owes $384.94) Speed limit violations and traffic signal violations. Who pays all these fines? Your father? He has paid some and I’ve spent around $300, but he still hasn’t paid me back. I admit it. Because I drive a truck sometimes I have to violate traffic signals to avoid accidents. People that drive should know. If you don’t slow down, you’re already too late when the signal changes. Sir, do you even have a license? (Sell the truck and stop driving) I’m sure he supports the family financially because he drives though. Support? Ask my mother. She hasn’t gotten a penny. (He doesn’t share any of the money?) My mother works with me at my diner. I pay her a salary. It’s sad when I think about my mom. So you never gave your wife any money? Right. He’s the best at admitting things. – He’s the king of admission. / – You can’t hate him. We can’t even say anything to him. I’ve never met such an agreeable father. He admits to everything. But he won’t change. (Imagine how I feel) Ma’am, do you understand this concern? It’s a big concern. I feel terrible about it. I go to her diner early to work. I get there at 7:50 a.m. and stay there all day until 9 p.m. I try to do more for her. – Because you feel bad. / – Yes. I want to make it up any way I can. Ma’am, it would be nice if your husband helped with the living expenses. But he doesn’t give you anything? He doesn’t give me anything. You’d have no reason to work. I can’t give her living expenses. It sounds like you make money. I make around $2,000 a month give or take $200. The installment payment is $400. $300 a month for insurance. $300 a month for gas. I have club fees too. $200 a month. $100 a month for tolls. And… – There’s $50 left. / – You need that for food. Oh, I have to eat. That’s why I have no money for her. Wouldn’t it be better if you just didn’t work? That would probably be more profitable. The installment payments end this year. If I don’t get into any more accidents, my insurance – would decrease. / – Right. I’ll be able to give her $600 a month after this year. (I don’t believe that) You knew your father was an aggressive driver. So why did you get him a truck 3 years ago? My dad… Well… (What is it?) He stood surety for the wrong person as a policeman. – For a friend. / – Right. That’s why he had to retire. So that’s why he retired. He ran a rent-a-car business. He tried multi-level marketing. But he lost money each time. It isn’t easy. He was a policeman all his life. That’s why he started drinking a lot. He drank 2 to 3 bottles of soju during meals. – Two to three bottles? / – Yes. If he’s in a good mood, he doesn’t use a shot glass. A beer glass. Not even a beer glass. A big beverage cup. – A pint glass? / – Yes. He drinks soju out of a pint glass? I don’t think it’s a pint, but it’s a big cup. That’s where he pours his soju. I made him promise he’d stop drinking before I got him the truck. Because you felt bad for your unemployed dad. Did he stop drinking after that? He quit since he started driving the truck. – Great. / – What a relief. – Even at home? / – At home… Now he drinks at home. He stays at home and drinks. – Really? / – After he comes home from work, he watches my 10-month-old son. But he drinks as he watches my son. I find shot glasses on the shoe rack, in the carriage. I find proof that he’s been drinking, but… “I didn’t drink!” It made me so angry that I kicked him out of the house. Did you drink or didn’t you? I drank. I drank. (The icon of admission) Sir… Has she ever suspected you when you didn’t drink? Yes, she has. – Really? / – She insisted that I drank when I didn’t. So we went to see if I really drank or not. Where did you go? We went to a police station. To blow in the thing? Yes. I took a breathalyzer test. He got home from driving and his face was red. I asked him if he was drinking and driving. “You brat! I told you I didn’t drink!” Then let’s go to the police station and check. Want to bet $100?” – “Let’s go then!” / – Yes, so we went. He took the breathalyzer test, but it got nothing. So what did he say? How did it feel when you won the $100 bet? She still hasn’t paid me. Just like he didn’t pay her back her $300. She’s really tough. You owe her $300, so just give her $200. (They agree on $200) But you were so sure because you considered how your father was like in the past. That’s why you took him to the police station. Yes, my father used to drink soju out of a big cup. After seeing that… My older sister moved out after fighting with my dad. He isn’t on speaking terms with my younger brother. (She looks really sad) I bet that was hard on your mom. Ma’am, can you tell us about this? Times were really tough then. That’s when I started working at restaurants and at a shoe factory to make ends meet. I told him not to drink, but he wouldn’t listen. – It was depression. / – It hit him. He wouldn’t listen to anyone. He wouldn’t listen to his daughters or his son either. I often felt like I wanted to die. (She was considering death) My second daughter is the most loving. She cared for her drinking father a lot, – And she still does now. / – Right. (The daughter played a big role) It was really hard then. I had to start working early. Everyone else was in college, but I didn’t go. I sang at night clubs for 17 years. – Really? / – That’s a long time. That’s how I made money. I sent my money $300 to $500 every month. You’re so sweet. I imagine you resent your father, but you keep caring… Actually… I grew up really respecting my father. You did it all out of love. (She admires him yet resents him) He never let it show when his business was failing. All he did was drink and fight with us. I hated him for that. Now that I’m married… I had a baby late in life. Now I’m more understanding of my parents. About how they raised you. Sir, your daughter and wife are crying. Your drinking has hurt your family a lot. Yes, that’s why unlike before, I only drink once a week. – Now? / – Yes. – That’s not that often. / – What a relief. Sir, what your daughter… She just told me that he’s lying. (Drinking once a week was a lie) (When will you get your act together?) What do you want most from your father? For my father… He keeps getting into accidents. So I want him to quit driving and work in a more comfortable field. He was a security guard in the past. It wasn’t a good fit for me. How so? I had to put up with a lot of unruly drunk people at that job. Things like that. As I said earlier, the installments for the truck will be done this year. So I’ll give my earnings to my wife next year. Sir, your vision and hearing will only get worse. And your daughter is very worried. I don’t believe I have anything wrong with me physically that will impair my driving. We’ll see how you drive – from the dashcam footage. / – Oh, right. We’ll be objective, sir. (Is there a problem with his driving?) That man is analyzing the footage. The father claims he drives safe, but in my eyes, he’s speeding. And I saw instances of reckless driving. Going straight from the third lane to the first lane all the way on the left. (Whoa!) That looked dangerous. He makes an illegal U-turn here and it was pretty dangerous. He could’ve crashed into this car. The daughter is shocked after seeing this. What do you think, sir? Did you hear the expert? I know I shouldn’t drive like that now. I don’t know when he’ll get into a big accident and this showed that. I don’t think my dad should drive. I don’t have any other way to make money. I’m old now. I can’t pursue a different field. (This is a hard problem to solve) Then… (Did she make a decision?) I want to give him three more chances. That’s really generous of you. Speeding, signal violations… Tickets included? Will you keep your promise if something happens three time? (Will the father accept this?) That sounds good. I promise. Really, sir? Sir, tickets count too. Yes, they’ll count. You need a lot of time to change old habits. But you’re driving now. I think you should quit driving immediately, sir. (He still has some things to say) Hyebin, all the things… That I did wrong… Has really hit me today. (Cries at her father’s sincere apology) I’ll try even harder as your father, so I never hurt you again. Just you wait and see. Don’t you miss your oldest daughter and son? Say a few words to them, sir. To my oldest Gyeonga and my son Ganghui, I’m sure it’s tough being on your own. I’m feeling a lot of regret. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you both that I want to see you. – I’m sorry, dear. / – We’re voting, sir. Let’s start with Jaehwan. I say it’s a concern. I also say it’s a concern. I say it’s a concern. They already know about all their problems. I’d like you to quit driving after three accidents or tickets. If you think this is a concern, press the button. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Stop! Let’s see the votes for “Accident-prone.” (Revealing the votes) (How many votes?) – 135. / – 135. (135 votes) “A Disgusting Concern, I’m Sorry.” (So curious) Hello. I’m a man in my 30s that’s concerned about my 29-year-old younger brother. Hosts of Hello Counselor, please stop my brother! Geez… Poot! (What is this sound?) Poooot! Braaaaapt! I think I know what this is! Please stop my brother from farting! (Goodness gracious) My brother farts… As many as… (Curious) 200 times a day! – Isn’t that a world record? / – He kept count? (Is this for real?) So you can fart 200 times a day. It’s just a physiological phenomenon? This is what bothers me. Knock, knock. “Bro!” “Yeah, what’s up?” “Guess what?” Poot! He follows me around to fart. And… “Did you do the laundry?” Poot! “Did you eat?” Poot! – He responds by farting! / – “Would you stop that?” – Poot! / – No way. He responds by farting. It really gets me angry when I’m eating. Hey, you fart too many times a day. “Is something wrong with you? You should see a doctor.” “Bro! Let me show you beatboxing!” Poot, poot, poot! (A farting party) (Once again, it’s “A Disgusting Concern, I’m Sorry”) Why does he do this to me? Can you do something about this disgusting jerk? Youngran, do you pass gas in front of your husband? – No, not yet. / – Not yet? My husband just lets them rip though. He’s practically pooping his pants. (Pardon?) Think about your husband! Pooping his pants? Right, I’m a student parent. What about you, Sam? I fart and so does my wife. Sometimes my wife does this. To press your thumb. She teaches our kids this these days. That’s cute. I feel like holding it in is bad for your health. Did you fart in front of Wanna One, Jaehwan? – You’re all guys. / – Don’t all guys fart openly? (Listening) Sometimes it comes out during a performance. (Shocked!) You guys fart on stage? While doing those dances I bet. We’ll get to GOT7. Just wait. (Oh, no) (Troubled) This is bad. – How about you guys, BamBam? / – For us… It’s pretty bad… – Really? / – In the practice studio… There are seven of us. And one of us has really stinky ones. I won’t ask who. I’ll respect your privacy. – That person isn’t here, is he? / – He isn’t. (As long as it isn’t us) (It’s one of them besides BamBam and Yugyeom) (Who is it?) (Sorry about that) Troubled by his brother that keeps farting… We’ve never had a concern about farting. I bet it’s really bad. Let’s bring out our guest! (Who is suffering from his brother’s farting?) (Seo Seonghyeon) – He looks cool. / – So stylish. (Cool hair!) (Nice to meet you) You have a unique hairstyle. What do you do? I’m a freelancer. I work in music and events. So you’re in that line of work. When I’m not busy, I help out at the Japanese bar my brother runs. So sometimes you’re with him all day long. No wonder you can count his farts. You really wrote to us because of his farting? You’re both guys. What’s wrong with that? I have a weak stomach. When I’m watching TV, lying down, playing games, in the bathroom, taking a shower… I tell him not to when I’m eating at the very least, but I’ve been putting up with this for 10 years. So just don’t fart when you’re eating, but it’s okay any other time? I can’t take it anymore. Farting right in front of me… He doesn’t need to do that. You wrote 200 times. That’s impossible. We were once home all day. I started counting the moment I woke up. I might be off by around 10, but he farted around 200 times for real. How can you fart that many times? There are big farts. He holds it in and passes that as little farts. – It would’ve been a big one… / – Right. – But he goes poot, poot, poot. / – Right. That’s a skill. Does he do that because of the way you react? – For the reactions? / – He does it to mess with me. One time he burst into my room, split his legs apart as he jumped and let one rip. He’s got skills. I guess he pulled something. He fell over clutching his butt right afterwards. I was like, “He’s really pulling out all the stops.” We looked into this. For a healthy man, around 14 farts a day is normal. – Right, right. / – That’s a lot. They slip out when you sleep too. You have to release that gas in your intestines. Right. It’s time to meet the farting machine younger brother. – Hello. / – He’s cute though. He doesn’t look like a farting machine. (Who is the brother that farts 200 times a day?) You’re on this show because of your farting. How do you feel? This isn’t a good concern. It’s embarrassing to be here because of this. – I’m really curious. / – Yes. Have you done it here? Right. You had to wait a little. I haven’t farted here. But I farted a lot in the green room. Since it was just us two. Can you fart at will? It’s hard to force one out when it isn’t there. But it’s easy to hold in a big one and let it out as little ones. He puts in effort. He’s so thorough. I never knew. He’s on a different level. Why do you insist on farting in front of your brother? You just want to mess with him, right? Yes, I can’t fart in front of strangers. I like his reactions. And I want attention. – Oh, you do it for attention? / – Yes. You must really like his reactions. I’m an attention-seeker. (He’s a strange guy) So you’d probably fart in front of a girl you like. When I had a girlfriend, I accidentally farted in front of her, but she was really cool about it. So I thought it was fine and kept farting. But it got so bad that she got angry and we broke up. He must’ve farted a lot. I want to see it. How bad is it? (Don’t even ask) One time, I felt a really big one. Isn’t that amazing? You can actually feel that. Yes, you can feel it. I was curious how loud it would be, so I let one rip. It really hurt. It hurts for really big farts. I saw when I took a shower. I had a hole in my underwear. (Gross!) I was really surprised by that. You had a hole in your underwear? I made a lot of holes when I was younger. I was shocked to see that even after I’ve grown up. (I think I smell something) Do you have pride in your farting? I really enjoy the “Cultwo Show.” I heard a story about a guy that sings through farting. Yes, I remember that one. I didn’t want to lose, so I tried it too. But it was hard to sing through farting. I could do one bar. I learned there are many masters out there and I’m still a small fish. What did you fart a bar of? “School Bells.” It isn’t the melody. Yes, farting on beat. Can you do that now? (Oh, my god!) (I just imagined it!) I don’t think I can do that here. – I really want to see it. / – I’m so curious. Do you have any gas saved up? I released a lot of it in the green room. And the people here seem to hate it. – Just once… / – He says it doesn’t smell, everyone. Don’t you want to hear it? (Yes) How strange… That’s human nature. When you’re with friends and someone farts, the guy next to the farter complains about the smell. Of course you’re disgusted, but you take a whiff out of curiosity and freak out! (It’s human nature to want to know the smell) You could just hold your breath, but you take a whiff. He claims his doesn’t smell. I find your younger brother adorable. – Is this really a big concern? / – Yeah. He doesn’t just fart, he can burp at will. – He’s perfected that. / – He burps too? It’s really easy to make yourself burp. Anyone can do that. (They love it) Can you burp now? I can, but I feel like people will get upset. – No, it’s okay. / – Is it okay? (It’s okay) They said it’s okay. (We’re strangely curious) The daughter that was crying earlier is panicking. (I’m way too close) Is it okay? She’s right by her father now. (She moves to the side) (Let me move too) (We’re united at this moment) (So funny) They seem so close now. (She keeps a safe distance) Burping isn’t my specialty, so I can’t do it loudly. But here I go. (We’ve been waiting for this moment…) (I can’t watch) (Viewers, your eyes and ears are precious) (Burping, stiff) (They’re shocked at the disgusting burp) (They can’t believe what they just saw) I can’t really do it today. (You’ve done enough) Your brother is really playful, isn’t he? One time, I was driving around the neighborhood and my brother sped ahead of me on his motorcycle and suddenly stopped in front of me. I slammed on the brakes, but I still bumped into him. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt. I got really mad and yelled at him. He takes things a bit too far. He does little things to annoy me often. He comes out right when I get off of work and hides behind the car. He pops out rolling to surprise me. – That’s cute! / – He plays around too much. Can’t you tone it down since your brother hates it? He farted, he farted! He farted! That daughter is leaving! Why did she leave? (She runs away) She never ran away even when her dad was drinking! (Suddenly mentioned) But she ran away after a fart. (What really happened?) I’m sure that’s really stressful since you live together. But do you have to live together? We’ve lived apart before, but our parents got divorced when we were young. We’ve been living together since we were kids. – So… / – Just you two? Yes, just us two. His teachers called me if he didn’t do his homework. I had to go to his school to talk to them. I fixed breakfast for him and sent him to school. That’s quite admirable. So that’s why he wants to be like a little brother. (All they had was each other) (The older brother is like a parent and a friend) You can stand proud in front of your parents. You took good care of your little brother. (These two are remarkable) I’ve done a show with Yang Sehyeong and he said he had to get home early. He had to fix dinner for his younger brother Sechan. I was shocked when I heard that. Their parents both worked since they were kids, so Sehyeong always fixed Sechan’s meals. He’s like Sechan’s mother. Is that how you feel? I have love for my brother. – But to be understanding of this… / – It’s too much? He just does that to mess with me. We share a lot stuff, since we live together. He borrows my clothes often. He gets grease stains on them that won’t come off. That’s annoying. Once he borrowed my scooter and walked home. He lost my scooter. Really? I locked the scooter up, but someone cut the lock and stole it. I think I have bad luck. I lost two motorcycles. I lost two of my brother’s too. I lost a total of four. You’ve lost four motorcycles in your life? He has the “Minus” touch. Something went wrong. I have bad luck. (Why would you blame it on luck?) Don’t you feel bad for losing your brother’s stuff? Don’t you at least feel bad? I don’t feel that bad. Why not? – You should feel bad. / – Why aren’t you sorry? I don’t think it matters. I fix his meals, I run errands for him… I do everything for him, so I’m not sorry. I make it up with physical labor. (Think about how I took care of you) (The farting machine is getting angry) There are always people that lose stuff. How about with you guys? JB? Our leader. Your leader? – Yes, JB. / – JB. He always loses stuff. He has lost his passport several times on a flight. There’s that space between the elevator. He dropped his cell phone through there. That almost never happens. The guy with the worst-smelling farts? No, no! You tried to be sneaky. JB has the worst-smelling farts. It isn’t JB. – Someone else farts. / – Oh, someone else? So that eliminates three members. (He got us) It’s one of the four remaining members. (This is so funny) Since you’re both here, you should tell each other what you want. Yeah, do that. (Feels embarrassed) Bro… Stop making it an effort to fart in front of me. Fart in your room first. But don’t come right after farting. You can’t help losing things due to bad luck. But if you’re a bit more careful and thoughtful, I think your luck will improve. Any words for your big brother? Tell him you love him. (Barf) No? No? – That’s crossing the line. / – They’re brothers. (Brothers don’t say that to each other) I wish you wouldn’t be so lazy and go out for walks with me. As your roommate, I won’t cause any financial problems. I’ll pay the bills and my health insurance. Tell your younger brother that you love him. Yeah! Say “I love you” to each other. “Your farts sound cute.” What did the older brother do wrong? He has to put up with farts and say that too? So the farter in GOT7 is older than you? (A sudden attack) We’re the youngest. – So it’s Jinyoung. / – Stop it. – No! / – Stop it. (He answered him again) (The farter is either Mark, Jackson or Youngjae) No, we don’t know yet! (Now he says that) – Tell him you love him. / – Go ahead. Just say it! You go first. I love you, bro. Do you have a fart in you yet? – But today… / – Are you crying? This is so strange. It won’t come out. Are you crying? Why are you crying? (Chokes up) Why are you crying? I wasn’t crying. I was sweaty. (A big twist) Just go with it! Director, cut where he said he wasn’t crying. Let’s make it a nice ending. (The good version) I love you, bro. (Moved at those words) – Are you crying? / – This is so strange… Why are you crying? (His tears won’t stop) (The older brother gets choked up) (How touching) If we end it with him crying, his friends will tease him for 2 months. Let’s hear what our guest panel thinks. Jaehwan. I think it’s a concern. I say it isn’t a concern. 200 farts a day. You might want to see a doctor. I say it isn’t a concern. I don’t think it’s a concern. I don’t think so either. “A Disgusting Concern, I’m Sorry.” Press the button! (What do the people think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Stop! “A Disgusting Concern, I’m Sorry.” Show us! I’m not sure if this will get over 50. How many votes? 36 votes. (36 votes) So today’s winner is “Extreme Parent Pleasing!” The winners get a cash prize. Congratulations! Until the day Korea has no concerns… Hello Counselor will be rooting for you all! Thank you!

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