GSA search engine ranker (1) شرح استخدام برنامج – How to to use GSA SER

By | August 11, 2019

Hello everyone Today I would like to explain about GSA SER And I would like to extend this into a series of tutorials Especially there’s a scarcity in arabic resources about this software In a summary, the software is double-edged sword This program has the potential to devastate your rankings incase you misuse it so we should use it carefully according to our settings and using the proper settings in here so bear in mind many factors when deciding on using this software on the other hand, you would the best results when using the proper settings on this software so this is the main interface used for listing up the current projects being worked on here you can see the status of the project whether it’s active or not here you can see the priority of the project denoted by plus sign so the software would give high priority when fetching links based on the plus sign so two plus sign means higher priority so you can control link fetching priority by controlling the type of sign whether plus or minus it could be double plus sign or double minus sign. here we got “submitted” links and “verified links” so what’s the difference submitted means for example we got 228 submitted links for this project meaning that the software has put the link of my website in the targeted url but it’s not approved yet and is awaiting moderation and approval say you would go to a wordpress site and you put your comment on it but actually your comment will need approval by the admin now what we mean by ” verified links” verified links mean links that you’ve got without the admin approving it you can view link by right click on the project and select show URLS select ” submitted ” here you can inspect your links here you can view your verified links you can also export the file to audit your links on regular basis using webmaster tools you can select export then you select the format either CSV or excel also we can inspect submitted links by clicking on “submitted” this list the urls which need verification and approval from website owners Down here is the progress interface here you can see in real time how the software is working already parsed means Technically the software has visited the target before and placed a link Now this interface you can see all verified list of links that the software was able to fetch we can also see or visit the link by right clicking and select either ” copy URL” or ” open URL” You can also ping the URL By pinging the URL, you emphasize that indexing services should index your backlink so here are all the verified backlinks for example, lets open this Backlink and see what its look like okay here we go, the website which we got a backlink in called “” here we can see our backlink in addition to a piece of article about our website here is the company’s URL Now this is the anchor text backlink which we wanted to be here if we click on it this hyperlink would redirect us to our website let’s do our first project example let’s see what are the best settings that would render the best results suppose we are interested in getting backlinks for which offers free online courses now this first option when we have more than one website to which we want to get backlinks in one campaign simultaneously and this second option when we want to build multi tier links for our website For example tier backlinks is those backlinks that point directly to your website tier 2 backlinks is that link when click on it, it will redirect us to the first tier link initially, we won’t select this option as we are building our first tier 1 links here are the keywords that we would like to rank for in search engines for example, for udemy website we would have online courses we got also ” non paid online courses” in arabic for example or you can use google adword keyword planner to get ideas about potential keywords that relate to your business we put them here to build backlinks now those four options we use them when we want more hints and ideas about possible keywords now those options whenever you got a backlink in a website the software will look for possible keywords in this site and then look up targeted websites using those acquired keywords Anchor text now is the one we saw in the previous example which is that word when clicked would take me to my website or another one we’ll use this option for this to work now here are the percentages of our backlinks anchor text structure the healthy backlinks structure we must have diversity in our anchor text we should not have all of our backlinks using one anchor text then google will think that we’re spamming so we prefer to have diversity in the backlinks structure Domain as anchor text is the type of backlinks which materializes as your domain link it’s very important to have domain as anchor text in your backlink structure now those options are not mandatory but important here i can divide my anchor text usage percentage for the distribution of my backlinks suppose I want to give this keyword a percentage of ( out of 100 backlinks for example ) 30% coming to “secondary anchor text” suppose i want 10 % using the keyword free online courses now branding anchor text means to combine up my branding name with my target keyword which is very paramount to be existed in your link structure especially when the business or the company is renowned or has a competitive advantage in the market Microsoft for example many people write microsoft with some keywords while doing their research on search engines. now generic anchor text is using general text or words as your keywords for example check or check here as when you click on it, it’ll redirect you to your website you check on the box and define your targeted percentage now LSI we’ll talk about it later now this option we’ll walk through it later times now the most important is those four options the total percentage should be 100% in your division and you define each percentage based on your priorities in each one of them for example, if we would like to have most of our backlinks as “domain as anchor text” we would select its check box now this interface contain the type of backlinks that the software would fetch and we’ll explain them in later sessions every type of those options and when to use each one of them and when not to use specifc one and when to use them in tier 1 campaigns or tier 2 campaigns

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