[GRWM] Little Women ‘Jo’ Makeup ASMR / Costume ASMR

By | March 7, 2020

Hello everyone. judyasmr. Today’s video is a Makeup video for recently uploaded Little Women ‘Joe’ ASMR. First of all, I will use ‘VDL perfect lasting Foundation’ as a foundation. With a diamond-shaped sponge
I’ll put it on. Apply it every corner. I got scared on my cheek. Compact powder is ‘Innisfree Mineral Pact – color 21’ I’ll apply this product to every corner. Using puff Next I’ll use ‘The Face Shop – Dual Conceale’ Open the liquid type concealer,
and I’m going to cover the scar spot. I’ll apply it with a diamond sponge again. I will use ‘Too Cool for School Art by Rodin’ for Shading. Use a diagonal brush to shade along the chin line. I’ll contour it along my forehead line. I will use the ‘Sephora Blush Palette product’ that I use often. Today I’m using Orange Pearl color Blusher. I’m going to use the fan-shaped brush to apply on the cheeks and chin. Because today’s tomboy is like Joe March, Overall, I applied orange color on my face. I opened ‘Art by Rodin at Too Cool For School’ again Use Middleton’s shadow to apply on my eyes. Apply on the other side as well. I will make the gradient by applying the darkest color inside. Do the other side as well. The same product will also shade my nose. Today, I’m going to shade my nose. Next, ‘Urban Decay’s Naked Heat’
I will use this eyeshadow palette. I will use orange colored ‘Sauced’ and ‘Low blow’, ‘He Devil’, ‘Dirty Talk’ colors. First, use ‘Sauced’ to put it on eyes all over again, Apply on the other side as well. Then apply ‘low blow’ color to underline and double eye line using small brush. (Surprised) I think I applied too much on the underline. Then I’ll blend by hand the colors more naturally. After brushing, blending X 100 Blend it well enough to make the color look natural. After that, I’ll draw the eyebrows. Use ‘Art by Rodin shading’ to apply to the eyebrows. I don’t have a brown color eyebrow so I used it. carefully filled the areas without eyebrows. Fill the other eyebrow with care as well. filled eyebrows to the other side, After that, I’ll use ‘Missha – 4d mascara’ to give my eyebrows a bit. I often use mascara to make eyebrows look better. I will use a brush pen eyeliner brown color. I draw it a little bit thick and not too thin or too thin. After I draw the eyeline, I open the ‘Wanderess eyeshadow palette’ I’ll use ‘Sun kissed’, the color I use most often. Apply this shadow between them so that there is no boundary between the eyeline and the double eyelid line. Like blending a bit … Likewise, apply shadow between them. I applied this ‘Sun kissed’ color a bit more on the under side as well. Apply ‘Missha – 4d mascara’ to my eyelashes. I always do mascara under. It looks so funny I don’t know why I open my eyes like that. complete! I felt something lacking for blusher, I took out the Sephora Blusher palette I used before. The color did not feel strong on the screen, so I added more orange pearl blusher. Today’s point is to blusher to the nose and give the tomboy feeling. And many people are curious about My highlighter. This is ‘Starfish’ color in this ‘Wanderess eye palette’ Originally used as an eye shadow
I use this as a highlighter because it looks more beautiful when I use it as a highlighter. Use my hand to apply highlighter to my nose. Mainly apply on the eyebrow bones, on the nose,
Lower lip above the upper lip The lip product will be applied entirely using ‘Tarte – tartin lip paint rosé color’. It’s a very soft nude tone lip product. It’s a nice product to lay on. Then if this is applied to some extent, Next, I will apply a product called ‘Three Concept Eyes – Step and Go’ ‘Step and Go’ Apply it only on the inside of my lips to make it a gradation. But when I applied it, the color was so bright that I used ‘Tarte tint’ again to cover it slightly. The mixed color seems to be pretty. Use the brown brush pen eyeliner to draw fake freckles. Rub it with my hands,
Then add the freckles. It looked so clear that I use the sponge for naturalness. I tend to use an eyelash curler after doing the mascara, Today I similarly use an eyelash curler for my eyelashes later. I used an eyelash curler on the other side. Makeup is done in this way! After that, I’ll wear a wig. Today’s wig is ‘Pink age’. It’s a wig called ‘Kelly’. First, I’ll take out the wig that was stored. The reason I chose this wig, The color of the wig is natural and curls
I chose it because it looks pretty dried. Personally, I thought this wig was most similar to ‘Jo’s hair. Hair color is so pretty. I will take out the hair net and show you. I should wear a mesh like onion net on my head first. I’m going to skip this part because I’m so ugly. After that, use the tip pin attached to the wig and attach it to the hair net. It’s so simple. But the bangs are a bit long, so I cut the length by myself using scissors. Usually wigs have long bangs so I always cut them myself. I kept trimming my hands to make it more natural. It’s a long time since I transformed myself into long hair. But I think this wig looks good on me. It was very pretty. This is pretty wig when wig is down, But for ‘Jo’ , the braided hair styling is more suitable than the down hair, so I’m braiding wig this time. I’m going to have a double braided hair, so I’ll split it in two and then three braids. I think it’s been a while since I’ve done my braided hair. It’s like a pretzel, braided hard to the bottom, and when it comes down to the end, it is tied with a rubber band. braided! Both braided. I can’t miss the outfit description.
The blouse I’m wearing is a ‘Zara’ blouse, The jacket is a vintage jacket. And wearing a jacket, To make you feel more like a boy
I wore a hat. This is a ‘Zara’ product too. I felt like something was missing, so I pleated a ribbon with a pleated scarf. Is is better, right? And finally, I got my hands on the Little Women book as props. Yes. Then today’s little girls ‘Jo’ makeup video preparation video was completed 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it. See you in the next video! Thank you all for sponsoring my channel with Special Juice(Membership). And also thank you to all our subscribers.

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  1. Judy asmr Post author

    안녕하세요. Judyasmr 입니다 🙂
    오늘은 최근에 업로드한 작은아씨들 '조' 의 메이크업 및 준비영상을 가지고 왔어요. (https://youtu.be/NHRdh5-TXEs)
    재미있게 봐주시고, 자세한 제품명은 아래에 적어두었으니 참고해주세요 🙂

    [Cosmetic Info]
    파운데이션 – @vdl comsetics Perfect lasting foundation
    팩트 – @Innisfree USA Mineral pact color 21
    아이셰도우 – Wanderess Eyeshadow Palette & @Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked Heat
    눈썹 , 쉐이딩 – Too cool for school Art by Rodin
    마스카라 – Missha 4D Mascara
    블러셔 – @Sephora Blush Palette
    립제품 – @tarte cosmetics lip tint 'Rose' + @3CE 'Step and Go'

    [Costume Info]
    가발 – @핑크에이지 (PINKAGE) 'Kelly' (https://bit.ly/2SDZHNN)
    블라우스 – Zara
    자켓 – Vintage
    모자 – Zara (https://www.zara.com/us/en/skipper-cap-p00653221.html?v1=38355196&v2=1445685)
    머플러 : Online shop
    목걸이 : Vintage

    Hello, This is Judy ASMR.
    Today is the makeup and preparation video of Little Women's 'Jo' ASMR that I recently uploaded.
    I hope you enjoy it and I've written down the name of the product below, so please keep that in mind!

    [Cosmetic Info]
    Foundation – @vdl comsetics Perfect lasting foundation
    Compact powder – @Innisfree USA Mineral pact color 21
    Eye Palette – Wanderess Eyeshadow Palette & @Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked Heat
    Eyebrow, Contouring Shadow – Too cool for school Art by Rodin
    Mascara – Missha 4D Mascara
    Blush – @Sephora Blush Palette
    Lip – @tarte cosmetics lip tint 'Rose' + @3CE 'Step and Go'

    [Costume Info]
    Wig – @핑크에이지 (PINKAGE) 'Kelly' (https://bit.ly/2SDZHNN)
    Blouse – Zara
    Jacket – Vintage
    Hat – Zara (https://www.zara.com/us/en/skipper-cap-p00653221.html?v1=38355196&v2=1445685)
    Muffler : Online shop
    Necklace : Vintage

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    📱INSTAGRAM : @judyasmr
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  2. 밤톨 Post author

    5:46 블랜딩×100이길래 진짠가 하고 새어 봤는데 30번 했네요 ㅜㅜ 나중에 시간 나실때 단어반복도 한번 해 주세요 ㅜㅜ

  3. Suhoe Post author

    How do you look so cute with long hair but at the same time you look so cool with short hair. I'm falling and I can't get up-


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