Grizzly bear’s amazing salmon catching techniques – BBC

By | January 29, 2020

Salmon, returning to spawn, in their thousands. These bears are first in line for a nutritious catch. Triggered by hormonal changes, the
grizzly bears now enter a phase of hyperphagia. This allows them to eat constantly for up
to 20 hours a day, without ever feeling full. They can consume up to 100,000 calories in a single day. And given the abundance of salmon, they can afford to be picky. Just like the bears in the tropics, they seek out the highest form of energy. Selecting only the fat rich
eggs, the skin and brain of the fish. In open water, it’s not always easy. But as the salmon move further upstream, the grizzlies are here too. Where the river narrows it will be easier
to land a catch.

37 thoughts on “Grizzly bear’s amazing salmon catching techniques – BBC

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    14 February is Valentine's day, like me if you are still single…..😭😭😭

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    aynı videoları temcit pilavı gibi önümüze koyuyorsunuz amk gidin yeni video çekin de ayakta alkışlayarak izleyelim

  3. Echoingdolphin Post author

    Last time I was this early, jokes about being early were funny

  4. tash211186 Post author

    that must be the best tasting salmon. while most of hoomans are eating farmed salmon ..i wanna be the bear

  5. Jeremy Dawley jdalaigh2017 Post author

    Training or evolution??? LMFAO, what if trex hated m107

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    Bear & Gills (Salmon)
    Bear Grylls ?

  7. Purple Rane Post author

    Thanks for such a beautiful video ❣️ and informative also.

  8. 40gramsofProtein Post author

    you wanna get some real gains? Eat like a grizzly bear in hyperphagia!

  9. Andy M Post author

    I've not heard Cwis Pwackham for 30 years. Does he still have a Mohawk?

  10. Necy Mamaril Post author

    It's awesome to watch, but , Salmon are very expensive to buy in the market. They are not even freshly caught.

  11. Paul Gibbons Post author

    Quick dig out some David Attenborough clips out.
    Tommy Robinson has us by the balls.

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    I wish that the video was longer, I could watch Grizzly bear's catching salmons in there're mouth all day.

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    Wow so yummy ive never try to eat salmon here in the phlipines what a abondant country and abondant bear over there 😊😊


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