Green Yogurt Hummus Recipe – Danny Seo

By | September 19, 2019

I love to make my green yogurt hummus.
This is a light savory take on hummus that you are gonna really love. Into our food processor we’re gonna take 1 cup of cooked soybeans or edamame one cup of Stonyfield organic Greek style yogurt. We’re getting great calcium, creating lots
of good protein, and it gives the hummus a lot of consistency. The next thing that
we need are some pitted olives, two cloves of garlic, and just a sprinkle of
salt. Remember that the olives do add a saltiness. About two tablespoons olive oil. And you would have blend it until it’s smooth, but took a to have a little
bit of consistency in there. I like to see little bits of olive on the edamame.
Take some extra virgin olive oil and just drizzle a little right on top. You
take your warm pita, and I like to take a big dollop. If you want a little crunch
just take some washed watercress and there you have it. Mmm! Perfect pita with the perfect green
yogurt hummus.

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