Great Scott! Man Owns Real Life Back To The Future DeLorean

By | September 2, 2019

COMM: A time machine in a traffic jam?! Not something you see every day, unless you live near Ollie Wilkey. But while this car might not actually be able to travel through time. It’s owner
believes his pride and joy is the most screen accurate ‘Back to the Future’ Delorean in
Britain. COMM: A lifelong fan of the films, Ollie knew from a young age that he wanted a car just
like Marty McFly’s, OLLIE: I saw it when I was about 10 and I thought I bet when I learn to drive I can
get a Delorean. There’s about sixty-five hundred left. If you can get a good running one, they’re a
good investment. COMM: At age 26 he was able to buy and renovate an original Delorean, which he still owns. OLLIE: The first Delorean I bought in pieces as a restoration. I was able to pay for the
parts over the 2 years we did it up. It was a long process and it was essentially my savings
fund. COMM: But then a couple of years later, his time travel dreams came true when he had the
chance to buy the sci-fi work of art. OLLIE: I bought the car through the Delorean owners club. I met a guy on there who bought
this car and imported it from America. The real life Doc Brown as it were, is an ex-NASA
electrical engineer based in Florida. He now converts Delorean’s into Back to the Future
replica time machines. COMM: The attention to detail is every fans dream. Including iconic props like the flux capacitor
and Mr Fusion. OLLIE: My favourite part of the car is the time circuits where you can input your destination
time. When you hit 88 miles an hour it will activate time travel mode. It would look and
act as if it made a jump through time. The most iconic parts of the car is it’s gull-wing
doors. When you open the doors it makes the futuristic opening noises as it does in the
film. COMM: To complete the experience Ollie has managed to acquire a host of replica props
from the film. OLLIE: People do love Nike shoes. They love the hoverboard. People get just as excited
about the hoverboard as they do about the whole car. COMM: While the car isn’t exactly practical for going down the shops, it does attract
plenty of attention. OLLIE: I’ve had people right up behind me taking a video. You almost get a bit worried,
because it’s not so much your driving, but someone going into the back of you. Luckily I’ve never
been pulled over and whenever I do see police they usually just give you a thumbs up and
a smile. COMM: Entrepreneur Ollie has even managed to turn his boyhood dream into a business.
Hiring out the car for weddings and other events. But what does his girlfriend Anna
think? ANNA: First I was a bit like, yep okay it’s another Delorean and then I got inside it
and then I got really excited as well and I was a bit like a little kid pressing on
the buttons and it does this, it does that. I’ve always liked the films but I won’t necessarily
call myself a fan as in I’d want to get one. I’d rather get a Volkswagen camper van, so
I’d happily get the one that the Libyan’s come in. That would be the next thing, I would
like that thank you very much. Instead of having two Deloreans! COMM: What does the future hold for Ollie and his Deloreans? Only time will tell.

100 thoughts on “Great Scott! Man Owns Real Life Back To The Future DeLorean

  1. Despacito Despacito Post author

    i always wondered if you can really open a time portal when you go really fast

  2. Mark Cohen Post author

    Am I too tall for this car I want really bad but I'm 6 foot 3

  3. Tahoe Jones Post author

    Great idea for a business.
    Except for upkeep,
    drive there, get out and smile.
    Bet he knows every fact.

  4. سعد العلي Post author

    ديلوكسو سيارت قراند 5 ههههه😂

  5. lSlS S Post author

    Now i want to see someone owns the train time machine😂

  6. Minecraftgamer & Roblox Player Post author

    Wish it could really time travel or fly

  7. James Evans Post author

    This the starsky and hutch and knight rider in my garage then the alarm clock woke me up

  8. Austin Riggs/ Spider Tin Post author

    Whoa Dude This Is Awesome And Incredible I Love Back To The Future 1 2 and 3 My Favorite Character In Back To The Future Is Marty Mcfly Because He Played As Michael J Fox

  9. Internet Explorer Post author

    Who thought the guy in the thumbnail was Doug?

  10. Jens Johansson Post author

    What? We didn't get to see that baby hit 88 miles per hour?

  11. Euan The gaming channel Post author

    Hey I have that car too my dad said when I’m 18 I could drive it

  12. Wulflex Howell Post author

    I'm 14 and I'm waiting till I can drive so I can buy one of these 🙁

  13. Tom Hardware Post author

    That car stock won’t do 88 pushed out of an airplane with a good tail wind.

  14. fvhnjjkkmmm humza Post author

    In 5 years that's going to be chad wild clays deloren

  15. user Post author

    More like Great Scott! Man buys replica Back to the Future DeLorean

  16. x ᕮ᙭ᕮᑕᑌTIOᑎᕮᖇ x Post author

    I'd trade my VW beetle and + 50,000 dollars to get a replica and some equipment from the movie

  17. SFL Salty Post author

    Back to the future is my favourite movie (like if you agree)

  18. Xp3rt3 C. Post author

    What happens when it reaches 88 miles per hour?

  19. Ava Thibault Post author

    The dislikes are from the people who want sequels.

  20. 宮本一 Post author


  21. Tela Lion Post author

    ถ้าเปนไปได้ ทำให้มันบินได้ซิ เทคโนโลยี่ก็มีแล้ว ในสมัยนี้2019 มัวแต่เล่นอยู่ได้ ถ้าเปนผมอยู่เมืองนอก ก็คงจะทำเสร็จไปแล้ว ขอบคุณ

  22. Tela Lion Post author

    อ้อลืมบอกไป timer C.เปนไปไม่ได้และไม่มีอยู่จริง มีแต่เพียงความเร็วเหนือแสง

  23. Nick Friend Post author

    … Wow, he's got the whole dam lot, shoes, cap, (which I'm searching for, but no successes so far) Almanac, hoverboard etc, man this guy's formed a miracle. Well done sir, 2 thumbs up, Back to the Future 2 is my favorite btw.

  24. La belle fleur de Schönried Post author

    C'est nul cette voiture, au début elle fonctionnait avec du plutonium puis avec des déchets et dans le 4 il aura qu'a pissé dedans pour partir dans le futur.

  25. jorge paredes Post author

    Hola buenos días. buenas tardes. buenas noches. una pregunta cuánto quieres por tu delorean o la máquina del tiempo ?

  26. Alex Wood Post author

    Time Travel Rules I set for myself
    1. Only observe don't change history.
    2. Wear chothes from that time period.
    3. Only spend 5 mins in the past to prevent any mistakes.
    4. If history is changed by mistake travel back and change it back.
    5. Find a hide out so the time machine does not fall into the wrong hands.
    6. Use probability machine to make the odds certain that no one finds my hideout apart from me.
    7. No time business.

  27. Nate Post author

    The time machine was originally going to be a phone booth. They sure made the right choice in making it a car – and a cool car, at that!
    Hollywood writers have great imagination. In addition to the time machine being made from a DeLorean, the writers dreamed up a whole backstory to the machine:
    – the car has to hit 88 miles per hour to work
    – it needs plutonium to supply enough power
    – 'enough power' is 1.21 gigawatts (not even a real number!)
    – what makes it work is a device called a 'flux capacitor'. (There's no such thing). Doc Brown got the idea for it when he was standing on the toilet in his bathroom and fell and hit his head.
    – the 'time circuits' is not just a keypad with a digital display. It's three big displays.
    – the stainless steel car body helps spread the electrical field
    – it shows that Doc Brown isn't just a scientist – he wants his inventions to be cool.
    Here's the dialog when Marty first sees the car:
    Marty: Doc. Are you telling me you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?
    Doc Brown: The way I see it… if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style!
    Wow. That's a lot of 'facts' surrounding the machine. It's a very long way from simply entering a date and hitting ENTER. There's a whole mystique to the time machine that opens the way for plot situations – like how to get enough power. Or that the engine won't start and the lightning is about to strike.
    That's the magic of Hollywood.
    I LOVE the BTTF movies, especially the first one. The scene where rock and roll is 'invented' is fantastic. I think I read that Chuck Berry was not a fan of that scene, but liked it later.
    The town with it's car parts store, gas station, soda fountain, barber shop, etc. is an idyllic version of small-town America full of neon signs and a town square. Rod Serling would have loved it. I sure did!

  28. Narelle Bullock Post author

    If he wanted it to be a full replica should’ve gotten the real mags 🤣

  29. Loxodon Locuturus Post author

    Goes to show you can be successful in life and still pronounce Nike wrong.


    All the dislikes are by the lybians

  31. The Fbi Post author

    My dad's anutie her friend has a one of these but the doors are signed by the real actors

  32. Nick Sanderson Post author

    It's a shame it doesn't time travel cause if it did I hope he would go back and leave it in the past where it belongs the delorean was one of the worst cars ever made there's a reason it need to go 88mph in the movies it because that was its top speed even tho it was a attempt from DMC to take down the Corvette needless to say it didn't live up to that the only reason that car is ever brought up is because of back to the future still a cool car to own if u make it look like the one in the movie just not if you keep it stock

  33. Bryce Looney Post author

    You can buy this car new still. No joke, 100% serious.

  34. Pakistan Gamer Post author

    Can you go to jurrasic period send the pictures of dianasours

  35. Bash Conde Post author

    what confuses me the most is that ollie is driving left hand but in the uk you drive with the right hand so how is this car legal

  36. Jcrabrer Post author

    Im going insain if it really works
    Typing "insane" on purpose

  37. Baller Ben Post author

    My neighbor has one of these too👍👍😃

  38. Creepers Beware Post author

    I would buy a DeLorean just to build one of these

  39. Captin John Post author

    " GREAT SCOTT !! "
    "Whoa Doc,this is heavy."🏫

  40. Anonymous123 Post author

    If I can get a delorrean i will make the one from back to the future 3 and send it to him or keep it for my own

  41. Wally Rian Post author

    Very good detail in the implementation. respect. no offense, the girlfriend is terrible, there are no others? and pull up your pants.

  42. Black Clown Post author

    The hell? It’s my uncle? But I thought he died?

  43. AJR Gaming Post author

    The only downside of the DeLorean is it’s very slow

  44. nightowl Post author

    … but the joke was that the Delorean is a terrible, terrible car. It'd be cool to have it as a gimmick, but I would never drive one as my actual car.

  45. Drift King of Forza Post author

    You lucky bastard it must have been hard to make that hopefully you asked the creator's of the movie if its ok to make a DeLorean because of the whole copy right laws blah blah blah…

  46. Georgina Ioannou Post author

    Yeah they’re selling one of these at my local car dealer ship.

  47. Freddy Foxyton Post author

    can he tell us where to get one!

    i want a delorean and do that too!

  48. davefilms345 Post author

    Awesome, I don't him but he's a Bristol lad, and that's Keynsham high st and carpark


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