Graceful Family Ep 1 Sub Indo (Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia) Korean Drama 2019

By | August 27, 2019

Subtitles by OnDemandKorea (Episode 1) 2733. Please pull over. 2733. Once again,
pull the car over to the right. 2733. Pull the car over to the right. The suspect is making a getaway. The location is direction
from Sungneung to Gangnam. The location is direction
from Sungneung to Gangnam. License plate 2733. License plate 2733. Hello? Of course I drank. See you soon. What’s his current location? A main street. What about the drone? It’s up. Let’s take a look. What about Mr. Yoon? I found him. I’ll catch up to him. Okay. Lead him to a place with less people. Go straight and make a
right turn at the next signal. Okay, right turn. The suspect’s car is surrounded. Excuse me, please step outside. Hello? Hurry up and step outside.
Can you hear me? Try opening the door on your side. Step outside. If you continue to not cooperate, you’ll be
charged for interfering a public official. Get out now. Are you kidding right now? Open the door. Aren’t you getting out? Aren’t you going to come out?
Put the windows down. Sir. Sir. Please take this call. Who are you? Hello? Who? Oh, yes. Chief. Yes. Yes, I understand. Please come this way. Good job. Let’s go. Let’s go. First son of MC Group.
Mo Wan-soo. The situation has ended. Okay. Good job. But I don’t see the kid. It looks like he ditched
his afterschool academy. When? 30 minutes ago. Check his location. Okay. It’s an internet cafe near the academy. Call Mr. Kwon. Okay. Mr. Kwon? You need to go pick up the kid. Oh, excuse me. There are no open spots
right now. I’m so sorry. What do you mean?
All these are empty seats. There’s a lot here. Dang, you suck. Hey. Move your backpack so we can sit here. No. I can’t focus if someone is next to me. And plus, I bought that seat. What is this little punk saying? Hey kid, you have a lot of money. Lend me some money. Okay. Okay, I’ll take some. Thanks. But when are you going to pay me back? What? You can’t ask to borrow money
if you can’t even pay me back. Are you homeless? Are you out of your mind? Let’s talk. This little punk. Ow, my shoulder. Who are you? Let go of me. I said let go. Sir, let’s go. Youngest son of MC Group.
Mo Suh-jin. One moment. Gosh, it’s hot. Now, shall we hear your
philosophy regarding this, Mr. Mo? Why are there so many unnecessary
actions during an interview? All the questions are boring and cliche, too. What’s your purpose of today? Seducing me? If that’s the case, you should’ve
put in more effort to be perfected. Overall your dress code and
balance is not that good. Excuse me, Mr. Mo. This is clearly sexual harrassment. An article regarding your will be
published instead of a featured article. Will you really be able to do that? I see why Mr. Mo could have misunderstood. What? Mrs. Choi, how long has it been
since you entered Global Magazine? Why are you asking that right now? The chief editor there recently got
married to the CEO of JK Group, right? The previous chief editor was YJ, and the
one before that was the CEO of MS Group. And I’m aware you are dating
a famous lawyer, Mrs. Choi. What? Did you want to take this
opportunity to find a new partner? Excuse me, Mrs. Lee. Charges? Go ahead. If you want to get Mr. Mo’s attention, you
need to at least invest your annual salary. All you did was rent a used
branded bag? So cheap. Mrs. Lee. Let’s stop doing cheap interviews. I’m sorry. Your necklace is pretty. Second son of MC group.
Mo Wan-joon. Second wife of MC Group’s Chairman,
Mr. Mo Chul-hee. Ha Young-suh. Honey. Yes. Do you want a glass of water? Okay. Your watch is nice. Oh, this?
I got it as a gift. Really? One moment. It’s me. I’m going to be late
to the meeting today. The breeze is so nice here by the lake.
I want to play some more before I go back. You heard that, right?
What is Mrs. Ha’s schedule today? According to her schedule, she should
be meeting her friends right now. But she said breeze by the lake… Search through all our
yachts near the Han River. Okay. This is a yacht pier near Han
River around 2 hours go. Check that man’s identity. Yes, it’s being searched right now. Call me. Okay. Any criminal records? He has two previous convictions of violence. He also has a lot of debt. Recently his credit card was
suspended for low credit and he drove under the influence. Okay. Cheers. Who is it? It’s fine. Go open the door for them. Who are you? Who are you guys? Honey. Cellphone. What are you guys doing right now? I’m going to call the police. Honey. This is a misunderstanding.
It’s all a misunderstanding. Let me explain. You know I really love you. Go love the person that
gave you that watch. Take him away. Honey. By the way, that watch is fake.
A cheap version. Honey. You cannot act unexpectedly
like this anymore. I just came to feel the breeze
by the lake. Why are you so sharp? This is not a request. Owner risk. Plutocrats’ break aways that can
blow up anywhere at any time like bombs. But what we know is
just the tip of the iceberg. The story of true plutocrats
with power are thoroughly hidden. Because of these very people. Team leader of judicial affairs at TOP.
Former prosecutor. Yoon Sang-won. Team leader of reputation-making at TOP.
Former news reporter. Lee Kyung-ah. Team leader of security services at TOP.
Former special forces. Kwon Joon-hyuk. Team leader of information at TOP.
Former hacker. Hwangbo Joo-young. TOP. MC Group’s handling team. Good job everyone. Let’s break off after wrapping up. Good night. Head of TOP. Former judge.
Han Jae-gook. We’re home. Stop drinking so much. Oh, you’re late today. The youngest is here, too. As long as TOP exists, the palace of
these plutocrats will never crumble. (Elegant Family / Graceful Family) Sir, you promised to be together eternally until the mountain becomes a field
and the field becomes an ocean. What do you mean you can’t
keep that promise anymore? I saw on TV that two of the same type of
businesses can’t be next to each other. The thing is… If it’s part of the same building,
it does apply to that law. But in your case, the two businesses are
in different buildings so it does not apply. Then what are people
like me supposed to do? They lowered their prices and
took all my customers. It’s so hard to even pay
the next month’s rent. I used this store to send all my
children to college and everything. Lawyer Huh, please help me. Please. I beg you. Please save me. What should I do? Code Blue. VIP Room. Code Blue. VIP Room. Chairman Wang in critical condition. Father, you’re the one that created
MC Group but I’m the one that made it grow. The time of your rule has passed. So leave everything up to me now. And rest in peace. What happened all of a sudden? It looks like after Chairman found out
about Miss Suk-hee being a joint guardian He was extremely shocked. Father didn’t forget about
Suk-hee for a single moment. Suk-hee absolutely cannot know
that Chairman is in a critical condition. If Suk-hee finds out, there’s no way of
preventing her from coming in to Korea. Of course. I will command the
New York team to be thorough and alert. One moment. Hello? What? What happened? Miss Suk-hee is on a flight from New York
to Seoul arriving at 11am tomorrow. How did she get on a plane when
our team holds on to her passport? She took the real passport and switched it
with a fake one she had prepared. Miss Suk-hee’s apperance
right before boarding. There’s plenty of time
so prepare thoroughly and send her back to New York
as soon as she arrives at the airport. Yes, ma’am. Let’s talk. You were keeping up with
Miss Mo Suk-hee’s phone. Yes. As soon as Chairman Wang went to the ER She got on a plane to Korea for the first time in 15 years. The timing is very interesting. I’ll find out if any family member or anyone
from Chairman Wang’s side contacted her. Keep it quiet. Mr. Kwon, I checked the
boarding list again just in case. Mo Suk-hee used a trick. She’s arriving in Gimpo Airport
from a layover in Shanghai. Yes. There’s not much time. Hurry. Listen everyone. Move immediately to
Gimpo Airport instead of Incheon Airport. Operation room, please keep us
updated with traffic. Okay. Find her as soon as possible and
move according to the plan. I found her. Where? Excuse me. You’re Miss Mo Suk-hee, right? Excuse me? I apologize. Keep looking. Mrs. Han, I think she already got out. She wouldn’t show up in meek way. Stand by for now. Check all public transportation and rental
cars through airport security cameras. Yes, ma’am. I found her. Do I have to go? Please just let me live with
my grandfather – just us two. Please. Wow, you want to race? Okay, bring it on. You have a nice car
but you suck at driving. If your hair is flying everywhere,
close the top of your car. Ow, I’m going to die. What a way to beg. What? Beg? You’re completely
insane, aren’t you? I’m going to die. Goodness, my head. How much do you want? I’m really the type to drive carefully. I don’t know how much money she has but
the first thing she asks is how much I want. What is she, some type of plutocrat? Gosh, you drive such a nice car
but you have bad manners. Please state your name and address. You keep remaining silent. Excuse me, miss.
Do you understand Korean? Officer, I’m going to make sure this lady
is put behind bars and teach her a lesson. If you keep silent like that,
it could actually do worse for you. Gosh I’m going crazy because there
were no security cameras or dash cam. Oh, we called a lawyer as you requested.
So please just sit tight. Thank you. Speaking of which, there he comes. Lawyer Huh. That man over there is looking
for a lawyer. You can do it. Hello, sir. My name is Huh Yoon-do. You don’t have to clean up. It’s fine. Mr. Huh, please press charges
against this woman immediately. 30% of the settlement money. Then, can I hear more about the accident? Miss, can you come this way for a moment? I see your leg isn’t looking too good
and you have a lot of injuries. Yes, everywhere. Their play with the media. Dash cam? Video recording? This is my card. I heard you purposely drove pass
my client’s car and threatened him. Reckless driving is part of
the retaliation law, right? Yes. It falls under the retaliation law. Retaliation law? Was that the best you could think of?
Your imagination is so limited. Imagination? Are you joking right now? And “how much do you want?” It looks like you resolve everything with
money. Do you have that much money? He looked like he needed money like a
beggar, so I asked. Is there a problem? Do you know that this, too, is
criminal defamation and contempt? You automatically assume I’m the assailant.
What law is your arrogant attitude against? Your client is lying. So brazen to the point of
fooling a detective and lawyer. Do you think this type of
accident is his first time? That type of precarious assumption… Assumption? This is a fact. The Republic of Korea is so nice.
The GPS automatically records. That jerk. Gosh. You lied, didn’t you? You were putting on a show
from the beginning. Isn’t it etiquette to apologize first? Fess up now. You’re a rookie, aren’t you? If you were a skilled lawyer you would’ve checked for facts
despite what the client said. But you just believed the client and
wanted to quickly end this for the money. That’s why, despite having no evidence, you tried to make a deal with a
weak woman without a guardian. Why? Because I’m a woman?
Because I look younger than you? You thought if you pressured me like that, I would tremble in fear and
give everything you want? You saw me as a foolish little girl, I see. Consider yourself lucky. It’s my first time forgiving an idiotic
lawyer and malicious swindler. And if you want to look professional,
you should change your clothes first. Old lady. What? So you must be an old lady. Your make up style and overall look
looked like an old lady. You probably put a lot of effort into
your make up on your way out today. It annoys you that someone bluntly
called you an old lady, doesn’t it? So you should’ve dressed appropriately
to match your make up. What’s the problem? I judged you according to your outfit just
like you did to me. Is there a problem? By the way, this suit It’s a precious suit my father
bought for me. It’s like my other self. I’m sure there’s no way someone like you
can understand something so precious. And what? Weak woman? You? You’re so rude, speaking informally to
someone you met for the first time. And you ask “how much do you want?” Didn’t you want to get this over
with quickly because it’s annoying? Then it’s a win win situation if you
just pay the settlement and say bye. That’s before he tried to scam me. This isn’t an accident, it’s a case. A fraud case. You’re a rookie lawyer trying to
feed off cases at the police office. How dare you try to lecture me? Then why didn’t you reveal
the video from the beginning? You didn’t answer any
of the police’s questions and despite having evidence,
you toyed with the police. This is an unlawful interference with
an officer in the execution of his duty. Should we really go by the law? You look busy so goodbye. Wow, she’s very confident and strong.
What do you think she does? Did you fall for her? She’s not my style. Long time no see, Miss. You don’t age, do you? You look exactly the same. Chairman ordered to bring you home. I’m going to the hospital first. Let go. What kind of situation is that? You’re not going to let go? Excuse me. Let go. Let me go. What are you doing at the
police station? Let her go. You’re at a police station. What are you doing? Abduction and violence are not allowed. There must be a misunderstanding.
I apologize. What misunderstanding? Many of you used your strength against
a weak woman, ganging up on her. I’m her lawyer. Is the
misunderstanding cleared up? If you’re a lawyer, you must know very well that pulling a woman’s arm without
her consent is indecent assault. Then you must know this, too. In 2014, the Surpeme Court decided that wrists and arms are not
applicable to indecent assault. Recently, the social norm has changed. When a woman feels uncomfortable,
that in itself is indecent assault Doesn’t one need this type of gender
awareness to be a good lawyer? How entertaining. Miss, let’s go. Just take care of the rental car. And I said I’m going to
grandfather’s hospital first. You brought your car, right? What? My rental car got in an accident
and I’m so extremely weak. I’m going in a different direction than her. Let’s go. Wait… where… Take me to MC Hospital.
My grandfather is in critical condition. But why do I have to take you? Then you should’ve shaken my
hand off from the beginning. Okay. I should help since
I have gender awareness. Let’s go. Wait. Excuse me. Wait. Why is she so rude?
She didn’t even say thank you. Miss. How did you…? Am I an unwelcomed guest? Of course not. Please excuse us. Okay.[OnDemandKorea Ver]
MBN / DramaX E01 ‘Graceful Family’
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-Grandfather. It’s me, Suk-hee. Suk-hee is here after 15 years. Mrs. Ha, Miss Suk-hee is back in Korea. Okay. Just keep a close eye on Mo Suk-hee. Suk-hee is in Korea? How did she get through TOP’s security? I’m not sure. Things are getting complicated. She didn’t come to Korea on a
picnic for the first time in 15 years. She probably came to receive
grandfather’s inheritance. Who says she’ll get it? Wan-joon, you should be nervous. Good shot. You cannot enter. You didn’t leave yet? I wanted to at least hear
“thank you” before I left. Well, if that’s what you want. Thank you. I don’t need your help anymore. I’m fine. Oh really? Good to hear. Bye. She’s your only sister-in-law but you must
be seeing her for the first time today. Even if she’s disrespectful,
please understand. Excuse me? Eldest Mr. Mo is entering. Sorry, the car was delayed. Here, open this. I’m sorry I’m late. The third button on your shirt
is not buttoned up. Gosh, the main actor suddenly arrived late. The attitude of actors these days is horrible. We should also include a penalty for tardies
in the contract like they do in Hollywood. The youngest Mr. Mo is entering. Miss Suk-hee is entering. Why so mannerful to an unwelcomed guest? Let’s all take a seat. Hey, Mo Suk-hee. Gosh, who is this? You were
the main person of tonight? Good to see you. Okay. Wait a minute. We saw each other in
New York last year, right? How does it feel being back
in Korea after 15 years? You got prettier. Welcome. This is your sister-in-law.
Wan-joon’s wife. We were so sad you didn’t
come to the wedding. You don’t say. My name is Baek Soo-jin. Isn’t it suffocating to be home all day as the former
minister’s daughter and talented cellist? You’re so rude to someone you just met. You didn’t know? I majored in being rude. Are you your wife’s spokesperson?
You don’t speak like a husband. Hey. Hey. Who are you? Mo Suh-jin. Wan-soo. Yes? Did you just have a child
without getting married? What? It’s not me. It’s not? Baby before marriage? Mo Chul-hee. Wow, that’s amazing. She’s not my mom. I see. I’m Mo Suk-hee. Your sister
with a different mother. I’m Mo Suk-jin. Chairman Mo is entering. What a surprise. My goodlooking younger brother. There aren’t any more, are there? Hey. The main actor went to Cannes
and asked that I give you this. Wine from 1990 that you love, mother. Why don’t you taste… Please put it away. I like it. We should toast on a day like today. Please pour a glass. What should we celebrate? Having a younger brother after 15 years? Wait. How many mothers do I have? Is his mom my mom, too? Hey. Where’s your mom? Oops sorry. I love how everyone is exactly the same. What’s the reason you came to Korea
without even getting my permission? I had to get your permission? I didn’t know that. I wasn’t here for mom’s death so I wanted
to at least be here for grandfather’s. Your grandfather will get better soon. That’s good to hear that your
thoughts are the same as mine. Go back as soon as it becomes morning. Okay. I want to do that too
but I don’t feel like it. I think I’ll just live in Korea. No, you can’t. I’m not underage. And out of everyone sitting here, don’t I
have the most right to stay in this house? Isn’t that right, stepmother? There are no cameras. Look. It came out well. Wow, Suk-hee, you are so pretty. The weather is so nice. It is. But mom. Yes? Why don’t we live with dad? Because dad is very busy. Are you sad that you don’t
have a dad, Suk-hee? No, I’m fine. But I wish he was a little less busy. Please use this as your phone. And I will take care of an assistant
for you as soon as possible. You’re basically telling me
I’ll be watched from now on. Tell Mrs. Han that I’ll hire my own
assistant that I’m comfortable with. You said you’re Lee Kyung-ah, right? Yes. You taste is fancy. Can you cover
all that with your MC salary? Or do you have a second job? Anything else you have to say? There’s an ancestral rite for the 30th
year of your grandmother’s death. All women of the household
must wear hanbok. I’ll call a designer at your
most convenient time… I’ll just go myself to get some fresh air. Korea changed a lot in 15 years, didn’t it? It would be good to see for yourself. But you know you have to
keep things quiet, right? That’s the only thing I’m good at. We made an oath to love each other forever. How could you throw me away so easily? Father, I’ll be back. Gosh you’re watching that again. I’ll be back. Hey hey hey. Hey, are you going to apply to a famous
law firm or become a corporate lawyer? What are you talking about?
Today, I have plans with my client. Wow, Lawyer Huh. So you’re
finally taking on a case? Of course. If I keep going at this rate, then I’ll
be able to open my own office soon. Really? Good job. You went through
so much hardships to become a lawyer. I’ll grill beef for dinner tonight
so hurry up and come back home. Okay. Okay. Work hard, my son. He has skill and he has looks.
My son is the best. Oh, mother. You’re Mo Suk-hee, right? Yes. We received your appointment. But there’s about a 10 minute wait
because another customer suddenly came. That’s okay. Thank you. I’ll get you some tea.
Please come this way. So you’re saying Mrs. Ha of MC Group
is more important than me? Mrs. Ha of MC Group pursues an
elegant look and doesn’t like exposure. What? So you’re saying she’s elegant
and I’m an exhibitionist, right? That’s not it. Oh my. You sure have your way
of pissing someone off. You just have to simply do as you’re
told and take it off when you’re told. Do you understand? Who are you to tell me
“do this” and “do that”? Do you think I’m a joke? Do you? Look at you. Who is that? I was wondering who rented the VIP room
and went over the scheduled time. It’s Choi Na-ri. Oh, you were waiting. My session is not over yet so would
you shut your mouth and back off? You have a reputation to keep.
How about you stop here? Who are you? Hurry up and finish while I’m still nice. You two are really pissing me off today. Oh no. You really want to die don’t you?
Hey, stop there. Stop. Are you shooting some olden day drama?
What’s wrong with you? Do you want to die? Hey. Come here. Come here. Did you get stuck? Stop right there. Hey, you picked a fight with the wrong
person. Come here. Come here right now. Come here right now. Scaredy cat. So annoying. It’s so funny how women fight. Just give up. What is that? Help me. I told you to say it. Hey. Do you know who I am
to be treating me like this? Let go. I said let go. This time you’re even using a weapon. Do
you want to go to the police station again? This has nothing to do with you so back off. Are you okay? Are you injured anywhere? Oh, my back. By the way, my father
is your fan, Choi Na-ri. Oh really? Nice to meet you.
Thank you so much. Let go. I understand you’re jealous of a
beautiful woman but isn’t this childish? It looks like you’re athletic, too. Did you know that if someone like you
uses a weapon, it’s considered an assault? It’s okay. It will be my first offense
and I have a lot of money. Oh my gosh are you okay? Where do you think you’re going? Excuse me? What are you doing? Mrs. Han, why did you come so late?
Arrest this girl immediately. Why is TOP here? What is this situation? Who is she? This is Miss Mo Suk-hee, Chairman
Mo Chul-hee’s only daughter. Then, you mean that crazy girl living
in New York by herself for 15 years? The crazy girl? I said, why is TOP taking care of this woman? She’s MC Group’s exclusive model
so we are supporting her. You mean sponsor, not support. Who’s girl is she? Wan-soo?
Wan-joon? Or even… father? It’s not like that. It doesn’t matter who’s girl she is but
they should choose a woman with class. What? What did you just say? Did you graduate from elementary school?
You must’ve learned to wait for your turn. Or did you forget because you’re dumb? From among those who sign the settlement,
I’ll give it to you in cash right now. But if you disclose
today’s incident in any way, you will be charged
3 times more as penalty. Does everyone understand? Yes. Lee Ji-hoon. Yes. Ha Jae-woo. Yoo Jung-won. You’re really giving us this? Kim Sung-kyung. We’ve met before. Yes. I will not sign. Is the settlement money not enough? Oh, no. I didn’t record anything. But you witnessed everything.
You need to sign for us to feel at ease. I’m not obligated to sign just
because you want me to sign. I’m Choi Na-ri’s fan so
I wouldn’t spread rumors. Excuse me. Yes, sir. Yes. What? You’re suddenly raising
the security deposit? We’re going through a hard time running
the business, as well. Please consider… Hello? Why did you do that? What is it this time? You need money. But why didn’t you sign? You keep speaking informally. I only receive money
I rightfully worked for. There are people like me
in this world. Got a problem? Call me. I’ll give you a lot
of money. Let’s work together. Choi Na-ri is little Suh-jin’s mom, right? But are there any other
siblings I’m not aware of? No, there aren’t. Okay. I’m sure there’s nothing
Mrs. Han doesn’t know. Father. It’s so hard,
should we quit our business? What’s so hard about it? It’s just you’re old now. You should rest since I’ll make a lot
of money when I work at a law firm. Your case today didn’t go well? I sold pork to raise you, buy you
clothes, and send you to college. There are a lot of regular customers so we
should keep working as much as we can. By the way, did you speak with the landlord? He kept talking to me about
the deposit so I told him to call you. I was so confident because
my son is a lawyer. He doesn’t ask you to raise the deposit
because he’s scared of you, right? Yeah, he didn’t mention anything. Chairman Wang in critical condition. They kept texting me with the same number. Who could it be? Call me. I’ll give you a lot
of money. Let’s work together. I must’ve lost my mind. Why
would I believe that crazy girl. Hello? Why aren’t you calling me?
Let’s meet tomorrow. What? Find who’s using this phone number. Just call the number. If I was able to reach them, I wouldn’t
have to make you do it, don’t you think? It’s a stalker who’s been texting me since
10 years ago but the phone is always off. I’m a lawyer, not an employee
at an errand center. You’re not that great of a lawyer. You have a lot of skilled
lawyers. Ask them. Excuse me? Are you dumb or are you stubborn? If I’m going out of my way to ask you,
don’t you think there are reasons? I’m more expensive of a lawyer than
you think. Do you think you can handle it? Ten million won as deposit. In addition, I’ll hire you
as my legal advisor. Oh really? Well, I guess
it’s not so bad of a deal. But you have corporate lawyers. But why me? They’re oldies. But. Sooner the better. Give me your bank account number. Account number? Find the owner of this phone number for me. No, I can’t. It’s illegal for the police
to look up personal information, too. You always say no.
This is an investigation. My client said she was stalked
by this person for 10 years. Detective Oh, this is your chance
to catch this stalking criminal. Really? Yes. But I need it fast.
So Detective Oh, please. Okay. Hold on a minute. Detective Oh. It’s about time for them to call. Hello? Hello? It’s my alarm. Gosh. Change your alarm. It’s confusing. Who’s phone call are you waiting for?
Are you digging into big news without me? No. Hey, what’s up with your delivery vest? Oh, I’m going undercover. It’s going to take a few days so
don’t look for me. And eat well. Undercover? Who? I don’t want to tell you. Hey. Even though Newspatch is a great
and flexible company to work for I’m the boss so I should know
what items you’re doing. Especially since there
are only two employees. Okay, fine. I’ll report it. So I dug into Lee Byung-soo and Choi
Soo-jung who starred in a movie together. The vibe between them is a little strange. So? So I don’t think they are just coworkers.
So I’m going to dig into this. Okay, keep digging. When you keep
digging you’ll reach the bottom one day. Then fill it up again. Dig again.
Fill again. Dig again. Fill again. When you continue, one day
your paycheck will come out. What is this? It sounds like you’re
completely making fun of my gut feeling. Making fun? No, just having no expectation. Mr. Kim, what are you
going to do if this is real? Hello? Yes, it’s reporter Kim Boo-gi. Where? I’m reporter Kim Boo-gi of Newspatch.
You’re Mr. Park of MC Group, right? Yes. First, let’s move to a safer location. Before getting on the plane, Miss Suk-hee
received a text from Korea. But the number was not maintained by us.
It was an illegal phone. I’ll dig more. Okay. Illegal phone… Illegal phone? It’s a phone that usually criminals make
using another person’s identity. Then what about the owner
of the phone number? They’re deceased. But what’s weird about this number is that there is no record of any
phone calls after it was made. The location the texts were
sent is near Sungbook-dong. Sungbook-dong? That’s my neighborhood. Is there anyone that comes to mind? What? No. Good job. Let’s write the contract tomorrow. I’ll call you. Okay bye. The meat is too salty. Father, I said the meat is too salty. The meat is salty. What? Why is it salty? Hello, this is Lawyer Huh Yoon-do. An interview with MC Group? Wait but Yoon-do. Is it really MC Group? You applied there such a long time ago. They never contacted you
and then suddenly… It’s normal for law firms and lawyers to
move often, so positions open up often. Really? Then what will you do about
being that person’s legal advisor? Being one individual’s lawyer
isn’t the problem right now. I need to interview with MC Group first. But still, you promised her. Look at you excessively worrying again. We didn’t write a contract yet
so there are no legal problems at all. Okay. Anyway, do well.
I’m sure it will go well. I have a good feeling. I can do it. You can do it. I’ll be back, father. Okay, bye. Huh Yoon-do. He last passed the bar exam. He attended a university in the countryside
and not one of the SKY universities. His father failed in business continuously, filed for bankrupty, and
is personally recovering. Currently, he’s running
a pork rib restaurant and has slowly been paying
off his debt since 2017. Looking at the statistics of the restaurant,
it’s not necessarily not doing well. But because there was so much debt,
they are tight on daily finances. So Lawyer Huh Yoon-do is currently using
a corner of the restaurant as his office. Are you really going to accept him? It’s something new to have someone
like him in an elite organization. Also, who here wants to watch
after Miss Mo Suk-hee? It wouldn’t be bad for us if that lawyer
exclusively takes over Miss Suk-hee. Miss Suk-hee is entering. What grade level is Lawyer Huh? I was hoping TOP would be a little
different when hiring people. I must’ve thought too highly of you. It’s old-fashioned and sucks. Mr. Huh Yoon-do has arrived. Let him in. Hello. Hello. What? How did you…? Welcome. What? What are you doing here? Good question. What would I be doing here? She’s Mo Suk-hee, the only daughter of
Chairman Mo Chul-hee of MC Group. Excuse me? There’s an emergency. Bring back my daughter to life. All you are murderers. Bring my daughter back
to life, you murderers. Don’t come near me. Don’t come near me or else I’ll jump off. Don’t come near me. Kim Doo-man. He’s 54 years old. In 2015, his daughter was hired
to work at our factory in Goori. She passed away last year
due to an accident. He applied for industrial accident and
came to protest because it wasn’t accepted. He trespassed private property
and is protesting illegally so additional punishment is possible. We blocked coverage from 3 press
companies near the head office. And this won’t leak onto the media
if it’s settled within 10 minutes. Okay. Bring back my daughter to life. All you are murderers. Bring back my daughter to life. Don’t come near me. If you come near me, I’ll jump off and die. Don’t come near me. Mr. Kim Doo-man. Don’t come near me. Mr. Kim Doo-man,
you’re illegally protesting and even trespassing private property. If you stop here, we won’t press charges. Don’t play games with me.
Do you know how I feel? No, I don’t know. But I know that if you die, you didn’t only lose your daughter,
but you will also lose your son. If his sister passed away and
now his father goes to jail what will happen to your youngest
son who is so smart? You must think about your son. We will take responsibility
for your son’s education. Is that really true? Of course. All you have to do is come
down, Mr. Kim Doo-man. Take him down. Wait. What are you doing? Did you fool me? No, it can’t be. The fact that he was able to
get through to the rooftop means the security for this
building is a mess, right? I’ll make sure this mistake
does not happen again. You’re not in charge of mistakes. You can’t send off a person like that. Then what? What can you do for him? I would listen to him. I would
at least hear out his unfair story. Excuse me. (Graceful Family / Elegant Family)That man standing over there
is my personal lawyer.
How did you become the lawyer of Suk-hee,
the most difficult person in our house?
But why is it me?There are no third class lawyers
like you on Mrs. Han’s list.
You’re offering this as my salary?I’ll sign.Ask for hundreds of millions as
compensation. I have a lot of money.
This lawyer will settle everything.Don’t forget you’re my direct subordinate.You cannot leak TOP’s
information to Miss Suk-hee.
I know better about how scary TOP is.How’s Suk-hee?I don’t think she has no plan
in managing a business.
Become a real member of TOP.I need to send Mo Suk-hee far away.Subtitles by OnDemandKorea

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