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By | August 29, 2019

hey it’s Hoz here with another tool review video and this time I’m gonna tell you all about Google’s new SEO tool that’s right you heard me right Google have an SEO too you should be using this I should be using this we should all be using this because one it’s from Google and two it’s completely free! Ok so here we are at the Google search engine and all you need to do here is type in Google Chrome extensions. You want to go to the Google Chrome extensions page because the tool that they have created is actually a Chrome extension. Now here in the Chrome extension page you’re going to type in lighthouse and hit enter and you’ll notice this tool here with an image of a lighthouse and it says that it’s offered by so all you’re gonna do here is you’re gonna click on the add to Chrome button here on the right-hand side and click on add extension. Now let me tell you a little bit about this tool: the tool itself is pretty basic so far. Now Google say that they will update the tool and more things will be measured and in comparison to many SEO audit tools this is going to seem like a very basic tool but here’s the thing: Google’s algorithm is not public okay so any SEO audit tool is really working against a moving target because not only is the algorithm secret it keeps changing. Now of course people test things and then make assumptions about certain things like ranking factors for example and that’s what goes into an SEO audit tool and they are very useful of course I use them but you have to keep in mind that almost every SEO audit tool is slightly different because some people or some companies will consider certain metrics to be ranking factors whilst others don’t. Google on the other hand hold all the Aces so they’ve released an SEO tool – and I don’t care how basic it is I’m going to add this to my SEO toolkit and I’m gonna be using this. Now on that note some of the things that this tool measures for are a little bit of an eye opener it measures things like font readability now nobody would have thought that that was a ranking factor but then again Google are all about the user experience and if your pages are hard to read then that apparently matters to Google. Now there is an official statement from Google that states that although this tool is basic it nonetheless measures the things that they consider that every website at the most basic level should be addressing so they’re saying before you get into all the fancy-pants stuff your website needs to be ticking the boxes for these very basic things which put another way you could interpret as if you fail miserably at these basic metrics then all the other fancy-pants stuff that you can do is not going to be as effective as it would be if your basic SEO metrics were met okay so with that said let’s go and take the tool for a spin. Okay so let’s go to the Yahoo website why not it’s the first one that came into my mind and I don’t know why because I don’t actually use Yahoo. There it’s loaded now so what you’re gonna do here is you’re gonna click on the icon on your extension toolbar and that is gonna bring up the lighthouse – now there are some options here which by default are all ticked and these are SEO best practices accessibility progressive web app and performance. Now some of these metrics are really geared toward the mobile experience because Google are big on that okay so I’m gonna leave all that ticked and here on the right hand side you have a generate report button click on that and this is now going to look at this page and test against these metrics that Google say are the very basic things that you should be meeting ok so it can take a while depending on the size of your page of course and your internet speed and I really should have chosen a smaller page but you know Yahoo is what came into my mind. I’m gonna pause this for a second while this thing does its thing and as soon as it’s done I’ll unpause and we’ll get on with the review. Okay so here we are and the tool took about three minutes which is not really that long to analyze the Yahoo homepage so if you’re running this tool on your website you may want to go and make a coffee and then come back unless you want to be staring at the progress bar. Okay so you can see here that you have five scores and these are performance progressive web app accessibility best practices and SEO. Ironically the Yahoo homepage scores a twenty-one for performance. Now underneath that you have a section where each metric goes into more depth so you have here things like first meaningful paint and this is going to be another word for render they might be using their own language here so I’m sure that they will have some new terms to look at in fact you can click on this triangle here and this gives you a learn more link which you can click and then explore what this actual metric or this explanation actually means. Logically that’s something that you should only need to do once and then once you do that you’ll be off a as they say with the app and how it works okay so then we have a first interactive beta and I will also have to click on the learn more and actually make sure that I’m understanding correctly what it is that they’re trying to measure here okay consistently interactive and there’s an audit error here I’m not gonna bore you by reading everything but I just wanted you to see the kinds of things that this tool outputs and this is section improvement opportunities and it says these are opportunities to speed up your application by optimizing the following resources when they say application it basically means website so here you can see that the images are not being served optimally bad Yahoo and it’s actually pinpointing the images that are causing the poor results and showing you even how much you could potentially save by properly optimizing these images ok so there’s another one here optimized images so already you can see that it is a handy tool considering that it’s free and it’s just an extension on your browser you can quickly use this to get a good insight on any website not just yours. Now there are some more Diagnostics here in the progressive web app section which is for mobile optimization. Let’s go to accessibility: links do not have a discernable name oh and it’s actually giving you a list of the failing elements and let’s scroll down here we have best practices who does not use HTTPS ok one insecure requester found ok so there’s obviously a link to an item that isn’t being served over HTTPS that in and of itself is not going to slow down website and it certainly isn’t going to stop it from ranking but nonetheless it’s useful to know all the weaknesses big and small as long as you step back and then just choose the ones that matter or that matter the most. Here the last section is SEO and 61 point eight three percent of text is too small so in this case I would just simply make my font bigger and make Google happy okay so there’s a section here additional items to manually check page is mobile-friendly so that’s good structured data is valid and there are nine part audits okay and that is looking at things like links have descriptive text and document has a Meta Description as well as of course a document has a title element of course a page not having a title is a major sin in SEO so it’s good to have a tool that enables you to crawl a website and find these issues which you should of course fix. Now let me just point out that here on the left hand side you have the five different sections that have been measured and each one is actually a hyperlink so you can click on performance like I just have you can click on best practices and you can click on any one you like okay so this is it it is a very small basic tool at the moment it’s exciting though that it’s come from Google and it’s more exciting that Google are going to be adding more stuff to it okay that’s gonna do it for this video I hope you enjoyed it while you’re here by the way please subscribe to the channel and that way you can keep up to date with all these videos about all these tools all these cool free tools that I keep finding and talking about take it easy and I shall catch you in the next video

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