Google Web Traffic – Is Google Web Traffic The Best Form Of Traffic?

By | January 27, 2020

hi remain your hair department endure Google Web Traffic and today I want to talk to you about traffic and especially back google web traffic i’m going to tell you out well in my opinion what I believe is three top marketing methods of three top ways of getting traffic online and then we’ll talk more about the number one method so if that’s going to be of interest to you stay tuned ok hi again yes so we’re going to look at the top three ways i believe that you can get targeted leads online what I mean talking this is going to be people that are gonna spend higher amounts of money with you especially in h2 i managed to make money online image to in order to be successful you want people to buy the back end products so that’s the thousand-dollar plus products because you know it’s fine selling the ten or twenty dollar products and if you often those then you can really get traffic from anywhere as long as it’s not those kind of traffic swing type play places as long as you’re getting traffic from any of any platform is only if you want to be sense selling things for ten dollars twenty dollars then this is not as important but if you want to lead you want to talk to lead that they’re going to go on and spend hire my amount of money because they see the value in what you’re selling then i would say you need to use these three forms of traffic and the bad way but that formal go backwards i would say would be what they called solar lights yeah that’s just basically utilizing somebody else who has the biggest they’re sending your offer to their list so that they can potentially get cells from the list they grow up and you can then potentially get some of their knees onto your list yes now again we want to make sure you use a good render there’s a lot of kind of shiny little vendors out there do a little bit of research find out where they’re getting their traffic from find out if they marketed the thing that you wanna you wanna sell the second on the top form i would say is what we call interruption marketing using things like Facebook or Google hoping these types of things that you pay these are paid ads yes so you you see them on google or on Facebook you seriously sponsored all on google say add yeah so they’re not necessarily what i can say this is no they’re not people aren’t necessarily looking for these types about because maybe the copies really good or on baseball maybe the picture really stands out i think we investigate this more and then you might then get yourself now yeah again you need to know how to do it properly you need to know how to target people probably to make sure that your ads showing up in front of the highest potential of person that will ever potentially by yeah and so you need to kind of learn a little bit if you’re interested in learning facebook pay-per-click which is what i do to get really targeted leads a good a good price is less than a dollar sometimes there are even link below this video you can go and click on that be completely free weapon i can have a look at the exact same thing that i’m using but then let’s get to the number-one traffic is i would say google web search the organic search is not paid ones now this is the organic so so that when this is that the type of lead you’re getting from this is the person that is looking for you or they’re looking for what you offer they’ve gone into google they’ve typed in something so they put in the next they’re interested in buying gold clubs for example the best book golf clubs and you’ve come on now can you see the difference just think of the difference Google Web Traffic in the mindset of this person is now search in their search and it’s not interruption they haven’t seen a picture and thought and then have been taken down that part there are out searching they gone searching the garden to the computer and they found you in the first few places of google and find an article that you’ve written or they found a video that you’ve made they’re going to be a lot more inclined to listen to your message and listen to your advice and then you know go on to buy whatever you have to to offer that’s the highest quality of lead i would say because it’s it’s where this its attraction marketing comes from you’re not going out there now they’re finding you you’re just putting out valuable content they’re finding that content hopefully liking that content and then going on to buy out your recommendation what have you command so but again that first the first form of traffic to give the work will take some time to learn you need to learn what they call SEO you need to learn how to write these articles all these videos in those top spots of google to top 10 spots on the first page of Google because once you but it’s well worth doing because once you’ve done now you can start to get this traffic for free this is organic normal trap traffic that once you can rain you then don’t have to you don’t have to collect go like pain and time and time again it will just stay there on google you know ok so i hope this makes sense and i hope it was a value to you again if you need if you want any help with any of this sort of traffic formed with the Solarize over the wall with the facebook ads I’ll leave some links below it’s always worked going out there reading some articles on how learning to rank on Google on the organic search engine yeah okay again folks being a value to you till next time take care we’ll speak again soon as always if you find this valuable please subscribe please like please show alright next time take care Google Web Traffic

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