Google Translate Songs with Camila Cabello

By | December 7, 2019

-Everyone knows that
you’re an amazing singer, so I thought it could be fun
if you and I performed a few songs. [ Cheers and applause ] Thank you. But…
Thank you. Oh, but here’s the catch. To mix things up a bit,
we fed these songs into Google Translate. And we’re going to perform
the jumbled lyrics right now. It is time for
“Google Translate Songs.” Here we go. -♪ Google Translate Songs ♪ -So, if you ever use
Google Translate, you know that
it’s not always perfect. For example, when translated
to Lithuanian and back, “The Tonight Show
Starring Jimmy Fallon” becomes “The Tonight Is Played
By Jimmy Fallon.” -True.
-So, we did the
same thing with — You’ve done that before? We did the same thing
with song lyrics. Some people have
done this online. It’s super fun. Camila, since since you’re
my guest, you will go first. Okay?
-Okay. -You will be singing the Google
Translate version of “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish — which, when translated,
is called “Evil Young Boy.” [ Laughter ] Roots, whenever you’re ready. ♪♪ -Yeah. I am gonna channel
my Billie Eilish. ♪ Comfort ♪ ♪ Demi’s nose
wears a shirt ♪ ♪ Your fingertips
are quite lazy ♪ ♪ Reaches around
without asking ♪ ♪ What if you did
some crimes? ♪ ♪ An evil young boy ♪ ♪ That sounds like
a bumpy boy ♪ ♪ That’s your husband ♪ ♪ Sternum’s
under pressure ♪ ♪ My text is evil ♪ ♪ Your mom gets
kind of weird ♪ ♪ My daughter’s
a desert ♪ ♪ Elminate your dad ♪ ♪ I’m an evil boy ♪ ♪ Ghosts ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -Bumpy boy.
-Yeah. -It was bumpy boy.
-“I’m a bumpy boy.” -“I’m a bumpy boy.” [ Laughter ] “Bumpy boy” is great.
Alright. Alright. Here we go.
I will be performing the Google Translated version
of “All Star” by Smash Mouth. -Love that song!
-Me, too. It’s now called
“Hot Ball.” [ Laughter ] Here we go —
“Hot Ball.” ♪♪ -♪ People who don’t speak
said the world is bent ♪ ♪ I left my sharpest knife
in the house ♪ ♪ The girl who could not think
had a finger and a finger ♪ ♪ Things existed
on her…face ♪ ♪ Whoops ♪ ♪ A-hoy,
you’re a hot ball ♪ ♪ Fun is happy ♪ ♪ Hang out ♪ ♪ A-hoy,
you’re a stone man ♪ ♪ Entertain me ♪ ♪ Have cash ♪ ♪ Shiny things
are not metal ♪ ♪ But the rocket bursts
smash the fungus ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] Wow.
-The original lyrics. -That is. That’s the bonus
lyrics of the original song. -I personally think
that is pure poetry. -Yeah, it is pure poetry.
Thank you. For our last one here,
let’s do a duet of the classic Shaggy song
“It Wasn’t Me.” [ Cheers and applause ] But we’ll be singing
the translated version, which is called
“I’m Not the Self.” -That’s actually —
That’s very spiritual. -Yeah, I’m not —
I’m not the self. -[ As Shaggy ] Very, uh —
-[ As Shaggy ] That’s the way
Shaggy wants to do it. “I’m Not the Self.”
-He’s not the self. -Alright, here we go. Roots, whenever you’re ready,
give me the beat. [ Light laughter ] ♪♪ -Oh, yeah.
-Yeah. -♪ Welcome, sugar,
take my hand that is bruised ♪ ♪ Slipping with
the girl of doors ♪ -♪ You imagine there
are empty butts ♪ ♪ Slapping on the
toilet ground ♪ -♪ I was spotted on a mantle ♪
-♪ I’m not the self ♪ -♪ I was harmful to the couch ♪
-♪ I’m not the self ♪ -♪ Bathing very much
with her now ♪ -♪ I’m not the self ♪ -♪ She took a picture
of receptions ♪ -♪ I’m not the self ♪ [ Normal voice ]
Camila Cabello, everybody.

100 thoughts on “Google Translate Songs with Camila Cabello

  1. AK Post author

    bruh she’s so adorable and cute and funny and beautiful and-

  2. Boy In Blue Post author

    Billie should change the title of 'bad guy' to 'evil young boy'

  3. Annie Sa Ga Post author

    Omg she's so cute and talented!! I'm so proud of being a Camilizer 💖 a remix with Billie Eilish for her new song Bad Kind of 🦋 would be awesome

  4. Shylock 104 Post author

    she needs to come back for an impressions challenge asap cuz she crushed those!

  5. Jeremiel Nuqui Post author

    Is no one gonna mention jimmy trying to hold Camilla's hands but kinda slip away

  6. KCD_2001 Post author

    cutest human ever, love you and shawn more than anything🥵

  7. EmmaTh Post author

    these crack me up, every single time…
    evil young boy… jajajajaajja

  8. fritzy m Post author

    She's a really down to earth girl and I don't know why people keep on throwing hate on her and she absolutely doesn't deserve that. Like they said " PEOPLE KEEP THROWING SHADE ON WHAT SHINES"

  9. Aly the dream boy Post author

    0:03 I can't unsee Camila's right thigh😂😂😂

  10. Mateusz Cielas Post author

    i have weird feeling that she wasnt real there, kinda acting

  11. Vern Vest Post author

    Is it just me or Camila sounded like rita ora when she sang shaggy’s song

  12. Shaurya Tyagi Post author

    Can anyone just realise how camilla has really grown up?

  13. Martyna Sofia Post author

    0:34 i think i just died cause Jimmy said my native language 😂

  14. Tash Gadi Post author

    Billie eilish: duh
    Trump: wall
    Bongo cat: meow
    Camila: ghosts

  15. Bookworm Gurl Post author

    Guys check out the Google translate channel of malinda. The bad guy is awesome there

  16. perfectlymendesxx Post author

    is he not going to give credit to malinda with her translator fails-

  17. Machine_Gun_Kelly Post author

    Wow google translated the ghost thing right tho lmao , this sound is from some cartoon with goofy ghosts and shit

  18. zahira khan Post author

    Camila's laugh is like Bellatrix's from hp😂😂😂

  19. Machine_Gun_Kelly Post author

    This is literally every rap lyrics nowadays LFMAO

  20. Arianna Khan Post author

    "I'm not the self" 😂😂💀😁 best remix ever lmao

  21. SirLaggsAlot Post author

    "I was harmful to the couch" was so funny and resonated deep

  22. Zgirl 13 Post author

    I own a translation company. The corrections I have to make for clients who used machine translations is staggering. I am happy to see that finally, people are getting the word out that translations and translators is a profession for professionals. Words leave a lasting impression.

  23. This is not my real name Post author

    Yasss, Camila Cabello
    and Yasss, Christmas decos😂

  24. SPLURGE IS DUMB Post author

    1:26 camila put her arm on the desk and jimmy put his hand on her hand and then she instantly pulled her hand back😂😂

  25. Tonya Ratlaff Post author

    Who else thinks she sang it better than Billie ever could?

  26. Anisha Pal Post author

    None: literally none

    Camila: -_-

    So cute😳😍🤷‍♀️

  27. Fiona Koh Post author

    I’ve turned all the google translate song videos to a try not to laugh challenge

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    how is she so cute on interviews but so hot when performing on stage?

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    She wears glasses… you can see that lmao. Just like Ariana, they are kinda blind.
    Conclusion: Some good singers with killer voices are blind…

  32. camren Blink Post author

    I love the way Camila laugh sometimes ha ha ha
    Me:😂🤣🤣 I love her so cute and funny 😘


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