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By | August 12, 2019

Google SEO Tools should be apart of every
marketers arsenal, whether beginner or expert. Especially if you are creating content each
and everyday. You should constantly be tracking and building
links to your content in a natural way so that you can basically set it and forget it. Most people forget that SEO is a long term
method and that you will not get fast results, but instead it becomes a accumulation of small
results that will turn into autopilot traffic, leads, and sales for years to come. But lets be real, you are not going to get
anywhere trying to do everything at a turtles pace, you will need the best tools on the
market to help speed up the process. This is why in this article I will list my
top 3 Google SEO tools to that will have you raking in tons of traffic in no time. My Top 3 Google SEO Tools 1. Tribepro First up is TribePro which is an automatic
content syndication site that gives you hundreds if not thousands of high authority, social
networking backlinks. Although know one can ever predicts Google’s
algorithm changes, their have been studies that show that not only are traditional backlinks
losing their influence on the SERPS but Google puts extreme importance are what’s called
Social Signals. Social Signals are signs that a piece of content
is popular based on the amount of shares on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitters,
Stumble upon, Reddit, etc. Just a couple dozen of these kind of backlinks
and actually out rank content that has hundreds or thousands of low quality, traditional backlinks
from other websites. With Tribepro you get a community of people
who agree to share your content on their social network websites if you agree to do the same. The more friends you obtain inside of this
community, the more share you will get on each piece of content you submit. It’s a great way to network with other marketers
and gain authority backlinks that rank like crazy. 2. Article Marketing Robot Now you may have heard of article marketing
and how effective this strategy could be. Article Marketing Robot is one the of the
tools responsible from shooting my traffic up from about 2,000 to 15,000 visitors to
my blog within my first 2 months of using it. Article Marketing Robot is the best article
software that exists on the internet. I know marketers who solely use this as one
of their primary Google SEO Tools and it has dramatically increased their unique visitors
to their sites by the thousands. Google ranks your content based on authority,
popularity and relevancy. This software allows you to get thousands
of relevant backlinks to your site which you are not able to do with 90% of other Google
SEO Tools on the market. I cannot recommend this one enough because
of how easy and effective it is. 3. Market Samurai Market Samurai is by far the most important
part of trying to rank content online. This tool is like 5 different effective SEO
tools in one. The most important part of creating content
online is keyword research. Most people struggle to rank in the search
engines because the do not know the correct way to research their keywords. With Market Samurai you can generate 100’s
of long tailed, low competition targeted keywords in minutes. Not only that, but when you do find the keyword
that you want to rank for it allows you to analyse you competitions optimization efforts. This way you know if you are able to compete
with the tops three before you even begin to create your content. I can’t tell you how many times I have found
great low competition keywords and begin to create content around it, only to find out
that I had no shot at ranking in the top 3 on Google’s first page. So this is a vital step. You will be able to check your competitions: Domain Age
PR # of Times Indexed
# of Backlinks to that specif page / Domain If it’s On/Off Page Optimized
Check this video out to see how easily you can do your research with Market Samurai. Get The Most Out Of These Google SEO Tools While these Google SEO tools can be a great
gift for you and your business if you used the right way, it can also become a curse
if you do it wrong. I will tell you right now what most people
do wrong that can destroy their rankings. Whenever you are link building you must always
remember to diversify your backlinks. What I mean by this is to have a variety of
anchor text that are pointing back to your content. Gone are the days where you could use Google
SEO Tools to blast thousands of backlinks using the same exact anchor text. Google soon caught on to this and put a stop
to it with their Panda and Penguin updates. So if you are trying to rank for the keyword
“Home Improvements” Use a variety of anchor text’s to build links
such as: How to make home improvements
The importance of home improvement Click here
Read more Visit now
Doing your link building this way will cover your tracks and keep Google from penalizing
your content. Google SEO Tools + Authority Blogging Platform
=Instant Rankings I already mentioned that Google considers
3 elements when ranking content. Those are Authority, Popularity & Relevancy. Out of all 3, authority is the single most
important element. Right now if choose to go for the same keyword
as I already know that I have no shot in hell of ranking over that site because
of the tremendous amount of authority it has. Well, that was until I joined Empower Network. Empower Network offers you a high authority
blogging platform that levels the playing fields. With this blogging system you can rank for
virtually keyword that you choose. I have even had cases where I have landed
on the first page within hours of some pretty competitive terms. If you want to find out how you can get your
hands on your very own authority blog click the button below. If you found this article helpful feel free
to leave your comments below about my top 3 Google SEO Tools

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  1. Spook SEO Post author

    Thanks for the great video!

    It goes without saying that using the right tools can make or break your SEO campaigns. Without it, you'll end up doing manual work which is vey time consuming plus you won't be nearly as productive as you would be if you have the right tools.

  2. jonyjmia Post author

    LOL, cool video mate. My neighbour has been working from home for 11 months, and studied ATM Income Package. It is probably the easiest strategy I've found to work from home. Just google for the words ATM Income Package to discover how anyone can make money online as well.


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