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By | October 19, 2019

The art of profitable blogging. A guide on how to start a blog. Starting a blog and showing up in Google search results. Strategic search phrase placement. Why is the blog target keyword so important to search engines like Google. Indexing and categorization. But where should the target keyword be placed? Strategic keyword placement. Preferably the first word for both your domain name and blog title. Direct targeting. Showing up on Google search result page one is? Exponential blog exposure. And it’s basically the art of telling search engines like Google what your blog is about. Getting recognized by Google. Make the domain name short and easy to remember while avoiding any stop words. about – and – every – might – most – only – than – that – with Showing up in Google search results for target keywords and search phrases. Is more important than page rank. Not all links displayed on page one of the Google search result is necessarily a high-ranking site. Strategic search phrase placement. Showing up on the Google search result page one. Is more important than page rank. You will need a tool called the Google Keyword Planner. You need a Google Ads account. With a Chrome and Firefox extension called Keywords Everywhere. Keyword search volume and competition. Search result page one does not mean Google page rank one. Search result page one is where the traffic flows. Always focus on target keywords and search phrases with a low to medium competition. And a medium to high search volume. Is there a suggested starting point to simplify all these technicalities? Yes, just follow the link in the video description. What does this training program offer to start your profitable blog? Step by step video guidance. Seo basics to hosting and choosing a domain name along with c-panel navigation. How to use the Google Keyword Planner. Join this training program and start your profitable blog today. Full 60 day money back guarantee. Learn how to upload and install wordpress plugins. Seo and banner ad simplicity. Learn how to publish your first seo optimized blog post. Follow the link in the video description. Learn content writing skills and get recognized by search engines. Stop words – transition words – word count – paragraph length. Learn about the importance of subheadings. H2 – H3 – H4 – H5 – H6 This blog training program is among the top blog training programs available. Over 100,000 students and success stories. Launched back in 2009 and 10 years later still going strong. Follow the link in the video description to learn more. Step by step video guide. Starting your first blog. Do subscribe to money made at home. Leave a comment below the video. And hit the bell notification. For more money making tips. Kindly share this video with your audience.

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    From SEO to hosting and choosing a domain name. Along with the c-panel navigation. The installation and use of plugins. Blog post publishing and featured image alt attributions. All nicely simplified through step by step training videos


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