92 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 Review: Easier To Buy, Harder To Recommend

  1. Ryan Hayden Post author

    I bought mine and returned it a day later. The face unlock is highly inconvenient, and all the gimmicks just don't make it worth the money. Plus Google's trade-in program is highway robbery. I think it's time to abandon the Pixel line and go with OnePlus

  2. Harold Captivate Post author

    I stand firm My favorite pixel is the black and white pixel 2XL

  3. Everyday Techy Post author

    Fantastic video, the pixel is the first Android phone I've used in years and I'm enjoying it.

  4. news feed Post author

    Why is there a war against effective fingerprint scanners?

  5. pedro rosales Post author

    Did you know google pixel 4 xl unlocks any angle upside down sideways..

  6. Ant Rod Post author

    It's great you don't accept compensation for your reviews, unlike cough cough Juan Bagnell, but if you did, I wouldn't mind compensating you.

  7. SubyWill Post author

    I used Google phones since the Nexus One. Every single year I got the new Nexus or Pixel phone. Until this year. I got the iPhone 11 Pro Max instead of the Pixel 4 XL. Every review I see confirms that I made the right decision.

  8. Mark Brown Post author

    Yeah the camera still reigns supreme but nothing else and if you already own a pixel 3xl so does that camera so no need to upgrade at all

  9. Keyur Parikh Post author

    What ever Google gets into it fails miserable. It's got the money ๐Ÿ’ฐ but doesn't have the desire to make it an awesome phone so it give subpar specs. Unlike Samsung, just throws the everything and the kitchen sink and see what works well. So your getting the best of the best. Love my note 10+

  10. PlayVR Post author

    Pixel lineup is never about the hardware alone. It's the software experience that makes the phone worthwhile. I had iPhone for 6 years, Samsung for 2 years and finally switched to Pixel 3 last year. The Pixel Android experience is miles ahead of anything else. The software is smart and smooth. Yeah, the hardware specs may be lower, but the software is smoother. Go try a pixel, it's hard to back back to other phones after that.

  11. mena seven Post author

    The Google Pixel 4 design is boring. the phone doesn't have a wide angle camera and SD card slot and the battery is small. Google need to do a better job making cell phone.

  12. TraceguyRune Post author

    Who cares if eyes are closed?
    1. Finger print does the same.
    2. People wear sunglasses…

  13. Shane Bigler Post author

    I feel like Google makes the perfect phone then says "you know what, this is too good, let's eff it up a little" then replaces some good components with crappy ones.

  14. Space Magic Post author

    Everything I am seeing and hearing about this phone makes me think this thing should cost the same as what the 3 does now, it's last years tech with this year's flagship prices. But hey you can take pictures of stars now, because ppl more than 1% of all of its users will do that more than like 3 nights ever….

  15. James Jackson Post author

    Okay I am swapping to a iPhone 11 Pro Max. Sorry Google I was a hard core fan and it legit hurts me to consider a beautiful Golden iPhone but URGH that battery life killed it for me…

  16. Davii Mai Post author

    Not really related but about the rear fingerprint sensor:
    After switching to the S10 from an S8 I also miss the notification shortcut but as I use my phone flat on the table by my laptop half of the time I think it's worth it for the convenience of unlocking it. Can't say the same for face unlocking though.

  17. John Marsh Post author

    As always, your reviews are my 'go to' ones for accurate, insightful thoughts on today's tech, and I always check for a review from you before making a purchase. I appreciate your review here, but differ in some areas (I've had my Pixel 4XL for two weeks now). Battery life has never concerned me, though I know for those of you constantly on the road it's more important. I'm 'Joe Average' user who has chargers at home (night stand, home office), car, work office, etc. So I can easily charge up anytime. So I've never minded battery life shortcomings on Pixels or the Samsung Note series that was previously my phone of choice. I also seem to be the only one having issues with the Face Unlock. It seems slow to me and doesn't work all the time.

  18. matthew wragge Post author

    Swing and Miss!?!?…..I respectfully disagree Sir.

    This phone is absolute dream. Plus the battery life has proven to be excellent, even with "force 90hz" turned on.

  19. Lani Pierre Post author

    I broke down and got the Pixel 4 (small version) and I'm enjoying it. My usage isn't heavy so the battery is OK – not winning any medals, but OK. And I also don't need a lot of flashy gimmicky features on a phone. I'd say the Pixel is for someone like me who likes the simplicity, the integration into the Google ecosystem and really isn't a power user. There's a phone out there for everybody…

  20. Jeremy H Post author

    It's actually a good phone, just needs to actually be ised for more than a few days to settle in.

  21. TF Shaw Post author

    I really want a Google phone, have for years. Every time there is at least one thing that is so disappointing I change my mind. The battery alone is enough, not to mention the lack of a fingerprint sensor. Pass again, maybe next year.

  22. jay hans Post author

    This dude looks like a 40 year old trying to be 18 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ really, is that hair gel? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  23. Reeb Post author

    I can buy an LG G7 (Snapdragon 845) for $200 with 6gb ram and 64gb storage.

  24. David Martrano Post author

    Due to the overpricing and what's offered I'll be skipping both models. Very disappointed that they used a 2800mamp battery in the base model. Plus they charge you an extra one hundred for the 128gb's of storage. Nah! Very good review….

  25. Sean Smith Post author

    This phones battery is not bad stop all this fake news!! I have the pixel 4 and I get 5-6 hours screen on time every day!

  26. Nikolov Nikey Post author

    Waited impatiently about the Pixel 4 so i can finally ditch the SSAmsungLag phones iv been using for past 10 years , sad to be i finally give the thumbs up to Iphone . Gonna migrate this month on iphone 11 and thats that . Im sick of gimmicks in android for no use , i dont know how they give out ideas there on their drawing board but they sux . None needs the radar gestures , telephoto is useless ( 2x? wtf zoom ) its just a mess . I loved you google . P.S i will keep using your services tho hahhaa and your chromebooks haha

  27. cinIALVEspO w Post author

    Them adding the telephoto instead of a wide angle is almost like they're doing it to spite the fans/users for asking for another camera.


    Google never good at building hardware poor quality everytime

  29. Wally Tolson Post author

    Oh you review tech products and phone? I came here because I thought you reviewed fishing gear.

  30. Thomas Lang Post author

    Hand gestures are cool but it is if your hands are to dirty or you are stuck and it just out of reach (rarely happens) but 2 rare instances isn't worth to keep it there if it would be cheaper witch I kind of doubt it would because apple did it so google has to be similarly priced

  31. shubh labh Post author

    What if this phone cost 499$ then how u much u rate this pixel 4.

  32. udofroelich12 Post author

    What did Samsung do to hurt you? Most popular flagship next to the iPhone doesnโ€™t get a mention

  33. gabe321 Post author

    I have a pixel 3 but I'm considering switching phones because of the battery. Looking into the iPhone 11 because I here's the battery is way better.

  34. wolfranger Post author

    I love google phones and rarely miss an upgrade but I'll probably skip this one just like the Nexus 6 five years ago.

  35. Tom Tech The Savage Post author

    What are the background songs during the video? Normally the songs are linked in the description of the video

  36. Skeptical _Liberterian Post author

    I feel like this phone was a MASSIVE letdown. I think that instead of jumping on the Face ID train, they couldโ€™ve shrunk those bezels down and put the camera(s) on the front in an oval or a circle or something like Samsung. They clearly have no issue ripping off camera design. Also, 64gb with ONLY 128gb as the highest story option? Come on Google! And now I have to pay for the original quality of the picture I just took? Come on Google! And it only works at 90hz sometimes? Come on Google! The Pixel 2 and 3 werenโ€™t great either, but they were different. This phone is just…well, bad.

  37. Ben Huot Post author

    My Pixel XL 1 is still awesome, 2, 5 years later, still as fast, great pictures, great battery life, best phone ever.
    I was expecting so much about the 4, I'm like??? NO, VR 3 maybe??? Or something else?

  38. Mochizou Post author

    This means that my iphone xr last longer than a brand new pixel 4 lmao

  39. intel Wild Post author

    Hey Yo Mobile, guess who's rockin' an oh so Orange, 64 gig storage, 6 gigs of RAM, fantastic camera, 855 processing beast….this guy!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  40. Jason Rodriguez Post author

    For still shots Google s ๐Ÿ“ท Still remain s supreme

  41. Runner Up Post author

    @MrMobile Have you reconsidered this phone in any way? Do you miss any having a Pixel at all?
    You say you'd prefer a finger print unlock but yet the 11Pro doesnt have one and you didnt discredit the Pro 11 for the lack of that feature.

  42. seriouscatisserious Post author

    Got the Pixel 2 as it was a significant leap from the Nexus 6P. Got the Pixel 3 as it was deeply discounted via Google Fi. Even with $400 in Google Fi credits toward a new Pixel 4, I'm skipping it because not only is there no real reason to "upgrade," but there are many reasons not to. Which is too bad, as I was more than prepared to throw my money at Google. What a mess. :/

  43. iFlYsOlO Post author

    Battery is just fine!! Lasts me a day and a half and I use the phone! Useless negative hype created by these useless over promoted you tubers! Check on Reddit! Thousands of people posting their amazing battery lives! Stop already!!!

  44. aleksey _ Post author

    I feel like most reviews focus on the hardware. I always found google spends most of their time on software development and hardware is secondary. All the value of this phone is in it's software not hardware. However i do agree 128gb max upgrade is low, my iphone 7 has 256gb, bit hard to drop to half the space.

  45. Sascha Lang Post author

    lol the camera is so great that people just compliment the camera and forget the other things.
    you are in the minority and think you need the ultrawide? ok buy another phone
    your are in the minority and need an always 90 FPS? ok, buy another phone
    you need a bigger battery, go, there are phones with 8000 mAh out there
    for the rrest of the people? its great!
    but be sure to buy the 4XL, because the small pixel 4's battery is underwhelming

    dont think the Pixel 4 is just a great camera, if you actually use the Pixel 4 you will see the difference to other phones ๐Ÿ˜‰

  46. Felipe Nuรฑez Post author

    after 2 years my pixel 2xl is running faster than my galaxy s9+ better connection too.

  47. ๊œฑแดœแดแด‡แด…สœ ๊œฑสœษชษดแด…แด‡ Post author

    Disappointed with your review.

    The best camera's on a smartphone
    The best thermally cooled phone
    The best video rendering speeds
    The best software support on Andriod
    The best LTE speeds
    The best software experience on Android
    Also only the pixel devices get the extra Google assistant features
    The best phone for rooting
    The best phone for app compatibility

    And Pixel 4 top variant price starts at the base variant of iPhone 11 pro.

    Everyone including Mkbhd stated wide angle Camera's are useless back when LG did it, why it's become so important after Apple did it ?

    Pixel 4xl has good battery life unlike pixel 4.

    And iPhones still images are trash, especially from the front camera. Heavy warm colours with Reddish skintones. Why nobody mentions that ?

    Apart from the battery, pixel 4 is a fantastic device !

  48. william castle Post author

    Over a month in with my pixel 4(non xl) and I'm loving it for the most part. Yeah the battery could be better but I typically make it through the day. The bottom line for me was I was starting to tire of the large phones.. every time I would pick up my old Galaxy S8(non +) I would be pleasantly surprised on how small and sleek it was. The size and the 90hz display sold me on it and at this point there is no other choice. If Samsung come out with a s10e>S11e with that small frame and a 90-120hz display I'll likely trade in the pixel.. maybe… if the battery life is considerably better. I'd definitely be all over a mini version of a Oneplus 8 as long as it had a high refresh screen.

  49. AbdulMuiz Khan Post author

    As a PIXEL LOVER it's heartbreaking to see the Pixel 4 being beat down like this. Battery life means sooooO much to me and it is the single most annoying thing about the phone. I am literally willing to look over EVERY other shortcoming of the Pixel if it wasn't for battery.

  50. Jeb Cheung Post author

    Excellent concept but poor execution, he couldn't have said it better

  51. Eazy E for life Post author

    The lack of a fingerprint scanner ruins it completely for me

  52. Runner Up Post author

    I'm in the UK. Got my Black Pixel 4, had it 3 weeks. Love it. But biggest bug bears are that face unlock, it's a bit hit and miss…sometimes it just doesn't want to work. Moreso than fingerprint readers. And I have to log into my bank apps now, hopefully this will change.
    But nattery life for me is fine and has gotten better. Lasts most of the day. Even at night when down to 20/25% it'll last several more hours as battery saver will kick in. When you put the phone down and it rests, it goes into sleep so you'll still wake up with virtually the same amount.

  53. B-MAN Post author

    Maybe it was a sort of…innuendo โ€œNEVER HAS SHIT LOOK SO PRETTY! …SEE!?!โ€

  54. Kevin McGuire Post author

    Whatโ€™s it like making phone-calls and sending texts, e-mails?

  55. Matthew Shields Post author

    I wonder how the battery dose today because with my experience on the Pixel 3a adaptive battery is really good at improving battery life over time.

  56. Ed Cheong Post author

    I'll just make it simple, Google didn't do the best they could've done.

  57. Vyas Post author

    I feel sorry for that 0.01% of microbes. Ure cruel dude.

  58. Taquan Grimes Post author

    I have the pixel 4xl and love it. No video can make me change my mind about it. I can live without wide angle because I don't use it or 4k60 and battery for me has been good since I have the lastest update

  59. Anay Makan Post author

    I own the pixel 3 and I love this phone. 4 things they could do better, battery, performance, screen brightness and video recording. Fix those issues and I'll buy over any phone

  60. Louisville Post author

    Don't knock it till you try it yourself I listened to all the negativity myself at first bought the 4xl and fell in love with it put my s10+ down Samsung will not ever get my money again I'm strictly Google now it's a dope device

  61. Matt Moran Post author

    Any phone that doesn't have Bixby is better than one that does ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. R Baker Post author

    Great review. Really helpful ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  63. TomdaBerlin Post author

    In tech we trust: Mr Mobile! ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the idea that everyone sees the video at the same time!

  64. David Martrano Post author

    I saved 6oo.oo bucks and picked up the 3a XL for 4oo.oo bucks tax included. The battery 6to7hrs SOT was a no brainer. Headphone jack anyone? What am I missing, not much?

  65. Unicake Post author

    I bought a tech 21 case for my iPhone x it broke from me putting it on and off the phone there weak junk I took it back to the apple store and even the employee said just get an OtterBox cause that case is terrible it broke the whole side from just being tooken off the phone not a good case

  66. sultanabran1 Post author

    i don't want a wide camera. only reviewers do. people use it if it's there, doesn't mean they want it. a monochrome camera is way more useful than an ultra wide lens and its optical imperfections

  67. Cee Z Post author

    Why didn't you review the XL lol? Tf you reviews the 11 pro Max or pro was it? ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿป not the 11 Xr replacement

  68. aura lemuria Post author

    Right now I have the pixel 2 XL, and I'd love to continue to be a Google pixel user, but I may have to wait to see if one day the pixel 5 shows improvements. Disappointed about the disappearance of the finger sensor, as I frequently use it for everything.

  69. Sean Aron Post author

    I personally never used the wide angle and prefer a telephoto. But yeah, 2x isn't enough.


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