Google Pixel 4: 3 Months Later

By | January 20, 2020

Hey there, Alex here. It has been around 3 months since I first
got my hands on the Pixel 4, so I thought I would just do a quick video about how the
phone is holding up. In terms of design, I still think it’s a
pretty nice looking phone. It’s simple and understated. In regards to the bezel at the top of the
phone, it’s not the nicest looking design, but I don’t really mind it, just like I
don’t really mind notches, or camera cut outs. The top bezel contains the sensors for Face
Unlock as well as Motion Sense, and after 3 months with the phone, they still feel a
little half-baked. Face Unlock does work reliably for me, even
though I think that Face ID on the iPhone 11 is still a little better because it works
at a wider angle. That’s not really a big deal for me, and
I don’t even mind that the phone can still be unlocked when my eyes are closed, because
it’s the same with a fingerprint sensor anyway. For me, it’s actually the app developer
support that has been the most annoying. The banking apps that I use, still doesn’t
support Face Unlock. Not that this was unexpected since it has
always been like this with Android, but after 3 months with the phone, I really wished that
Google kept the fingerprint sensor around. Anyway, for Motion Sense, I didn’t think
it was useful back then, and I still don’t think it is useful now for how I use my phone. Even for changing music tracks, it doesn’t
work on the music player that I’m using. I’m sure some folks will find this feature
useful, but for me, it’s just not worth wasting battery keeping this feature on. Another feature that I don’t really use,
is the 90Hz display. While I can see the difference when the mode
is activated, and it’s nice. But, it’s not a huge deal for me, and not
something I can’t live without. So on the smaller Pixel 4 I have here, I rather
save a bit of battery. While we’re talking about the screen, it
looks just okay. Colours look really nice, but I still wished
the brightness was a bit better. Anyway, I don’t really have much to say
about performance and software experience. It runs everything I need it to do well enough,
and it’s the same ol’ smooth and clean Android experience that I’ve been getting
from past Pixel devices. I do want to add that I’m not really a heavy
user, so maybe that’s why my experience has always been pretty good. That said, I really wish Google will add in
more basic features like screen recording, and taking a long screenshot. Because those are really useful, and needing
to download a third party app to do all that is not a great experience considering how
much junk is in the Play Store. Battery life is still somewhat underwhelming. Even though I could get a day of use out of
the phone with lighter usage, that is after turning off a lot of the additional features. So it’s still not that great. Normally, I just do a quick top up mid day
just so I don’t have to worry about battery life at all. However, it does mean that the battery is
going through more charging cycles, which means it’s going to deteriorate faster. And I can already imagine how worn out it
is going to be a year or two down the road. I get that it’s a small phone, but I can
get better battery life from the Galaxy S10e, which is smaller in size and has a larger
battery. Camera experience is still excellent when
it comes to photography, and I’m still enjoying how easy it is to capture great looking images
on the phone, especially the improved white balance. I didn’t really talk much about the dual
exposure controls in my initial review, but it is a really nice feature to have for capturing
shots like this. Video capture is still just average, but as
a whole, the camera experience is still great for me. Overall, I still think it’s a nice phone
to use, especially if you are a fan of what Pixel devices are all about. It takes great looking photos, the software
experience is clean, and it gets fast software updates. The rest of the phone has its shortcomings,
and I personally don’t find a lot of the additional features useful, but it’s still
a relatively complete package. The stereo speakers still sounds great, there
is wireless charging, and IP68 dust and water resistance. So if that’s all you care about, and you’re
okay with paying a premium for that Pixel experience, the Pixel 4 is still a good phone. It’s just not a particularly great deal
to me at its current price point, especially when you look at what the competition has
to offer. Thanks for watching this video. If you’ve enjoyed it, be sure to leave a
like, and subscribe to the channel for more content in the future. Thanks again, and see you guys on the next one.

21 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4: 3 Months Later

  1. Ikmal Nazli Post author

    too bad i cannot use the Motion Sense on Pixel 4 over here, in Malaysia since it does not support it.

  2. Arrd Viloria Post author

    I'm amazed and I understand why such big and popular companies still making a premium one-handed phone despite of all the bashers. They still prioritize practicality over fancy.

  3. Perry Hummel Post author

    I have iPhone 11 pro and pixel 4xl ' I prefer to use pixel 4 XL , it very smooth and clean software experience , and cameras are excellent , I bought the iPhone 11 pro for taking vedio of my son's sport events , the iPhone has video camera bar none. But for everyday use I prefer the pixel 4xl.

  4. Coffeelicious Post author

    Was pondering over flat screen flagships pixel, OnePlus and Asus…lol jumped on the rog ship…but nice vid as usual alex

  5. Kenneth Pang Post author

    So why get a Pixel 4 if what it offers over the Pixel 3 is mostly useless fluff?

  6. Joel Conolly Post author

    I'll wait for 5 more months before buying this phone.

  7. Danijel Romanic Post author

    Alex, are you looking forward to Galaxy S20 and would it be a phone you'd want to use daily or you have another favorite?

  8. Xiaobin Lu Post author

    Very confusing conclusion in the end. So it’s simply put trash

  9. wittygardener Post author

    Great video Alex! The Pixel 4 is too expensive for what you get, especially compared to the Galaxy s10e


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