Google Introduces BERT

By | November 9, 2019

Google has launched its latest search
algorithm called BERT which is designed to better understand our natural
language. It is expected that BERT will impact at least 10% of all search
queries which is the biggest change since the introduction of RankBrain. What
is Bert? Bert is Google’s new neural network based technique for natural
language processing. It stands for bi-directional encoder representations
from transformers. Essentially BERT teaches computers to understand our
language to help understand how humans speak naturally. When is BERT used?
This new tool will help search engines to better understand the nuances of our
language and to ensure that the results given are relevant for the user. Featured
snippet – BERT will also affect featured snippets and is being used globally with
all languages on this tool. Does this replace RankBrain? The short answer is
no. RankBrain was the first artificial intelligence method that Google launched
in 2015. BERT will simply supplement this as an extra way to understand
content and search queries. Can BERT be optimized? No it does not look likely.
SEOs cannot really optimize for RankBrain or BERT but it does mean that
Google search is improving its understanding of the natural language. Website owners should continue to write content for users that will be engaging
and informative. Hope you like this video. Thank you for your time and I look
forward to seeing you in my next video.

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