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By | August 13, 2019

Welcome to Good Morning
Marketers. He’s Josh Mathe, I’m Bruce
Williams. He handles search marketing here at thunder::tech
and I handle the development end of things. And today we’re talking about
Google Instant Search, that cool, predictive, real-time
search results that’s coming up on the Google homepage and
search results these days. Josh, what is Google
thinking here? Well, what they’re really
thinking is that the entire point of a search engine is to
get information to a user as quickly as possible and as close
to exactly what the user is looking for as possible. So by creating instant searches,
they’re kind of eliminating the middleman. It’s a couple seconds here and
there, but they’re getting results to a person faster. And they’re working to update
and revamp their suggestion feature to provide a more
valuable experience to help predict what you want. Interesting. And how do they determine or do
they even, possibly filter that predictive search? They do have a little bit
of a filter in place. And it’s causing a little bit
of a firestorm, so to speak. Now, what’s going on is if
they deem something to be potentially obscene or hateful
or negative, then they’re going to filter it out. The example they like to give
is, let’s say a teacher is giving a lesson on the
color fuchsia. Now fuchsia is spelled
F-U-C-H-S-I-A. If the teacher has it up on a
smartboard in front of a whole classful of children and I type
in F-U-C, the instant search would populate it more
than likely with something that’s a little bit more
prevalent than the color fuchsia that begins with
F-U-C on the Internet. Got you. OK, so me being a client and
I’m currently using SEO services by an agency or
doing it in-house, what should I be aware of? What should I change? Should my strategy differ now? What you should really be aware
of is that you have the possibility to reach the user
before they even know that they’re looking for you. And so if somebody has this very
broad key phrase such as marketing and thunder::tech were
to appear for marketing. Then we would help reinforce
in their minds that, well, they know marketing. And then they type
in marketing firm and they see us again. Then marketing firm Cleveland. Then marketing firm Cleveland,
Ohio, and they keep seeing us over and over. We’re going to further reinforce
to them that we are a marketing firm. We do understand marketing and
the simple presence of being there again and again for
every iteration of their search, is going to
help reinforce that into their mindset. So with search, don’t abandon,
abandon, throw up your arms and say, I give up? What do you suggest? Don’t abandon. Get a little bit more
serious about it. Because the more broad keywords
you can get are going to help you out even more
now than they used to. Now, on the flip side, paying
for my results or rankings, how does this change things
for pay per click? Well, the pay per click
campaigns are going to be a little bit different now. Now the click through rates we
see are going to go down because our impressions
are going to go up. Because we have instant
search. Now, Google has taken steps to
make sure that they’re not just bombarding you with
impressions and your impression counts
don’t skyrocket. What they do with things
like if you have– if your ad is on screen for more
than three seconds, that counts as an impression. If somebody types in their
search query and hits enter, that counts as an impression. If they use one of the
auto-suggest features on Google and click on that link,
that counts as an impression. So in actuality, what you see
is that your ad could appear more and more, but you’re not
actually paying for it. Interesting. That’s a good thing. That is a good thing. But people are going to be
getting a little bit more for their money than they
bargained for. OK. Any parting shots? Personally, I’m a fan of it. I’m interested to see where it
all takes place, or where it all goes from here. It’s going to really have an
interesting affect on the landscape of search
as a whole. Great. Well, he’s Josh Mathe,
I’m Bruce Williams. Thanks for watching. And if you have any questions,
feel free to contact us. [APPLAUSE] Maybe. And puppets we can talk
about LOL Cats or– Sock puppets next time? People will take us
more seriously. There you go. This actually fits
really well. I’ve got a fat head too. I’m Bruce Williams,
he’s Bernie Kosar.

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