19 thoughts on “Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot 3 – Who Wins now?

  1. Braz TMZ Post author

    I prefer the Amazon echo Dot. I just prefer the look. Don't criticise me.

  2. Random Tech Post author

    9:23 Wait, wait, calm down. Are you serious that the echo dot 3 looks BETTER than Google home mini??

  3. Ipsita RoyBarman Post author

    When u have already decided that google home mini is better why are u even making a comparison video? Simply wasting time

  4. Ahmad aassiiff minemind Post author

    By the I'm never gonna use them. I hate them who intrupt my family.

  5. Christopher Price Post author

    Is the Alexa really that useless? I use the Google mini and if I'm honest even that struggles with answers the majority of time.

  6. gopal soni Post author

    Bhadwa hai ye chutiya…pta nhi bandar ki shakal ka kya bolna chahta hai

  7. Go Ahead Post author

    You are mostly hated by some chineese, all pakistanis and some Trump supporters.

  8. Anusha Tuke Post author

    Check out various Amazon devices at

  9. Diogo Martins Post author

    How can i trust this review if you can't even talk proper english?

  10. sina farhadi Post author

    i can't know what you say for real, how can they do????? i hate Hindi speech


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