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By | October 21, 2019

Hi I’m Hartmut. I’m an engineer at Google. Hi I’m Shailesh — product manager at Google. Shailesh: We’re here to introduce Google Goggles: a visual search application
for Android phones. Hartmut: Until now, the only option for web search has been typing or speaking. Now you can search by taking a photo. Shailesh: Let’s try this book. Just open Google Goggles. Fill as much of the screen as possible with the object and take a picture. You’ll see the exact book match in the search results, without typing or saying a word. Hartmut: Another good use is on a business card. Shailesh: Let’s try mine. Hartmut: Frame the text you’re interested in well. Google Goggles will recognize the text and return a result. Now I can click to call Shailesh or add him to my contacts. Shailesh: Let’s go out and check what else Google Goggles can do. Hartmut: We can figure out the title and artist of this painting. Shailesh: Or landmark information. And when you’re travelling places where you don’t know the language
Goggles can translate text for you. Just take a picture, for example, of a menu. Shailesh: Visual search is still in its early stages. It works best on things like we saw today but it doesn’t work well yet on things like food, cars, plants, or animals. Hartmut: As this technology advances, we will be able to do more cool things like suggesting a move in a chess game or taking a picture of a leaf to identify the plant. Shailesh: You might be wondering what happens to all these pictures you’re taking. You can choose to discard them as soon as the search is done or save them to your search history to view them at any time. Hartmut: It’s available for Android powered phones now. To download, go to the Android Market and search for Google Goggles.

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  3. RedTree Post author

    They did an April Fools prank in which they advertised Google Fiber as an edible health bar, rather than an internet service.

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  6. نـجـمـة ســوريـة Post author

    I tried it, but it doesn't really work. I thought it was just me or my device, but almost every review on Google Play says the same thing. Waste of time.

  7. Lucas Ray Post author

    سیستم کاربردی و آینده داری است

  8. John Cena Post author

    not even through google goggles does "google+" look like a good idea.

  9. abo ahmd Post author

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  12. STLCODPS3123 Post author

    looks pretty cool. but those voices are so goddamn annoying

  13. Miguel Petersen Post author

    why are android store not a flat or metro design? 😛 everything is flat at google but not the android marked 😛 outsider

  14. thecs13yea Post author

    Free iPad Air giveaway on thecs13yea's channel 🙂

  15. Saiyanblue4 Post author

    Google leave YouTube alone, we should have the freedom if we want to sign with you guys like this is a free country first amendment hellllllloooooo 

  16. Alex S. Gabor Post author

    ThoughtWare is owned and licensed by the Infinite Freedom Foundations

  17. Dzinula Wiziowa Post author

    nie polubilismy tego, to jest wykorzystywane przez google naszego profilu!

  18. fabian arbol esteban Post author

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  19. Immersible Post author

    Anyone ever heard of Eden of the East?

    How much longer do you guys suppose it will be until we have access to that kind of tech?

  20. Shubishu Post author


  21. - Hannah is Drowning - Post author

    Do you have to take a photo or can it just be a photo from ur camera roll

  22. V3LDE Post author

    Lol i was searching for the virus goggle and found dis

  23. AX System Post author

    2009?!? And I never heard about this app before?!

  24. TronTech4real Post author

    1:34 Only took Almost 8 years to actually get to this point. 2017 Google Lens is the next generation of this software that will be able to do these things.

  25. Rajamanickam Antonimuthu Post author

    After 8 years, Google is taking it further by releasing Google Lens.

  26. Brian The Gamer Post author

    so this is what they called google images in 2009.

  27. Silvio Marano Post author

    "Google Goggles" is a good App but with many limits for this reason I have developed "Image Analysis Toolset" as more powerful and practical alternative for Android devices.

  28. Jordan Chaver Post author

    So, Google re-released Google Googles as Google Lens but only for Pixel users? Revolutionary…

  29. zippee playZ Post author

    Googles name comes from the number Googol lol.

  30. Rick OBrien Post author

    I hit the photo icon on my phone and it does NOTHING while on this app. No click, no image, no scanning…NOTHING !

  31. YeS! - Yellow Smiley Post author

    Nowadays it's Google Lens. So it isn't available in Czech Republic. 😠


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