Google Chrome Extension to Save Screenshot to Google Drive – Full Web Page Screen Capture (2019)

By | January 26, 2020

Welcome to Retail Outsource quick tips. In this video I am going to show you a quick and easy way to take screenshot and save to Google drive Go to Your Browser and click on Google Add-on And then go to Google Chrome Web Store on the extension search type in Save to Google Drive Once you type in you will find the extension with that name Add this to your extension and you can the extension popping up right about here Here we go Once it’s done. You can go to whichever web page you need the details from And for example I am going to type in some research that I need It has a list of items that I need to do And here we go I find it here It’s got a lot of numbers or lot of data that I have to pick it up and it’s a long list So what I am going to do now is I am going to go ahead and quickly click on the Save it on the Google extension just about here And once I do that it automatically scrolls up and down and saves it So you need to click on Create to save it to the Google Drive And that’s it You can go to your Google Drive here And on my Drive I can just search it down there to come across with the name Here it is. The second one I click on that and you can see how interestingly I have got the whole page without any flaws of windows over the desktop And in fact I have got all the data I can scroll up and down and see the data in the page in one single screen Google Drive gives you 15 GB of free space which you can use Alright that’s about it you can stay tuned for another tip and trick from Retail Outsource Thank you so much for watching

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