Google Assistant – What can it do in 2020?

By | February 20, 2020

If you just got a Google Assistant
device like a Nest Mini or a Nest Hub and are wondering what the heck do I
actually do with the Google Assistant? Or you just want to brush up on your Google
Assistant skills, this is the video for you. In this video I’m going to take you
through all of the core main features of the Google Assistant including music and
media playback, smart home controls, recipes, reminders, lists, and of course
search queries, just to name a few things. So let’s dive in. Now the Google
Assistant has been the piece of technology that has had the largest
impact on my life by far. Over the past 5 years I find myself
using it constantly on the various speakers around my home, on my pixel
phone, and even went on a run with my pixel buds. The main way you interact
with the Google Assistant is by using the Wake word, which I’m not going to do
now because I don’t want to trigger your Google Assistant while you’re watching
us at home. But just know that in all of the examples we have in this video, I will be
leaving out the Wake word. Alright, now let’s move on to our first feature of
the Google Assistant and that is music and media playback. The Google Assistant
can play your favorite music from a variety of music streaming services
including Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more. Once you
sync your music streaming service with your Google Assistant through the Google
Assistant app found on Android and iOS devices, you’re good to go. You can ask
Google on any Google Assistant device to play a song, play an artist, a playlist in
your music library, a radio station, etc. Now if you don’t know the artist or the
song title but you know a lyric from the song, if you’re using Google Play Music
or YouTube Music, you can ask Google to play that lyric and it will typically
figure out what song you’re trying to play. [Josh]”Play you need to calm down” [Google] “All right you need to calm down by taylor
swift here it is on Google Play Music.” If you have more than one Google Assistant
speaker device in your residence, you can group them together using speaker groups,
allowing you to play music on all of your speakers throughout your entire
home. [Josh] “Play artist Coldplay on all of Josh’s speakers.” [Google] “Alright,
Coldplay from Google Play Music.” Need to move music from one speaker or speaker
group to another? No problem. Google can do that. [Josh] “Move music to
Bedroom Max.” [Google} “Alright I’ll play it on Bedroom Max.”
The Google Assistant doesn’t just stop with music though, it can also play
podcasts through services like Google podcasts and Spotify, as well as it can
play movies and TV shows through cast devices. [Josh] “Play Rick and Morty on TV.” [Google} “OK,
Rick and Morty from Hulu, playing on TV.” [Josh] “Play the crown on Netflix on TV.” [Google] “Sure the
crown from Netflix playing on TV.” It can also play YouTube videos on smart
displays as well. [Google] “Playing Nest Hub Review six months later on YouTube.’ Next up,
let’s talk about controlling your smart home devices with the Google Assistant.
The Google Assistant can work with a variety of devices including smart
lights, thermostats, smart switches, robotic vacuum cleaners, home security
systems, TVs, and more. To add a smart device to your Google Assistant, you’ll
need to download the Google Home app and set up your smart devices through the
app. By doing this you’ll also link them to the Google Assistant and there’s a
place in the app to see all of the different services you can potentially
connect to the Google Assistant. You can automate your smart home devices and
your Google Assistant actions by using what are called Google Assistant
routines. Routines allow you to set triggers to complete different Google
Assistant actions, for example, you can turn on your Christmas lights by saying
a certain phrase, have your good morning routine come on at 8:00 a.m. every
morning, where the Google Assistant will adjust your lights, tell you the weather,
current traffic conditions, turn off your fan, and humidifier, and start playing
today’s news. One of the largest differentiators for the Google assistant
compared to other voice assistants out there is its search capabilities. Think
of it like the Google search bar in the form of an assistant. You can ask it a
wide variety of questions and for the most part it’s going to answer those
questions correctly. Here are a few examples:
[Josh] “How many Academy Awards has John Williams won?” [Google] “John Williams has five won Academy
Awards, they include the Academy Award for Best Original Music score for
Schindler’s List in 1994 and the Academy Award for Best Original Music score for
E.T. the Extra Terrestrial in 1983, among others. Let me know if you want me to
tell you more.” [Josh] “What’s the weather today in Raleigh?” [Google] “In Raleigh today, there’ll be
scattered thunderstorms with a forecasted high of 68 and a low of 57.”
[Josh] “What’s it look like for the rest of the week?” [Google] “Here’s the forecast for Raleigh.”
[Josh] “What are the main ingredients in Gingerbread?” [Google] “On the website
they say, flour is the main ingredient in
gingerbread cookies as in most cookies however ginger and molasses are
important ingredients as well as they contribute to the cookies unique taste.”
[Josh]”Does the Apple TV remote need batteries?” [Google] “On the website they
say, your Siri remote, or Apple TV remote, has a rechargeable battery not a
replaceable battery.” Moving on, let’s talk about alarms and timers with the Google
Assistant. Whether you have a Nest Mini, Nest Hub, Pixel device or other Google
Assistant device like the Lenovo Smart Clock, you can use the Google Assistant
to set alarms and timers. To set a timer just ask Google to set a timer for
however long you need the timer to be and then when the timer rings, just say
stop and the Google Assistant will stop the timer. [Josh] “Set a timer for 3 seconds.” [Google] “Ok 3
seconds, starting now”…[Josh] “Stop.” To set an alarm you can ask Google to set an alarm
for a specific time on a specific day, on weekends or weekdays, or specific
different days throughout week. There are a lot of options you
have with setting alarms with the Google Assistant and once the alarm goes off,
all you have to do is say stop and Google will stop the alarm. You can view
your alarm settings through the Google Home app or on some devices like the
Lenovo smart clock. Another great feature with the Google
Assistant is the ability to manage lists with your voice. This really comes in
handy for shopping lists specifically so when you’ve run out of your last avocado
or you’re running out of olive oil you can simply ask Google to [Josh] “Add avocados
and olive oil to my shopping list.” [Google] “Alright I added those two things.” You can
also create new lists as well as delete lists with the Google Assistant as well. [Josh]
“Create a new list called target run.” [Google] “Okay, starting a list called target run, what
do you want to add?” Your shopping list is a default list that will already exist
when you set up your Google Assistant for the first time. To see what’s on your
list simply ask Google [Josh] ‘What’s on my shopping list? [Google] “You have seven things on
that list, they are olive oil, avocados, olive oil, avocados, black beans, and two others.”
Another quick and useful assistant function is reminders. Google can remind
you to do something on a specific day, at a specific time, and you can even assign
a reminder to someone in your household like reminding your spouse to take out
the trash etc. Google will show you a white reminder dot on the Google
assistant speakers [Google] “I have a reminder for Josh.” and on Google Assistant displays
it’ll show you what the reminder is. Recipes are another popular feature with
the Google Assistant. Say you have some chicken but you don’t quite know how you
want to fix it yet, all you have to do is ask Google [Josh] “Show me some chicken recipes.”
[Google] “Okay here are some recipes.” You can select the recipe you want and get
cooking. The Google Assistant will guide you through all of the ingredients
needed for the recipe and guide you through each step. If you have a Google
Assistant smart display like the Nest Hub or Lenovo smart display, the
experience is a bit easier because you can actually read the
recipe on the display and browse through the list of recipe results. Next up, let’s
take a look at how to make phone calls with your Google Assistant devices. You
can set up this functionality in the Google Home app so that when your Google
device calls a number, the person answering will look at their phone and
see that it’s you that’s calling them and not some random number. You can also
sync your phone contacts with the Google Assistant to make it easier to call the
people you want. At the time of this recording, you still cannot take an
incoming phone call on a Google Assistant device, unless that device is
an Android phone. If you have a Google pixel phone, you can actually use the
Google Assistant to screen calls from people you may not know to see if the
call is legitimate. Playing the news is another useful feature of the Google
Assistant. You can select what sources you want Google to play from when you
ask it to play the news in the Google Assistant app, you can ask Google for a
specific news topic as well. [Josh] “Give me the latest news on Tesla.” [Google] “Here’s the latest
from CNBC, Tesla (TSLA) Q4 2019 – production and delivery numbers. Tesla said it
delivered approximately 367,500 vehicles last year, an impressive 50% increase from 2018 and in line
with Musk’s forecasts. “On Google Assistant displays, the Google Assistant
can also play your news videos as well. Next up, let’s talk about photos. You can
use the Google Assistant to search for specific types of photos on your Google
Assistant smart displays as well as your mobile devices. [Josh] “Show me photos of tabby
cats.” [Google] “Showing your photos of tabby cats.” More impressive though is the Google
Assistants integration with your Google Photos account. If you have Google Photos
you can ask the Google Assistant to show you photos from say last Christmas, show
you photos of a specific person or pet you’ve named in Google Photos and it’ll
even show you photos of a place you took a picture of. Alright, well I know that
was a lot of information and the truth is we barely scratched the surface to
everything the Google Assistant can do. So if you want to learn more about what
the Google Assistant can do you’ve got a few options. One, make sure you’re
subscribed to this channel. We do Google Assistant feature update videos
throughout the year we typically release them about once a month or so so if
you’re subscribed to the channel, you’ll never miss out on one of those. Number
two, follow Google’s blog called The Keyword. Sometimes they’ll announce major
Google Assistant feature updates on their blog and number three, and one of
my favorite ways to figure out what’s new with Google is by simply asking the
Google Assistant [Josh] “What can you do?” [Google] “You can say define abracadabra or play google
play music on bedside display.” Well that does it for our overview of the Google
Assistant, I hope you found this video helpful, if you like this video, make
sure to give us a thumbs up below and subscribe to the channel to see more
Google Assistant and Google Assistant device related videos like this one. For
6 Months Later, I’m Josh Teder, thanks for watching.

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