Google Analytics Tools: Chrome | Lesson 22

By | August 28, 2019

Now the second tool that we will use
utilize a lot is a browser. You need a browser to test your website and also
see the information coming in Google Analytics. Now there are different
browsers out there as you might be aware there’s Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer,
Safari. I would recommend Chrome and it’s more of a personal choice. The second
choice would be probably Firefox. The other browsers are a little bit more
limited in the extension functionality, installing plugins which is one big
feature of Chrome and Firefox so I would urge you to use Chrome or Firefox. Now
chrome is also a Google tool made by Google so it perfectly works together
with certain features that i will present in the next chapters. So my
recommendation tree is to use Chrome. Now let’s go through some of the advantages
you might find these advantages also in other browsers. But in this course I will
purely use Chrome. First advantage is that you can install extensions. So there
is an extension store and we’ll go through the plug-ins that you need to
install in the next videos. But it’s safe to say you can extend your Chrome and
your capabilities of your browser to better serve the purpose of testing
Google Analytics. Second big feature here in Chrome is the development tool bar. So
you can access that by going to your view and then opening it up in the
browser which will give you this panel down here you can do a lot of different
things. I would encourage you to either try it out or do load it on of a course
on it there is a great course by Code School which is free which will take you
through all the different features. What we will use mostly here is this DOM Element View and the Console View and we’ll come to this in a second. But it’s
safe to say the developer tools that you get with Google Chrome are very powerful
and we can perfectly use them to check our Google
Analytics installation. Now the second advantage which is really big when you
are testing websites and look if the implementation of Google Analytics is
done correctly is the Incognito browser mode. So if you go to file and open up a
new Incognito window, this will give you a clean slate so to say of your browser
view. So you can really simulate a new user coming to the page without any
caching and without any cookies that might be stored on the page. And once you
close it and go back to your normal window it will won’t retain all these
cookies and the cache that has been in there so you can just open up a new one
and can simulate a new user. And going back to the advantages the third big
advantage for me in Google Chrome is the user functionality. So up here you can
click a button even in the menu bar you’ll find people and there you can put
in different profiles of your Chrome browser. Now why is this useful? If you
have worked with Google products you might know that it is a little bit
tedious to login or logout from an account. And if you have for example to
clients Google Analytics account on a different Google Analytics user, you need
to switch them very often. And what I do is just make a personas for my different
purposes and input them as people within my browser. So I have all these different
profiles that I use for my daily work and once I click on a browser here, it
will open up this browser for with different plug-ins installed so it is a
new set of browser basically which can be really useful and if you want to
go into Google Analytics later and you find that you are already logged in with
the appropriate new username. So that’s it with the features of Chrome. Obviously you might have some of these capabilities in other browsers and I
would urge you to try it out. I can just say that a lot of people out there who
are working with Google Analytics are using Chrome or Firefox. And now let’s
talk about all the features that you get when you want to extend your browser and
which plug-ins are particularly helpful for us.

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  1. Ayu Fahrunnisa Post author

    give me a tutorial event tracking GTM with area / block / column page?

  2. Alex Labanino Post author

    Excellent tip about creating personas in your browser. Never thought about that! Thanks.


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