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By | August 15, 2019

hey guys this is pankaj from Ganpati Zone
and in this video we are going to discuss about google adwords local
business for local business we are going to discuss google adwords you might be
using the services for your local business google adwords and must be
targeting area somewhere around a few kilometers from your organization but
sometimes what happens you are not able to achieve that much return over
investment because within that target area the inquiries are much less as
compared to your country or international level so what are the
things which you should take care of if you are advertising in a local area with
Google AdWords your strategy should be such that if in a local area if there is
any competitor you have to just find out what strategy they are using and just
try to compete them but how to do that thing it’s very very very not easy so
the companies like us or if you do little bit of research you will be able
to know what to do so in this video I’m going to tell you I’m going to share
with you some of the few points which if you take care so your return over
investment in the local business can increase so the first point is the cost
per click the cost per click what should be the cost per click for your product
or service for your local area you have to do some research and just try some
figures and what type of keywords are you using the phrase match exact match
modifiers and just try to manually bid for the local area sometimes you might
not receive as much inquiries which you require for your business and
the budget for the day will also not expire so in that case you will have to
just figure out the various situations like your impressions on the desktop and
the mobile devices you have to increase some percentage and the percentage for
the mobile devices should be higher than the desktop or because a lot of searches a
lot of local searches are done on the mobile devices these days and you should
accelerate the your ads it should not be seen occasionally but it should be in
accelerated mode because it’s local area few searches and you want to finish
your budget so that you should be ahead of your competitors and should always be
on the top of the search results so you should use the accelerated mode too for
your ads delivery and the bid strategy which you should use should always
always been on the top of the page if you are seen on the top of the page
always chances are that you get more inquiries in your local area than your
competitors and definitely your business will be boosted other things which are
really important for Google AdWords for the local area is that try to use
remarketing strategy along with the just your banners on the locals the sites in
your area where some of the sites which are really important for the local area
of your business you should promote your products on them
also if you use this type of strategy in your local area definitely your business
will be boosted to improve so if you have any concerns suggestions or
whatever you just write on the comments or send us at [email protected] you are most welcome to give us a call
always will be ready there for you with new posting new new videos because
getting there are lot of positive responses via email and messages so
definitely Ganpati Zone at your service

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