Google Ads Measuring Brand Awareness

By | November 14, 2019

One goal of creating your Google ads
campaign is to raise brand awareness and visibility of your company products or
services. Hello I’m Uzair and thanks for joining
in. To achieve this you can create a campaign using the brand awareness and
reach goal to increase the traffic to your site or online shop and to tempt
customers to engage with your brand. After setting up your Google Ads
campaign, there are some important metrics that you should monitor to know
how your ads are performing and whether any adjustments need to be made Impressions you should track: Impressions –
in any campaign whatever the initial objective, but it is especially important
in brand awareness campaigns, this metric will tell you how many people have
actually seen your ad whether or not they bought from you. You can prioritize
impressions by creating a cost per thousand impressions campaign which
means that you will pay for the number of impressions that you ad received
rather than the number of clicks. Customer Engagement: If branding is your goal you can use the click-through rate to monitor the engagement of your
customers for search network ads. Conversions: these can help you to see
whether your ads are increasing brand awareness in a way that is leading to
conversions such as email signups or blog post views
reach and frequency reach will tell you the number of visitors that have seen
the ad and the frequency gives you the average number of times that a visitor
has viewed your ad over a set time period. Hope you like this video, thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing
you in the next video.

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