GMB SEO – How To Get Multiple Google My Business Listings

By | February 2, 2020

Hello my name is chris palmer and in today’s
video I will teach you how to get multiple google my business location listings verified not only will I teach you how to get multiple google my business listings but we will cover
how to get those GMB verified for your business. So In this video I will discuss two local
SEO techniques to get multiple google my business listings verified this is a update to my previous
video on how to get multiple google my business listings verified multiple google my business
listings verified so this will be the update to that GMB SEO local SEO video and we will
cover two new methods that are working and I want to share them with you. how to get multiple google my business listing verified for google my business local seo 2020 gmb google my business seo video to help your business get more gmb listings So Google my business like in the last video
the virtual office technique is still a good local seo method however because of the barrier of entry because anyone who has enough money can create multiple listings how easy it is for this method to work for your business to do. but they are harder to implement before I go into the GMB SEO methods you will need a phone for verification or a virtual number that accepts text messages my favorite is a virtual phone number that way you can use it for each of your locations or for your employees but it has to be forward or have sms enabled so you can get the calls as the business owner but this is affordable business expense with that out of the way lets get into these two new local seo methods for getting verifications Ok so to give you the tactics step by step to move to other ways to get GMB’s verified
depending on the location but these local SEO gmb methods
are a little harder for you to implement . But before I jump into
the methods to get verification I want to tell you
this you will need two things to get started with this

13 thoughts on “GMB SEO – How To Get Multiple Google My Business Listings

  1. CHRIS PALMER SEO Post author

    Have any questions please be sure to leave them here , I am happy to answer

  2. Amal Post author

    Brother I have a doubt if I move my business to another place does all the reviews stays after verification or do I have to get reviews again from the start?(btw I have Photography studio)

  3. Luz Moss Post author

    How are you getting people from areas you want to have your business listed? Just hope someone calls eventually from that town?

  4. CHRIS PALMER SEO Post author

    STAY UNTIL THE END THERE are multiple methods in this video.

  5. Bricklayer Team Post author

    Great video Chris !! would it be possible for you to help me out with Facebook market place. I can’t seem to get any success. Gift card listings get suspended. Can you possibly help me out with a plan items etc. I am based in the uk

  6. beni jakobson Post author

    Hello Chris

    Who can help me write a ad that I need multiple people to give me the code in the postcard ?

  7. Jordan Amit Post author

    once you hire someone though, how do you pitch to them the request of using their address for your business?

  8. Zanet Post author

    hi Chris
    I'm also an expert in GMB
    it's an interesting idea but
    isn't this breaking Google's policies
    and ultimately google will work against this long term?

  9. hughey vito Post author

    Can you make more videos like these? It's very tough still but good content here

  10. Tony Ybarra Post author

    Hey Chris, I run my business out of my home so I want to use a virtual office as my primary address because it looks much more professional and until I can get my revenue up I can't afford to lease a space. Will Google ban my site for using a virtual office ?

  11. Leon Hugh Post author

    How would you name the category of a roadside assistance business in google my business? I did not see a more viable option except road safety town and car service. any comments or recommendation is welcome.


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