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By | August 23, 2019

James Schramko here from
Today I want to talk about how you can get twice the impact from your videos, and I’m
going to show you some specific results from this site,, and how
the results are working for me and how you can apply it for you. Okay, so a little while back I switched my
videos over to Wistia. Wistia makes beautiful videos, it’s what I use to play videos on
my websites. Now here’s the thing: they have a really good SEO feature, and if you take
the time to fill it out, you’ll start to get tremendous SEO results. I’m going to show you, right now, some of
the results that I’ve been getting from using Wistia videos on my site. You’ll be able to
see thumbnails indexed in Google search results for specific phrases that usually tie in with
my subject titles and page descriptions. And the best thing is, when people find them in
the results, they are certainly more likely to click a thumbnail picture than just a standard
text listing, plus it takes people straight to my site. Instead of being a YouTube video
and going to YouTube, it’s coming to my website. So I’m starting to see a tremendous SEO impact
because I switched to Wistia for my players. Now does that mean you shouldn’t load to YouTube?
No. Load your videos to YouTube as well, because YouTube will still send out newsletters to
subscribers, asking them to go and have a look at your videos. So some of my listeners
have sent me a video suggestion that YouTube have sent them in their emails. So YouTube
are marketing on my behalf, driving people to my YouTube channel. Now the thing is, when you put your video
to YouTube, and when you put it to your site, give it a different name. Now you can double-dip.
Now you might actually pull up a search result for the same video but under different search
phrases so you’re effectively casting your net broader. So my tip for today, my action suggestion,
is use Wistia videos on your website, and use the SEO function, because you will get
more search traffic to your website for just doing that step. I hope you’ve enjoyed this, be sure to comment
below. I’m James Schramko and you’re watching

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