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By | October 9, 2019

in this video you’ll learn how to rank for your YouTube videos as soon as you post them & get more YouTube views. Let me show you how I got this new video ranked within the first day of posting it the trick is with not only just using the tags but also knowing which tags will get you ranked versus which ones will put you somewhere at the end of you know page 15 so this is how I do my keyword research for YouTube to make sure that my videos are getting seen and watched I’m showing you how I use to buddy you can get your own through my affiliate link at – buddy calm /youtube SEO one word so I’ve already spent some time on this it’s a Google for nonprofits video and at first I filled in a ton of keywords and I thought I was good to go and I didn’t realize what these little green boxes means those green boxes mean that before I’m showing up as far as my rankings for that keyword so we can go ahead and take a look right here we should be able to do that copy that keyword open a new window go to youtube you’ll see all the videos that my kiddo likes to watch probably he’s obsessed so go ahead and search this and I should show up somewhere on this page so there’s mine okay sorry I’m right there two three four or five six number six on this page so the video I just put up a day ago so that’s pretty good um yeah so let me take you through that process and show you how I’m looking through it so I could just go ahead and make it taste adjust and see what tags are suggested for me I’m only going to do this so I can show you what not to do so Google Grants thought sounds like a good one and let me go ahead and into that tag and close it and then save the changes and refresh it does take a couple seconds sometimes a little bit longer so you see there’s no number next to my Google grants so that means I’m not even linking for that so a lot of times we spend time doing research and putting in keywords or tags that we think are going to be really good and really they’re not let’s see if we can tweak this a little bit and come up with something that might be worth using so I change it to Google’s grants it’s bad so basically there’s not very many people searching for it and there’s quite a bit of competition for it so we won’t use that let’s see Google’s ad grant but not a lot of search volume but the competition’s pre-load too so let’s go ahead and I don’t think I’ve already used that one let’s see it save the changes it’s not coming up at all so we don’t want to polish it’s a wasted keyword I’m going to go back up here Google grants nonprofits application process so maybe I’m going to try application process so yeah think about who your searcher is so somebody that’s in a non-profit they’re probably going to be a little bit more proper than somebody that might be in tech so application process for Google tramps let’s see do my search volume is pretty decent there and then there’s not a lot of competition so fingers crossed we’ll be able to rank for that one let’s see yep we were able to rank for it so I’m going to go ahead and sort and auto sort of me so it took me probably a good hour of going through and doing different variations of my keywords for my tags that you climb them keywords my tags to come up with some that I like so I might spend a little bit more time and see if I can get one more in there let’s see and that’s how easy it is so go ahead and if you’re liking this video please give it a thumbs up if you want more trainings like this be sure to subscribe and you can either go over to to buddy calm /youtube SEO or go ahead and follow through the rest of the video I just go through and show you some more of my thought process so this might spark some more interesting opportunities for you I’m going to get out to ideally I’d love to be in the top 10 so that I’m being seen the application process for Google grant let’s say nonprofit oops one oh I didn’t Oh see that’s another decent one as adducing the amount of search compared to the other words I’m using this isn’t like a big item that a lot of people are going for hope I went too high let’s see I’m going to copy this once it’s in number 14 in the list so I’m going to copy that one and see if maybe I can wrinkle the higher for this one so I saved it a refreshed it looks like a ring and I think this is the one right here that we went for so here’s what’s fun I’m going to go ahead and copy that and I’ll do it incognito window make sure it still works so YouTube’s not signed in you know it happens when I do this application process for Google nonprofit grants let’s see if I come up on this page too right there instantly I’m coming up for that keyword so this is a pretty cool tool once again you can get it at 2:00 buddy calm and it’s pretty affordable I think it’s around ten dollars a month it might even be cheaper than that or it might be a little bit more depending on the package that you sign up for but it’s totally worth it if you’re doing YouTube videos you might as well spend a little bit of time and actually be found right versus just putting it YouTube videos out there and hope to god that somebody shares it in backlinks to you have it be part of your strategy so once again if you’d like to use my affiliate link it will not cost you any more it’s just a way to help me fund what I’m doing here which is providing the best free that training to you that I possibly can select to buddy calm /youtube SEO if you’d like to buy it out through my affiliate link I would appreciate it greatly so I might spend a little bit more time here and see if I can get some of my fees to you know take these words out and actually get into the top ten with all my keywords and you know hopefully I do make sure if you appreciate this video if it’s helped you at all give it a like and if you want more training go ahead and subscribe to the channel and if you have anything specific that you would like me to train on or you’d like to see a video on my email is melissa at melissa sue tucker dot-com so i hope this helps you Oh another thing that you might want to do if I shouldn’t click my tongue another thing that you can do when you’re going through yours just change up the words a little bit change them around how might somebody actually search so that’s kind of little so what about if we go back in and do that one and just say what is the application process so people are searching for that and I don’t have a lot of competition just try that one and see what happens up I’m over that’s okay I’m going to take that one out I need to take another one out and I like to keep my notepad open again through the other things I’ve been working on today I like to keep a notepad open so that way I can save the things that I need to save all right let’s take the changes there do a half berea the range for all of them I don’t know if it matters to do the sort I like it I think it looks kind of fun to do it like that so I’m really happy with that I might be able to come up with another one let’s see this is an application process see with Google that’s a good one okay probably going to 591 okay so I’m going to take this one out and put it on my – there’s not very many people even searching for that once and okay removing that one especially if I can link for this other one where there’s more people searching I forgot to refresh oh there’s a ga doing a golf tournament in that one in Arizona is your goal for you can definitely come what would be awesome see what happens here yes we ranked for all of them oh my gosh I’m so excited okay so let’s go I’m just going to keep going and I’m going to get better and better and better so this is just one thing that this that – buddy offers and it’s way cool and I shows you guys tell you instantly rang here instantly showing up in the order or in the search there’s so much to this tool that I haven’t even gotten involved with I know you can create custom thumbnails and it helps you you can set like your defaults for your uploads there’s things that you can do here with your annotation and I mean just oh this is cool – so you’re advanced embed you can tell it what you want it to look like you can customize the size you can start where you want the video to play from autoplay all the stuff that you can do and then just go ahead and bed that on your website versus just having the one the one option so I definitely recommend this tool I’m in love with it and obsessed with it right now and they think that if you’re making YouTube videos you like why wouldn’t you want to why wouldn’t you want to have a toy so that you’re using because I wanted what is that what do I have left here oh I’m so close okay let’s go through and just see what I’m looking for so like this one’s a good one it comes up at 78 out of 100 but there’s not that many people searching for it so that’s that one let’s do this one this one’s better I’m happy with that one I’m happy with that one happy with that one I think mostly isn’t pretty happy with I think I’m going to get rid of that last one and do something about like how long okay see okay so we’re going to copy it and delete it I was have to development a long time okay so I’m going to go to the floor and how long does it take to get Google grants let’s do a dot does because it takes four to six weeks so I think up how long does it take to that approved for Google glass not really okay how long does it take to get approval it’s better how long does Google right so you just have to play with stuff and you think sometimes when I start doing my keyword research I want to be very property obviously people think it’s thought of it but that’s not necessarily how people type how long does the Google grant process okay does Google’s grant process take so people obviously aren’t concerned with how long things just not even worried about that was Quebec up here what is the application process for Google nonprofit you know there’s another thing called techsoup’s how do I get TechSoup this may be something a little bit better or some people are with kids as many suggestions musicians how to Texas authorization authentication which in the Texas edition ha that’s what they’re saying young one so better people are looking which is the application class for you I guess I spilled the right below deal right don’t too bad people are at least searching for it put on there for now even see if it comes off you okay so what about what do I need to apply what I need for google run you can be searching for that what documentation do I need so is probably an easier faster way to do that so I’m happy with that people are actually what document do you need hmm and I like that okay what documentation time you for those grants okay is needed for – I Google grant so that’s that good well class that’s good see if I can up put an s appended Google’s hey what comes up and I just I wouldn’t use all in all right let’s try this over I like that one too Google’s grabs documentation sniffing into somewhere let’s see if I rank and that smell for that one as you can happy with what we have here I’m just going to go ahead and save it and go through here and go to youtube and just make sure that they’re all right there so what I like about this this guy this guy this person’s been up for two months that video and they’ve had a lot more views than me these people have been up for two years that’s TechSoup for Canada TechSoup is the company that you go through and you get your authorization for so I’m right underneath em which is really cool and the thing is I’m not even trying to make any money off that video I did that for something else all together but I think it’s so cool how you can rank instantly on YouTube so that’s what I think I’ll call my video I should probably get rid of the Victoria’s Secret thing okay thanks so much for watching all the way to the end of this video my name is Melissa Sue Tucker and if you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up make sure you subscribe for more of these trainings and don’t forget to get your tube buddy calm for /youtube SEO tool if you’d like to use my affiliate link once again that won’t cost you anything extra however I will get paid a little bit so that’ll help offset the cost of making these videos if there’s something specific that I can make for you let me know I would be happy to feel free to share this video with your friends

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