Generate qualified leads from your website traffic

By | March 6, 2020

Hi I’m Keenan for On your dashboard you’ll see the companies that visited your profile on the left and
on the right you can get more information about them, like their
website, their LinkedIn, their location as well as company phone number. Here we
direct ourselves to their company LinkedIn profile. Once we get there we’re
gonna see all employees on LinkedIn. What we could do here is pretty cool ,we can
filter our search by typing into the title, their name, and even find them by
location. What we’ll do here is search for someone in marketing. Then, we’ll go
to find them in… let’s say the United Kingdom. So here we have three candidates
What you can do now is pair with is a free
Google Chrome extension tool that allows you to identify and capture emails
directly off of LinkedIn. So once you download the extension you select the
people that you’d like to find and save their email addresses from and once
that’s all set you go to the list created on your profile. So now you
have identified warm leads and captured their email contacts with the perfect
recipe of

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