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By | August 25, 2019

We’re on the Dashboard page of the
general settings of Yoast SEO. The Dashboard page has two sections that are really
important. First of all there is the option to go into the configuration
wizard. If you have never set up Yoast SEO before, this is where you go in. You
answer a bunch of questions that we ask you about your site and based on that we
will determine the right configuration of Yoast SEO for you. It’s really as
easy as going into it and saying I’m going to configure Yoast SEO myself
and then answering each of those questions. The questions range from
whether you’re on a live site or on a development site; two things about what
type of site you are and whether you have different content types.
It really is fairly easy to follow through with it
and you should do that as often as you think is necessary. Changes will be saved
so if you go into the configuration wizard and only come half way through
then you can go on after that the next time. Also if you reopen the
configuration wizard later on, the settings will still be there. The other
feature on the Dashboard are these two blocks that show you problems and
notifications about your site. These are problems we have detected and that can
really impact your SEO. It’s as easy as reading them, following the instructions
and then fixing whatever issue we’ve detected. If you think that we’re wrong
or that you really can’t do anything about this issue at this time, you can
mute the notification and the numbers here and here will go down. Please do pay
attention to these problems and notifications. We don’t give them for no
reason whatsoever; they really can affect how your site performs in the search

2 thoughts on “General – Dashboard – Yoast SEO for WordPress training

  1. Rasedul Islam Post author

    Hello Sir ,
    My Yoast SEO Plugin Not working on Google Search Page.
    After Yoast SEO Plugin Not working searching in Google Page Sir..

    Can you give me what can I do right now sir plz?

  2. Steve Quayle Archive Post author

    to many error messages and no where to report it so that's how easy it is!! SQ admin


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