GAT Shield: How to Block Discord

By | January 24, 2020

With GAT Shield popular messaging apps like Discord can be blocked during school hours. To do this we need to navigate to the URL Access control section of GAT Shield. Now just select Add a URL Category. Here you can give your category a name, for this example I’ll name this category “Discord messaging app” I’ll make it a blacklist Add a description and then add the URL for the discord app. Note: You do not require the HTTP prefix when typing the URL. Now Save the new category and scroll down and find your newly made category. Once found select the arrow to activate it.
Make sure Block is selected in the URL Access Action. You also have a choice to redirect the users to a different webpage should they attempt to access Discord.
You can also display a warning message on the user’s screen, this is optional and not required. With the time restriction setting you can set specific times for this rule to be active, for example, I can block access to discord between 7:30am and 2pm. This way I can make sure students are only using the app outside of school I can then select specific users I wish this rule to apply to or an OU. The chrome devices only button only applies this rule to ChromeOS devices like Chromebooks. In this example I’ll only be adding myself as a user. Once saved the rule will be applied. You can view all the users who attempted to view Discord by going to the URL Access Events section and creating filter with the same URL as before. Should you need it you can export this data to spreadsheet using the Export Data button. Don’t forget to
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