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By | August 26, 2019

So here we are at Montague Harbour, government dock, and it’s where we meet our water taxi. What a beautiful day here. Now we’re going to Wise Island, Last year, or last week, we were just across here. I’m not sure what island that’s called, but that could be Wise Island as well. We’ll find out. We get a lot of miles on our vacuum cleaner. There’s Roland, bringing it down the government dock at Montague Harbour. because we’re going to one of the smaller islands, to do a chimney inspection and sweep. It’s a beautiful spot, this. Hello Roland. Nice morning, eh? Beautiful. How do you like that vacuum? Great. Man of many words? Here’s our ride, coming to pick us up, water taxi. Shell Beach, yeah. Shell Beach on Montague Harbour (Indistinct speech.) So we’re doing a little job on Wise Island here, and it’s, this is the road. Everything comes in and out on this little pathway. No vehicles whatsoever. That’s quite nice. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

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