Galaxy Note10: Official Introduction

By | December 14, 2019

Note has always been the phone for people looking to get the most out of a phone. Today, we’re taking Note further. Say hi to Galaxy Note10 and 10+. S Pen turns writing to text, lets you share thoughts instantly and with Bluetooth, becomes your remote control. Inside Note10, S Pen continuously charges, and with a 6-axis Gyro Sensor, offers touch-free gesture control. Our groundbreaking multi-camera system, hasn’t just brought movie technology to mobile, it’s made it ridiculously simple to use. For the first time, Live Focus brings special effects to video. Our DepthVision Camera means you can adjust the blur and your videos will look just as amazing as your photos. And to make hi-motion video every bit as epic, we’ve introduced advanced Super Steady technology that takes away the shakes at the touch of a button. The result? A super smooth video, every time. With S Pen and video editor, you can edit your videos, with the precision of a professional movie editor. Note10 takes memory to new levels with storage expandable up to 1TB. That’s laptop storage without the laptop. Our powerful 7nm processor and 12GB RAM combine with our HyperFast 5G chip. So you can download files, live game, and stream content at unbelievable speeds anywhere. Cutting-edge battery intelligence ensures our 4300mAh battery outlasts your day. And if you need a boost, Super Fast Charging gives you all day power from a 30min charge. Why carry a computer? With just a single USB cable you can plug into your PC or Mac and Samsung DeX will give you a seamless desktop like experience. At the same time, what’s your business will always remain your business thanks to our proprietary next level security security baked in at every level to protect what’s yours. And your recent files will sync to Desktop thanks to our new Microsoft partnership. Link to Windows gives you PC-mobile continuity, so your computer recognizes Note10, providing instant access to your mobile content, via Desktop. While the revolutionized Android interface, simplifies your on-screen experience. And with a single voice prompt Bixby AI will perform lists of tasks, automatically changing settings for you. Note’s screen has always led the way. Note’s Dynamic AMOLED display cuts harmful blue-light by 40% without distorting color. Composed of organic pixel materials to lessen eyestrain, it will never be your screen that keeps you up at night. With Galaxy Note we haven’t just made a new smartphone. Introducing next-level power Galaxy Note10 and 10+.

26 thoughts on “Galaxy Note10: Official Introduction


    It's a very bad mobile phone when the music is playing, the speakers get too hot in there, which is very difficult to hold. Mobile Samsung Galaxy A70 Ram 8GB

  2. Jaskirat Singh Takhar Post author

    First phone i think is better design than iPhone

  3. A7llaman Post author

    I have note 10 … One of the best laggy phone on the planet ..

  4. Ernest Tan Post author

    At 1 Min 34 secs, It states that Samsung 10 takes memory up to new level with storage expandable to 1 terra byte. Its not true at all as I bought a Note 10 and IT DOES NOT HAVE A SD CARD SLOT. So where do I get the memory expansion?? Disappointed about the misinformation of this video.

  5. King • POLOSKI Post author

    My Phone now IPhone 6 Plus
    And i will buy Samsung Note 10+

  6. Tanthien Nguyen Post author

    Ich mache ein Prognose für 2020…..Mit Vernügen……..

  7. Muhammad Dzikri Rizaldi Post author

    why Samsung doesn't do design projects for gaming type smartphones like ASUS ROG and BLACKSHARK

  8. Ben Beach Post author

    All of y’all are a bunch of Samsung but kissers, that are just going to this intro to make yourself feel better about not having an iPhone. And yes, I used to have this phone, the note 10 plus. But I switched to iPhone

  9. Ez_ s Post author

    Samsung Galaxy Space Notebook Flip 18 Wide
    Iphone 11 XSRMTSR Ultra Pro Max 19 Lite V. 2


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