G-Star 2018 showcases future of gaming industry

By | August 8, 2019

the largest global gaming convention in
the nation is under way at the bexco Convention Center in Pusan the event
provides a glimpse of the future by showcasing the latest developments in
the industry suburban takes us to G star 2018 the G
star 2018 gaming convention opened in Busan on Thursday the 10th year it has
been held in the city under the slogan the games be stars the event gives
gamers and game developers an invaluable opportunity to experience global trends
such as mobile games and VR and gives developers a venue to launch new games
with more than 2,800 game booth and with over 600 game companies taking part this
year’s event is the largest in its 14-year history I came here to enjoy the
show and this is my first time wearing a costume but it’s really fun I now
understand why people enjoy cosplay I came here to have fun
but it’s kind of disappointing because if companies like Blizzard were still
part of the show not only mobile platform users but also PC users could
enjoy the game industry Nixon one of the leading game companies in Korea is
grabbing attention at G star 2018 by showing 18 new games expected to be
released next year in global games company Epic Games is one of the main
sponsors of this year’s event increasing the global awareness of G star 2018 Epic
Games also showcased its hugely successful game fortnight to local
gamers in Korea I thought it was a really difficult game at first but after
experiencing here it seems like an easy game once you get used to it the game
itself is cute so it seems fun and easy for girls to enjoy as well even gaming businesses plenty of
networking opportunities and allowing the rest of us to discover the latest
gaming trends trouble bein and in our news Busan

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