Funnel Stacking – The 3 Funnels That Have Made Millions & How They Work

By | August 12, 2019

Miles here… This video
is all about “Funnel Stacking”. Specifically, you’re going to learn about the three funnels
that I’ve used to generate multiple millions of dollars online. And more importantly, you’re
going to learn how these funnels work together because they’re stacked in a specific order
for a very specific reason. Each one has a job. You’re gonna learn what that job is.
You’re going to learn how and why they’re interrelated together. And ultimately you’re
going to understand what’s required for you to create a funnel or a series of funnels
that can generate millions of dollars online. So funnel stacking in its simplest form is
the idea that every prospect who comes into our world goes through a specific series of
funnels in a specific order. They, for me, it’s three, and they go through the first
funnel, first, the second funnel, then the third, right? They see them in order, they’re
stacked on top of each other. Now, the goal of each step in the funnel or
each funnel within the funnel is different. So the first step is to essentially turn a
new visitor, turn a lead, or turn to someone who has never purchased before into a buyer.
Okay? So that’s the first step. And I do this generally with my oto funnel or my self liquidating
offer funnel and how this one works is someone ops in. And then on the thank you page, they
see an extremely special offer. And I’m constantly testing this offer. I’ve tested everything
from as low as a $7 product all the way up to a $97 product. Right now I’m running it
on a $27 product, but I’m always testing new products and new price points in that area.
And then those who purchase, they get offered a second product and that is a one click upsell
and that’s the first funnel complete, right? So it’s an opt in, then it’s a onetime offer
and it’s a one click upsell. And the whole goal of that funnel is just to help me create
new customers. So I’m monitoring consistently what’s my conversion rate on that? And I’m
monitoring was my EPC, what am I earnings per click. And my whole goal is to be able
to put $1,000 in Facebook ads into this funnel and ultimately get $1,000 out. I’m not trying
to make my money off of this front end funnel. That’s why it’s called a self liquidating
offer, is just designed to liquidate my expense, my ad expense, and turn it back into revenue
so I can be break even. Because if I can put in $1,000 today and get out $1,000 today,
I can put that same thousand dollars back into Facebook ads tomorrow and continue to
turn that same thousand dollars. The result is a growing customer list and a very large
and growing prospect list. So that’s the first funnel. The second funnel
is a high ticket funnel. Now are high ticket funnels in our space aren’t actually as high
ticket as a lot of internet marketing spaces. Um, our most expensive products are $250 and
$600 and these are designed to help our most ambitious customer segments. Get everything
because out of your group of audience members, out of my group on this miles back their channel,
there is a segment of people who want everything. They believe in the idea of um, that even
if they get one or two great ideas, they’re going to have a competitive advantage over
everyone else. So they’re always willing to invest in themselves. They’re willing to invest
in further education and they want the best of the best. So we have a high ticket funnel
that is designed to cater to these individuals. Now is generally a smaller conversion rate,
but since it’s got more money in it, more profit in it, therefore it really changes
the numbers. Okay. So if hundreds of people purchase that
front end funnel and all of that money is going back into ads and a few people purchase
out of the high ticket funnel, that can be the difference between making $0 million profit
in a day and $1,500 profit in a day. And that’s a big difference. And both of these guns are
very, very different purposes. Then we have our third funnel, which is the membership
funnel. And this is designed to create both recurring income and also it does have a high
ticket component because we offer an annual upsell in that so it can generate a $37 per
month customer, but it can also generate about a $200 annual customer and they’re getting
access to things that we publish throughout the year. We’ve been on this publishing schedule
for these members for about five or six years, so the workload for us is the same but the
more members we bring on, the more revenue we are able to get and this is longterm revenue,
right? This is consistent revenue. The recurring
re recurring or residual income model is great because this is the kind of revenue and kind
of income for you as a business owner that you can really, you know, pay for mortgages
on, you could pay down debt on, it’s consistent, you can count on it versus having a funnel
where you do a launch and then your launch is over and then you have to do another launch
to liquidate income. That is membership funnel kind of runs in more of a up slowly growing.
But consistently compounding revenue stream that as you have a hundred people, then you
get to a thousand members, you’re not making $37,000 per month and it takes about 2,500
members or so at $37 a month to have $1 million a year recurring revenue. And that’s a great
goal to be after. And then the question is, you know, what are they willing to invest
in on a monthly basis? And your big question as a membership site
owner is how do I reduce churn? How do I keep people on for longer? What do I need to deliver
and how do I need to deliver it? And what kind of engagement do they need to stick around
for long periods of time? Because that’s where you can really boost your lifetime value.
We’ve had some members with us for many, many, many years. They loved the content we put
out. They love the interaction they get with Melanie and it creates a really positive experience
and that group of members together are able to help us create a, you know, a very valuable
income stream that allows us per pay for mortgages and pay retirement accounts and really just
to be 100% committed to the members and committed to the business committed to kind of always
growing ourselves to share more positive income and more positive information. Uh, this is the same with my content and conversion
membership. You know, it allows me to not need to think about monetizing these youtube
videos and allows me to really go deeper with individuals to help them really grow their
businesses beyond what you’re able to consume in a one way kind of broadcast through these
youtube videos. It creates more of a dialogue where I’m able to engage in dialogue with
individuals to help them kind of apply this to their world. So that’s it. That’s the funnel
stacking idea. Now there is a way to kind of condense all of this down into one funnel
and that would be the membership funnel. Now I’ve done a video on the membership funnel.
I’ve got a blog post that details this very, very specifically the link, so that will be
in the description. Ultimately it starts with a dollar trial and that dollar trial allows
you to have a low ticket offer. That’s the easy entry point, right, is just
a dollar. It’s a very easy offer to say yes to when the deliverables are something they
actually value. Okay. Then it has the $37 per month or whatever you you deem your monthly
is a, my membership is $97 per month and you have that monthly membership kind of consistent
income. That recurring income built into it as well. And after they purchase that dollar
trial, you can present a onetime offer for an annual upgrade and that annual upgrade
could be anything from, you know, $1,000 to $500 depends on what your monthly price is.
Generally you want it to be at least a 50% discount of if they were to pay each and every
month, right? So it’s essentially they pay for six months up front and they get the full
year and that is your high ticket component. So you can condense this down into one funnel. I go deeper into those steps and and how that
funnel works and in the blog posts that you can get linked to below. But I want you to
understand that I’ve chosen to funnel stack these three funnels separately so I can really
focus in on conversion optimization on each step because each step is designed to do different
things. So I want to work with them different I, it’s the idea of their each specialty tools
within my toolbox. And I don’t want to necessarily use an all in one tool to go build a house.
I need a framing hammer and I need a chop saw. I need the right tools for the right
job. But there is a way to kind of condense that down. So if you don’t yet have a product
and you want to launch all product and you just want to manage one product, call it your
hero product, you can go with that membership model on the front end, have a dollar trial
at the monthly price and then the annual upsell and you can kind of get all three of those
into one funnel. That’s it for this video. If you like these
funnel videos, give me a thumbs up, feel free to share this, ask questions if you have them
in the comments. I will get to them as quickly as I can and as often as I can, but I’ve been
really busy summertime up here. It’s beautiful. The gardens bursting, we’ve got friends visiting.
Have you are having a great summer or even if it’s later. I hope you’re enjoying everything
that’s around you. I know you can create the lifestyle success you want in business through
digital marketing. If you truly apply yourself and you really test these different funnels
out. Took me about five or six years to get all the bits and pieces of these working,
but once they work, they can create some serious longterm revenue with minimal amounts of input
from you. So I encourage you to go forth, be sure you’re publishing and testing, and
we’ll catch you on the next video. Thanks for your time and I’ll see you soon. Cheers.

14 thoughts on “Funnel Stacking – The 3 Funnels That Have Made Millions & How They Work

  1. David Dundas Post author

    Love it. Good thoughts here. Will check out the membership funnel video here. Working on diversifying my agency income. Like the idea of packaging, and doing a funnel. Thanks for the video Miles.

  2. Ted GQ Post author

    Perfect timing for this video. Working on Google Ads funnels right now

  3. Coach McKie Post author

    This is a freaking great video. Thanks man. Iโ€™ve installed your trial membership funnel and itโ€™s working like crazy.

  4. IQ Post author

    Long time fan. This is one of my favorites. Conceptual but direct and detailed, and on one of the most important topics. My challenge has always been converting your strategies to my businesses that sell and ship physical products. The marketing principles are the same, just takes some deeper thinking. If you have ideas on that im all ears. My site has evolved from dropshipping, and has grown to a vendor marketplace and now adding box subscrptions. Just sharing. Thanks again.

  5. Dale Myers Post author

    Since they each have a different purpose can you go more in depth or point me to a video that explains the process of when and if there's a why to your deciding that now is the time to move them to the second funnel "High ticket". Does everyone see this funnel or only certain people? Is this a preset series of emails sent over a pre specified period of time?

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    Just beginning to build a funnel for one on one coaching. I'm queen of teaser posts and can get 300 leads from 1 post. My idea is to get clients to pay me for consultation s. So my freebie is my 3 YouTube videos on how to get leads and where from. 3 emails. A 9$ "100 top engagement posts" to get more leads and $100 consultation with me… with a free $100 hotel voucher. Any feedback on this? The membership site is great…. you could have twice weekly gems. And a weekly live zoom call????

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