Full time mum Mandi will tug at your heartstrings ❤️ – All Together Now

By | January 29, 2020

All right, Dad, I love you. I’ve got
to get on with this interview now. Eh? This is my life on the daily. I’m like the biggest fan of the
show, kind of might be a mega-fan. Me and my dad make a big fuss of it. I’d go round and sing a few songs
and then we’d watch All Together Now. My dad would say,
“You could have easily “have beaten her.
Why aren’t you on here? “This is the type of
stuff that gets me mad, Mandi!” It’s weird to think that they’re,
like, waiting for me. Ah! Right, this is it. Last contestant. Are we saying bye-bye to Gary? I can’t even explain how much
I want to be in that final. I’ve already, like,
envisioned that moment. My dad is, like,
a big part of my music. So, if I walked off that stage
and he just gave me one of those pats on the back and said,
“We’ve done it,” that would make
every dream come true. Three, two, one. On you go. Here comes the final act
of the night. If she scores more than 69,
she’s in the sing off. If she scores more than 97,
she’s a straight into the grand final. Oh, she looks amazing!
She’s gorgeous! I used to have curtains
like that in the ’90s. Wow! Hello, everyone, I’m Mandi. I’m such a huge fan of this show,
so it’s an absolute honour to sing for you all. And I’m hoping to get
a certain man up on his feet. It’s me! # I # I who have nothing # I # I who have no-one # Adore you and want you so… # Oh! # I’m just a no-one with nothing
to give you but, oh # I love you # You # You buy me diamonds # Bright # Sparkling diamonds # But believe me, dear # When I say # That she can give you
the world # But she will never love you # The way # I love you # I love you # Ohh # I love you. # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Yes, yes! Mandi, 92! I know! Incredible. You had everyone up on
their feet in the audience. And how do you feel? On cloud nine! I’m a bit starstruck by you all. I’m like… And, you got Geri up
for only the second time tonight. I know! OK, first of all, I want to say
I love Shirley Bassey, she’s amazing. I met her once, and, I tell you what,
to sing a Shirley Bassey song, not many people can do it
and do it well. I’ve been going on all night saying
it’s more than just singing well. Yeah, show us you’ve got
a big vocal, but then move us. And you did that! So, well done! Thank you.
It was really, really good. Really good! So, you’re a fan of the show.
What’s it like being this way round? Me and my dad literally
watch it every week. Bless him. Is your dad here?
Yes, yes. OK, let’s see your dad. What did you think?
I think she’s wonderful! Aw! So do we! Well done, Mandi.
Thank you so much. Thank you, Geri. Geri wasn’t
the only one who got up, Paulus! I know! What’s happening? You’re a new man! Well, I say that,
it’s only twice you’ve got up, I mean, to be fair. Mandi’s
performance, what did you think? There was connection
and eye contact. There was a lovely diversity
to your vocal quality. I think, overall, there was control. Thank you!

82 thoughts on “Full time mum Mandi will tug at your heartstrings ❤️ – All Together Now

  1. Imi Post author

    She was so amazing!!!!! I can’t believe she didn’t get through!

  2. Melissa Hernandez Post author

    She is absolutely amazing!! Love her voice and personality!!❤️

  3. jed loveday Post author

    Winner off the uk should become uk eurovision act who agrees

  4. Alex Smillie Post author

    The amazing mandy but what's your last name I want to come see you perform love your sound could listen to you all day do you have a you tube video I can watch?

  5. patricia Horne Post author

    I’m gutted she didn’t get through. Definitely the best voice of the night.

  6. bollox21 Post author

    Everything Geri knows about singing can be written on a postage stamp…twice!

  7. Lisa M Post author

    The one person with a strong powerful voice that can be heard over all the noise and she gets 92???

  8. MandiFisherMusic Post author

    Thank you so so much everyone this really means alot to me thank you for your kind words this is my old youtube that im trying to get up and running again and i also have a music page mandi fisher music on facebook and instagram and twitter thanks so much guys for your amazing support xxxxxxxxx

  9. Gary John Post author

    She gave me shivers absolutely phenomenal and gorgeous 🥰❤️

  10. shazia ashraf Post author

    Watched this so many times. Absolutely loved your voice

  11. Tyler Partin Post author

    this moved me i cried great job i dont really understand what happened i just started balling

  12. Popa Adrian Post author

    When the opera guy in the background starts singing boy this juat goes to a totqly different level. She was awsome but ots like he was a perfect fit to her already perfect performance

  13. Belle O Post author

    Wow, wow, wow, should have been 100 that was amazing.

  14. Emily Ingram Post author

    They really like putting the greatest showman songs in the background

  15. Jeffrey Hunt Post author

    I would love if #AllTogetherNow would come to America. Wonderfully entertaining show. Cheers 🥂 🇺🇸

  16. Helen Cheadle Post author

    Superb! ..beautiful voice, AND she got Jerry up at last!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  17. andresjakob Post author

    The best – goose bumps – she should have gone to the final. Maybe we will see her in Eurovision 2020. Best Iceland

  18. andresjakob Post author

    The winner for UK national selections for Eurovision 2020

  19. Trecia Baker Post author

    She deserved the 100 , that girl can singggggg

  20. MandiFisherMusic Post author

    Thank you again for such amazing feedback it means so much!! You can find my music on here or on facebook, twitter , insta @MandiFisherMusic <3

  21. Christine UK Post author

    I just couldnt do this infront of all the 100. Well done, loved it!!

  22. Mansa Sedanu-Kwawu Post author

    I wish some Dads believed in their kids like yours.
    Beautiful voice! Talk of control!!!

  23. Lora Yakapo Post author

    Why Harry gotta ruin every song!? Pipe down a little darl, we’re tryna focus on the auditions! 😂😩😭

  24. Jared Fantasia Post author

    This was absolutely beautiful. I’ve watched it so many times now I can’t even keep track. The four panelists in a row who didn’t stand need to go back to music lessons, because this performance was amazing.

  25. takakupo Post author

    Of all the versions if this I feel like this was the most underwhelming.

  26. Ellie Phillips Post author

    Mandi, you are amazing! If you don't win, it'll be a travesty! well done and you look gorgeous too!

  27. rodney middleton Post author

    Mandi you really moved me and my heart that was Magnificent !!!! Bravo from Australia 🙂

  28. Zoe Wilson Post author


  29. foxibot Post author

    I already loved her in her pre interview! Beautiful shining eyes. Beautiful black hair. Beautiful Da.

  30. Andrew Frost Post author

    Cracking Voice but this show makes me cringe so badly!

  31. Lisa Chalk Post author

    you are absolutely beautiful with a amazing voice .

  32. sarai ramos Post author

    I’d pay for a full version with just herself❤️

  33. simon jessopp Post author

    One of the best auditions on the show. You just cant beat the older songs. So gutted you didnt make the final. Please try again.

  34. agostino marrazzo Post author

    Please let me know the name of this song

  35. Anaesthetixs Post author

    I've been listening to some songs from this show and everytime the opera guy starts to sing along it gets me mad. Like, it's their time to shine, let them do it alone, if you want to sing with them do it another time!

  36. Milaya Akasha Post author

    I started to Cry Then i know something is good 💗💗💗💕

  37. joe thielen Post author

    this my favorite show on you tube please do not let my usa take and redue they ruin alot of amzing brit shows

  38. AIDEN ! Post author

    Mandi is a true star I hope she continues to impress and make so many smile…absolute pleasure to watch 😊

  39. Kameron Cochrane Post author


  40. Lily iglesias-sibecas Post author

    Amazing and beautiful! What a voice!!!!!!!

  41. MandiFisherMusic Post author

    Thanks so so much everyone your all so kind thank you feel free to follow me on all my socials twitter instagram facebook and youtube @mandifishermusic <3

  42. mes316 Post author

    Amazing, my favorite performance I’ve seen on the show

  43. Nancy B. Post author

    F*** yes, loved it chick!! Months later, stumbled acrost this channel (I'm from Hawaii) and I hella loved ya… sing on sister (going to follow you now 😉)

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    Holy shit. Us go girl

    Fr across the waters
    Canada 🇨🇦
    🐥🐥🐥hugs and all that jazz

  45. brent mckinnon Post author

    Wow , just watched all together now and i do not doubt that you will be going very far , with or without the show …. instantly fell in love with you #stolemyheart … much love all the way from S.A 🇿🇦

  46. Vivian McClure Post author

    a rare REAL woman up there… dressed like a LADY… full of talent

  47. Rosie Red Post author

    I love how the contestants on this show support each other and applaud each other even if it's means they will lose their spot. There's no trash talk or dirty looks.

  48. Rianna West Post author

    She was amazing. But Paulus when she came out and said 'I used to have curtains like that in the 90s' made my day

  49. Vanesa Mehmeti Post author

    Her voice is so beautiful she’s is so beautiful, why is she not a singer? I’m pregnant her voice made me cry xx

  50. MandiFisherMusic Post author

    Feel free to follow my music page on facebook guys thanks for all the views and comments and support im honestly so greatful and touched if i could do this show all over again with the same outcome i would i loved every single second <3 my facebook music page is Mandi Fisher Music thanks guys xoxo

  51. Argie Kalas Post author

    I didn’t care for this song choice but she can sing her heart out

  52. Ryan Willard Post author

    Oh my😍😍😍😍😍 you are GORGEOUS and can Sing!!!!!!!!

  53. rachvong Post author

    like you can just faintly hear the opera guy and its like a good backing vocal smh

  54. Juliet C Post author

    She should have won tbh, I've always thought about her performance.

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    Still got chills to this 💖💖 such a beautiful voice and woman.

  56. Irish Rosa Post author

    Why she only get 92… and they the hell is Robs ((think thatd his name)) eyes nearly popping out of his head….

  57. TDI Kesha Post author

    I'm with her dad, how the heck was this only 92? Deserved over 97 and possibly 100 if the 2 stubborn members of the boy band get up.

  58. YTHAN ALBOS NUYLES Post author

    I love this her voice is rich powerful and mostly elegant for her!


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