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By | December 7, 2019

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comma with fresh spinach pasta that’s right while it’s true making your own
pasta at home is pretty simple and easy it’s also true that buying it at the
store is like a hundred times easier which is why when I do decide to make
homemade pasta I’m generally doing it for some kind of specially flavored or
colored pasta like this amazing fresh spinach version you’re gonna see today
and unlike many of the spinach pastas you see in the store ours is actually
gonna have a healthy amount of spinach included
and speaking of spinach to get started that’s gonna be the first thing we need
to prep and buy prep I mean wilt so we’re gonna take a lot of spinach is in
a half a pound of it and I’m gonna go ahead and add it to this pan that’s been
lightly brushed with olive oil and once that’s been transferred and we’ll turn
our heat to medium and by the way the little bit of olive oil I just mentioned
is not for flavor all right we just rub a few drops in so the spinach leaves
don’t stick to the dry pan and what we’ll do is cook this over medium heat
stirring it pretty much constantly with our tongs just until it wilts and turns
dark green which is all gonna happen pretty quickly and then what we’ll do as
soon as it does wilt and it looks a little something like this is quickly
take that off the heat and transfer that into a strainer where we’re gonna let
that cool down before squeezing out the water I mean you don’t have to let it
cool down but it is much less painful to squeeze if you do so we will go ahead
and let that sit till it cools down a little
at which point we’ll transfer that onto a clean dry towel and then we’ll gather
that up and squeeze out as much liquid as we can because we do want this fairly
dry when we blend it with our eggs which is the next step and then once that’s
been accomplished we can transfer our spinach into a blender where we’re gonna
puree that with two large eggs because I’m doing such small amounts here this
is not super easy okay if we were making a four egg batch this would blend a lot
easier but that’s okay if you keep pulsing it on and off and scrape down
the sides a few times eventually it will puree enough or at least this much which
is fine because the next step is we’re gonna pass this through a strainer into
a bowl which by the way is technically optional you can make pasta with this
mixture as is but all I’m really interested in is the eggs and the
spinach juice and by passing it through like this that’s what I’m going to end
up with and all the most fibrous parts from the stems
such are gonna be left in this strainer so whether you do this is gonna be up to
you I mean you are after all the William
Devane of whether it is strain and by the way you start making your own
homemade pasta you’re gonna have a lot more to invest in gold and that’s it
once our spinach and egg mixture is done we can go ahead and mix up some pasta
before that today we’re gonna be using a very old Atelier method that’s called
the we know measure of the flour method and what that entails is putting way
more flour than you need on your work surface and then making a big well in
the middle into which we’re gonna add some salt and olive oil
and normally we would put our egg mixture in first but I did want you to
see how much I was using I thought it’d be easier this way and then after our
salt and oil what we’ll do is go ahead and pour in our spinach mixture into the
center be very very careful to make sure we have high enough sides so that
doesn’t run out because if not it’s going to overflow and run off the table
onto the floor and then no one’s going to be happy so make sure your wells big
enough and then what we’re gonna do is stir that with a fork
slowly but surely bringing in enough flour from the outside until our mixture
is no longer dangerously runny and then what we’ll do after mixing that with a
fork for a minute or two is go ahead and clean that off with our fingers and
we’ll switch to mixing this with our hands and what we’ll do is sort of just
gather this mixture together until it sort of pulls together into a shaggy
dough and as soon as we think we’re getting close to having incorporated in
enough flour we’re gonna stop and we’ll take our bench scraper and kind of move
away any of the excess flour which by the way if we don’t use we will sift
right back into the container and we will continue pressing our dough
together until we can start kneading and then we’ll simply continue kneading
until we’re happy with the texture and if it feels too wet just add a little
more of that flour from the side and if it feels too dry of course you can
sprinkle in a few drops of water but don’t do that too quickly sometimes it
will feel a little bit dry when you start to knead it but as you continue to
work in a few minutes you’ll see it’ll kind of smooth out and soften up and if
it doesn’t then you can add a little bit but anyway I went ahead and kept
kneading mine but till eventually I ended up with something to look like
this alright a fairly stiff but still relatively supple and moldable dough and
one little tip here if you’re pressing this a new disc like I’m doing here and
the edges are cracking then is probably a little too dry and on the
other hand if it’s kind of sticking to your fingers it’s probably a little too
wet so we’re shooting for something in between which this was and then what
we’ll do once our pasta dough is done and this is very crucial is wrap it up
and pop it in the fridge for at least an hour to rest
all right lagers fine overnights no problem but we want to let that rest for
at least an hour which will give me time to show you the second flour we’re gonna
use here and that’s gonna be some semolina all right so we made our pasta
with regular flour but for shaping and rolling and cutting this much more
coarsely ground semolina flour is gonna make these go a little easier okay as
you can hopefully see here it’s a lot grittier and it actually reminds me of
that sand they put on shuffle boards in case that helps but anyway this is what
we’re gonna use when we roll and cut our pasta which by the way is the next step
so let’s go ahead and pull our well-rested dough out of the fridge and
I’m gonna go ahead and divide it into four pieces and by the way as we work on
this we’re gonna want to keep those pieces we’re not using wrapped in
plastic so they don’t dry out which probably wouldn’t happen unless you’re
really slow but still it’s good technique and then we’re gonna want to
do is take each one of these pieces and kind of roll it out into a tube and then
we’ll press that down with our hand to make sort of a rectangle shape and of
course as usual my dough rectangles are much closer to a rect oval but don’t
worry it’s all gonna work out then what we’ll do once we have that pressed out
into some kind of rectangular shape about a quarter inch thick is we will
start rolling this out on the largest setting which I’m the stand mixer
attachment means the lowest number and what I like to do is run it through
twice on this size oh and I should mention I hate to speed up film but for
this video to save time and I’m gonna do that a little so you’ve been warned but
anyway I’m gonna pass that through twice on number one at which point we’ll give
that a light dusting with our semolina and of course anytime you feel like
that’s getting a little bit sticky go ahead and sprinkle some of that on and
then what we’ll do at this point is kind of fold over both of those rounded ends
to help square everything up and get this into a little more of that
rectangular shape we’re after and once those ends have been folded over we’ll
go ahead and pass that back through on the largest size which again on this
machine is number one and I’m going to go ahead and pass that through twice
before we start to decrease the thickness and eventually roll this out
to as thin as we want and as I mentioned any time we need to sprinkle a little
more semolina go ahead and then what we’ll do is decrease our thickness by
one setting each time and personally every time I change the thickness
whether it’s from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3 or 3 to 4 I like to run my pasta through
twice for each setting all right is once enough maybe it’s three too many I’m not
sure but I do mind twice and I should mention at any point during this process
if you want to take a knife for your bench scraper and kind of clean up the
sides of your dough to make it a little less jagged or a little straighter go
ahead and if you do don’t throw away those scraps you can just go ahead and
smoosh that into your unrolled dough but anyway kept rolling that until I got
down to number four and again I like to pass it through twice on each number and
as you go here they should have a beautiful beautiful feel to it like some
sort of fine fabric or a very soft and supple and cool to the touch but not
damp and sticky at all and then what we’ll do once we ultimately reach our
desired thickness is go ahead and cut that in half because eventually I’m
going to end up being in fettuccine and I wanted too long okay I’m really not a
big fan of the chin slapping length of pasta and then what we’ll want to do
once our pastas rolled is sprinkled that generously with some extra semolina and
then we’ll let it dry on the counter for about 15 minutes before we cut it so I
went ahead and rolled one more of my four pieces and like I said after
dusting with some semolina I’ll let it sit out for about 15 minutes and it’s
really not a bad idea about halfway through to give it a flip and that’s it
15 minutes later your pastas ready to cut and today I’ll be using my
fettuccine cutting attachments for like I said at least half this batch and
because we let that sit and dry a little it should cut beautifully and we’ll go
ahead and run that through and then pile it up on this sheet pan and once cut I
do like to dust it with electro semolina and just give it one little extra quick
toss and that’s it once cut we could cook this pasta fresh or of course let
it sit and dry all the way that’s totally up to you and find both ways the
only difference of course will be the cooking time but anyway let me go ahead
and cook a little bit of this fresh in some boiling salted water all right
just like dry pasta he got to salt the water here and since in its fresh form
this is only gonna take about 45 seconds to a minute to cook make sure your sauce
is ready or whatever you’re serving this pasta with and what we’ll do after about
45 to 60 seconds as fish that pasta out of the water directly into our pan
wanting a little bit of that water to come with it by the way and besides the
pasta also tossed in a little bit of freshly chopped herb and I’ll go ahead
and toss that with my sauce which today is simply mushrooms and garlic cooked in
olive oil and butter with like I just said a little bit of freshly chopped
herb some oregano and parsley and once toss we’ll go ahead and transfer that
into a bowl and top it with some freshly grated parmigiano Reggiano and that’s it
we’re ready to enjoy our own homemade fresh spinach pasta and above and beyond
it’s incredible visual beauty as far as the taste and texture goes I think
you’re gonna be pretty impressed and a lot of this is gonna depend on you not
overcooking it all right like I said about 45 to 60 seconds is gonna be
plenty okay this should have a firm but not tough texture or with our pasta
aficionado is called twosome nests and believe it or not you can actually taste
a little bit of spinach unlike most of your commercial brands which does
contain some spinach but is mostly colored with chlorophyll so I just
absolutely loved how this came out and you know what if you’re not into
fettuccine you could do spaghetti or lasagna ravioli or whatever else you
want including twisting some of the noodles up like this and making your own
shape which I call twister Oni and what’s cool about making your own fresh
pasta is that any shape you give it while it’s fresh and soft once it dries
like that that will be the shape it holds when it cooks so I use the rest of
my dough to make some twister Oni as well as some nice wide hand-cut noodles
which I believe will be called pappardelle but don’t quote me on that
I’m often wrong but never in doubt but anyway that’s it the relatively simple
and easy method for making your own homemade fresh spinach pasta this is
definitely not something I’m doing every week but a few times a year does make
for a very fun project and as the old cliche goes this stuff’s gonna be way
better than anything you’re gonna find at the store which is just one of the
reasons I really do hope you give this a try soon so head over to food wishes
comm for all the greeting amounts of Morpho as usual and
as always enjoy you

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