Freelance Marketing Consultant – Marketing Services Pitch Video | Tortoise and Hare Software

By | November 9, 2019

I Want to help you market your business online Hi, I’m hunter Nelson founder of tortoise and hare software and I’m bringing all that 10 years experience in corporate software development Marketing analytics and an MBA can offer to help throw your business into overdrive Do you own or manage an established and growing business? If so that I want to help throw the gas in your fire by generating digital conversions through high quality marketing websites and carefully crafted search marketing plans I’ll offer you Personal service and support to help you understand your marketing analytics identify areas for improvement and then Implement those incremental changes that will drive conversions and help you find success in the online channel Want to learn more click the link below and I’ll conduct a free personal 30-minute review of your digital presence Give you pointed feedback four areas of improvement to make to help you generate revenue and the online channel Thanks, and I look forward to speaking with you

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