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By | November 22, 2019

Hello My name is Sheikh Asad and today vlog
is about domain names and domain extensions Domain names are very important while creating
new website is the name of the actual website we can choose website domain name via two
methods first option is to choose domain name according to business brand name second option
is get domain name with help of keywords the most important factor in choosing domain names
is what are your goals regarding ranking number 1 in google search results page What are your
ambitions? According to that domain name has to be registered
First thing to check while selecting domain names is to check the desired social media
username and the desired domain name availability with regards to registration by other users. Using a uniform brand name and domain name
and username using same word formation and alphabets making it easier to market while
delivering good impression to customers and all potential stake holders be it your supplier
customer or anyone interacting with your business If you will keep a different domain name or
username across all channels like different facebook name , different instagram name it
wont deliver a good impression to customers At the time of printing marketing merchandise
or material if there will be any typing or printing mistake it will be difficult to cover
up. While deciding domain name keep this in mind
the decision wont be just for short run , it will effect the business in long run. For the registering of domain names we need
to contact domain name registrar that not like walking into an office or like meeting
someone . companies like and 123 Reg uk these are those domain name registrars
who register many website domain names If you want to purchase any .com domain Goddaddy
will present in a good manner with numerous bundles You can buy three domain names and
extensions at price of one like .com .uk .eu that is very timesaving and cost effective. Second thing while creating website is domain
name extension We have different scenario for everybody what are their business goals
Some people prefer to work only in pakistan even their business focus is only on Pakistan
They dont want to expand business internationally due to what so ever reason there only focus
is to work in pakistan For that you need domain extension .pk or before it used to
be like with time now it is .uk and .pk they have shortened domain name
extensions They have removed .com from If you want to register domain name like
if you want to register or there wont be much of a difference because
in google ranking and more or less they will rank the same For seo optimisation
and social media marketing purposes whatever domain name you select or any domain name
extension you need to decide how much to expand business and simply your business management
within short span of time Within that the brand name selection use most frequently searched
keyword Google have created a console called keyword planner which is a good console if
you want to do keyword research which keywords are frequently searched within country , city
with any selected criteria and it will provide instant keyword research results according
to that you can compare your selected keywords within your business audience the selection
of domain names can be adjusted according to the selected keywords majority of people
are not aware while selecting a domain name or what domain name should be purchased they
just decide according to what pops in head they dont realise about promoting their google
ranking and the ease of doing so if we would discuss it in detail it would take too much
time but in short run I would advice you whatever domain name you select first research on your
keywords within your business industry select most frequently searched keywords then select
desired domain name according to final results The only drawback in doing so is While introducing
your business to a customer you need to consider the brand uniqueness and awareness If you
notice its small in amount consider then selecting a domain name according to brand uniqueness
if you wont select a domain name according to brand uniqueness it might rank better in
google ranking but in day to day life if you will provide business introduction or design
marketing material the brand uniqueness it wont be much appealing for the customer You
need to think about this If you want to register any domain name go or
if you want to register a .pk domain there are numerous registrars you can select any
registrar who have many positive reviews and recommendations Domain name registration requires
the following name , address , phone number , contact email , these are basic requirements
for locally and internationally domain name registration you will need to provide this
information recently i registered few domain name for websites in pakistan the cnic number
requirement was not done before but now recently when we registered domain names they devised
a new rule if you want to register any website in pakistan you will need to provide cnic
to the domain registrar without that the website domain name wont be registered This concludes
today’s vlog about this whatever opinions , comments , suggestions , please mention
in comments and if you liked the video then please like share and subscribe to my channel. thank you . bye

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