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By | August 11, 2019

so maybe you’re just getting started out
with SEO and you don’t have any money to pay for keyword research tools how do
you go about doing keyword research for free that’s what we’re going to be
discussing in this video we’re going to be going over some tools that you can
use for keyword research and these tools are all going to be free now Before we
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single Tuesday now if that all out of the way this week’s video is going to be
about free keyword research tools for SEO the reason why we’re covering this
this week is because the last week we uploaded a video which was titled
SEO for beginners this video right here and you know the main pillar or one of
the main pillars of SEO is keyword research so if you’re if you’re just a
beginner starting out or your business has a low budget and you know you can’t
afford to pay you know 100 200 dollars a month
for some of these tours out there you know this video is going to give you an
alternative to be able to do keyword research on a low budget so without that
all being said let’s jump into the video and let’s get into how you can do
keyword research for free so the first tool I want to talk about is this
extension right here it’s called keywords everywhere it’s a free Google
Chrome extension and the way it works is very very simple for example if you type
in a keyword like engine oil my car recently needed engine oils so let’s go
over that if you type in a keyword like engine oil for example you’re gonna get
a bunch of results you know normal page but what you’ll notice is the actual
search bar up here will give you search volume 4 is keyword now this is a
global sort of number so it’s not going to be specific to your country which is
you know one downside to using free tools it’s not as accurate but it gives
you a clear it gives you a nice picture of what you’re sort of working with and
you’ll be able to tell whether or not it’s actually going to be worth your
time to go after a keyword like this another great point about this tool is
the CPC it will actually give you a cost per click of this keyword now once again
this isn’t like the most accurate metrics because it’s worldwide and it’s
not specific to a region so you know don’t don’t take it for what it is
actually we’re gonna be going over how to actually get like more accurate they
are layout but this is the first tool that I want to show you guys the
competition here I’m not sure if this is actually the organic competition or the
PPC I’m pretty sure that it’s the PPC competition and not the organic so you
know this this keyword it’s saying that it would be pretty difficult to bid for
because it’s almost at one I think one is the highest score so this tool is
great you know it gives you a bunch of suggested options along with the initial
keyword that you type in so it goes into some more specific types of oil like
5w30 and then because I’m in the UK is
suggesting Halfords engine oil yeah if you are a bunch of related keywords and
then pick other keywords that people have searched for a lot similar to this
keyword so it’s a great tool you know it’s free the way you download it is
literally just type in extensions into Google and then you’re gonna come across
the Chrome Web Store just click on that and then all you have to do is literally
type in keywords everywhere and it’s literally this one right here and once
you download it what they’ll do is they’ll send you an API key via email
you just have to give them your email and yeah so once you put an API key into
a tool you have access to it you know you can turn it off if you want to and
overall it’s just it’s just great tool like it’s free so you can’t
really complain about it so what is the second tool that you can use for keyword
research uber suggests this is a tool created by
neil patel and so neil patel is one of those one of like the biggest sort of
marketers out there in terms of his personal brand you know he works mostly
with large corporations and the reason why he’s actually putting out free tours
is because he’s pretty much maxed out the amount of traffic that you can
generate from his marketing stuff so now he’s moving on to tools to generate even
more leads and one of the tools that he offers for free is uber suggest so if we
type in engine oil again it’s going to give us a bit more detail than the first
tool you have to fill in this cap drop just to verify that you’re you’re you’re
a human and then once it’s done so the good thing about this tool is the fact
that you can actually select your region you know I’m in the UK so if I’m working
with a client in the UK then I can I can type in United Kingdom if I’m working
with somewhere in the US I could type in the United States if I’m working with
someone in Israel Egypt Libya wherever they met they may be you know this tour
has all the options available to you and it’s gonna give you search volume
specific to that region and from what I’ve found in taking a look at this tool
and comparing it with you know Google AdWords data which is you know the
source of all this all this stuff this toy is extremely accurate when you
compare it to you know other keyword tools are free another great thing about
this tool is it will give you the SEO difficulty and the painter for cause the
and it separates them out so as we can see so you know how you know how I
mentioned that the other keyword tool for engine oil said that it was a 0.98
well that is actually PPC from the looks of things and it would be definitely it
would definitely be difficult to bid for this keyword
but it gives you the SEO difficulty and it’s at 50 and it gives you the
percentage so it says that you’d have a 50% of ranking in the top 10 so overall
like the the tool is great it gives you a bunch of you know different options as
well just like the other tool it goes into a bit more detail and it gives you
the top ranking sites on that page so you can analyze you know all of these
pages and come up with a strategy for your own page so it works great now
those are the first two tools and you know these are third-party tools so
they’re obviously not gonna be as accurate keywords everywhere the the
free extension is great it’s not that accurate but it gives you a good idea
and if you want to go into a little bit more detail then I highly recommend
using ubersuggest and there’s another another tool that
that you can actually go to which is called which is called answer the public
and this keyword tool allows you to actually input any keyword okay engine
oil type that in get questions and this is gonna give you a list of questions
all around engine oil so this isn’t gonna this will allow you to actually
you know puff up your content a little bit so you know these are some keywords
that you can include you know maybe not something like this for example you
don’t want that to be on your page or maybe you would maybe you want to you
know make an extensive resource about engine oil and how engine oil works and
how it’s made and how engine oil filters worked like these are all topic ideas
this is you know this is stuff that people are all searching for and so if
you can if you can actually create content around these things then you can
see how even if you know the keywords every words what we’re saying zero
searches per month for some of these but the only reason why they’ve come up is
because people are searching for these and if you were to you know go through
these topics and rank for all of these keywords whether that’s using one page
or whether that’s using ten page whatever it takes you know from what I
can see there’s there’s a there’s a good number there’s like forty to fifty
keywords right here so at ten searches per month even at ten searches per month
at a very low ends you know some of them have 260 you could be getting
you know another five hundred to a thousand visitors per month just from
this one engine oil keywords so you can see how you can sort of expand out and
cover all cover all aspects of engine oil just from using this tool because it
gives you all questions that that people want answers to so that is the third
tour and the fourth tour that we’re going to be going over is the Google
planner now if the Google plan up you do have to you do have to have an
advertising account and you don’t actually have to spend any money with
the ad account you just need to set it up and put in your car details of course
like it’s not going to charge you anything because you’re not going to be
running any ads you’re just going to be using the keyword planner to actually
take take a look at search volume data if you don’t have a an AdWords account
or your payment you know payment details on in there then you can use the panel
but it gives you estimates of all the data like it might say average monthly
searches from 10 to 100 like it won’t give you like a clear-cut number so you
want the the clear-cut number then you have to actually use your card details
and then put your card details and it will give you all the information that
you need those are the four free SEO tools that you can use for keyword
research if you enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like and if you want to
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I want to thank you for watching this video my name is Vulcan the founder of
clicks from search and I will see you on the next video

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