Free: Compose an entire email by typing 3 words with Gmail Snippets

By | August 12, 2019

Save time writing emails
with Gmail Snippets. With Gmail Snippets, you can
create reusable blocks of text that can be added to your
emails with a simple shortcut. After you install, you’ll see
the Gmail Snippets icon here. Click this to see existing
shortcuts and blurbs. You can add your own
snippets by clicking here. Each snippet you create
has a keyboard shortcut set so you can simply type
the shortcut into the message window and it will be replaced
by the contents of the snippet. You can edit or delete
existing snippets here. In your message
window, type these shortcuts to add the blurbs
you need to use in your email. Composing emails is quick
and easy with Gmail Snippets. cloudHQ, helping your
productivity one click at a time.

10 thoughts on “Free: Compose an entire email by typing 3 words with Gmail Snippets

  1. Mary D. Biddle Post author

    i cannot find "appointment slot" in my google calendar.
    How can I activate this?

  2. Catherine J. Allen Post author

    Your videos are always so informative. I'm happy I found your channel.

  3. Bonnie R. Meyer Post author

    Very cool. I use Google and I learned a few new tricks.

  4. Clara R. Thao Post author

    You guys make some very awesome and useful vids, thanks =)

  5. Roxie T. Cheeks Post author

    Great the way he can look at the camera, and watch himself on the monitor at once!

  6. Leatrice C. Dale Post author

    That was an awesome video. One of the most informative videos for the year for me.

  7. Aethelred Post author

    Great tool. I write a lot of emails at work so this will save me a lot of time.

    Also, what's with all the bots?

  8. Dave Atkins Post author

    Need to save time on emails? Then this is a must try!


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