Flying Fish to the Face in Slow Motion

By | January 20, 2020

Today we are on
the Illinois River in Lacon. – That’s in America, Dan.
– Oh, thanks. What is the story
with this river? Well, in the ’60s and ’70s, fish farmers thought
it would be a good idea to import Asian carp to eat
all those unwanted plankton. You know, plants, animals–
they’re hungry boys. Obviously, immediately
escaped out into the river
and trashed everything. – Absolute nightmare.
– Yeah. And if you take a boat
with a shiny bottom
on this river, apparently
it startles the fish and they just leap
uncontrollably out of the water. So we’re gonna take
our Phantom on a boat and hopefully get some lovely
slow-motion shots
of flying fish. You know they grow up to,
like, a hundred pounds? That’s like you
flying out of the river
and damaging boats. ( laughing )
I’m not a hundred pounds. All right, well, let’s go
suit up and meet the captain. – Shall we? All right.
– Yep. Oh!( music playing )– Dan: How’s it going?
Captain Nate.
– Nate: Good, good. – How you guys doing?
– Dan: Yeah, good. First things first, though. Anyone die doing this before?
Anyone been killed by a fish? Nate: Nobody’s ever been killed.
Just a few broken jaws, broken noses,
nothing too serious. – What?
– All right, let’s go. – Nice little day out
on the boat.
– Yeah, we’ll see if that’s still the case
when a fish knocks me out. – So they are just
in different spots?
– Yeah. And when you find a school,
it’s, like, crazy. Yeah, once I get a school, I like to circle
around that school and try to get ’em going
as much as possible. Rolling. Whoa! – Oh, I missed him.
– I didn’t see that one. Gav:
Yeah, yeah, whoa! There was three or four there. – Flippin’-A!
– Oh! Oh! – Fish! Gross!
– Fish in the boat! – Crap.
– Get it. – ( laughs )
– You’re all right, pal. What do you do? ( laughs )
What? – Just chuck him out?
– Chuck him out. – There he goes.
– So they poop in midair. They don’t have stomachs,
so they just filter food
all day long. So when they jump out
of the water,
they defecate all over you. So they break your jaw
and then poo on you
for good measure. So when they land in your boat,
they just start bleeding, pooping, sliming. Ah, the poop,
bleed, slime fish.
They do everything. Yeah, yeah. To the left.
That’s it. That’s it. That’s what I’m talking about. – Bloody hell.
– ( chuckles ) Whoa! – Oh, no! It’s gone.
– Hold on. Oh, there’s
craploads in there. Whoa! – God.
– All right, stop. Stop, stop. Jesus. All right,
let’s watch that back. Dan:Whoa!That was crazy.– Gav:Looks nice.
– Dan:Yeah, it looks very nice. Gav:Very cinematic.
There’s just a fish
in the background there.
Not in water.– Gav:That’s a shot.
– Dan:It looks fake.That one’s just
right next to the camera.
– They’re all trying to
upstage each other. This one–
– Yeah. Look at this one in the front.
What a trollop. Look at that. That’s, like,
ten feet in the air.Serious hang time there.Nice.It’s kind of majestic
the way it was shot, as well.
You’re getting it coming
through the whole frame.
So we’ve been told
that there’s a channel marker
over there on some rocks. And if you take
the boat around it, that just fish
will jump around. So I’m gonna try
and stand on the rocks, and let’s see if the fish
will jump around me. Nice and gentle.
Love it. Yeah. There we go. – ( engine revving )
– Just say when. – Ready, yeah.
– All right. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Jesus! All right, stop. ( laughs ) Dan, we got, like,
15 fish in the air.Whoa.That was crazy.Dan:For me that was weird,
because there was
nothing going on.
It was completely quiet.
And then suddenly there was,
like, 20 fish in the air.
I was just not expecting
anything, and then suddenly
I was scared for my life.
Gav:I was looking at you,
and then they started
coming to the left,
so I looked away from you.
You’re only in
the beginning of the shot.
But look at that.
– Dan:Look how slow– whoa!Look how many! Jeez.Gav:One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten, eleven.Dan:
I was actually scared
for my life.
There was just fish flying
They just keep coming.
Dan:I’m actually glad you
weren’t looking at me
’cause I was cowering. Yeah.Gav:All right, well,
they seem to have dispersed.
Maybe we’ll hit ’em up again
a little bit later.
– Dan:All right.
All right, Dan,
for this next part
you’re gonna need this
and this. Oh, joy. – All right.
Let’s see about this.
– Go for it. Oh, God. This is not the most
stable thing in the world. How are you supposed
to sit on this? Nate:
Just like that with your legs
hanging out front. – There you go.
– Dan: Whoa! All right,
turning the Phantom on, Dan. – Okay.
– What are your thoughts
about this? I’m kind of nervous
and excited at the same time. – You’ll be fine.
– Great, he says that. Rolling. Whoa! Flippin’-A! This is one of the most
mental things I’ve ever filmed. Oh, God. Whoa-ho! ( grunts, groans ) ( laughs )
All right, stop. Stop. He’s gone in. – ( laughs )
– Oh, my God. Gav:At this point,
it was chaos there.
There was like–
it was all coming up.
Look at you in
the background of that.
Is that the one that got you?
– Dan:No.Gav:That one is on a quest
to the moon.
– Dan:I think he pooed on me.
He might’ve pooed.Oh, there he is!
There he is. Dan:So this one came up
from the right, I think.
Let’s go full slow on this.– Gav:Very cinematic,
isn’t it?

It is, yeah.– Gav:And then suddenly–
( Dan laughs )Dan:
It’s not even moving.
He’s just, like,
presenting himself.
Here you go.
– Gav:Why didn’t you–Dan:
Why didn’t I catch him?
If you think about
my perspective, there was–
I couldn’t see him.
He came from the left.
He just landed on me. Gav:You look like
a fallen soldier.
You look like
you’ve been gunned down
in battle by fish.
Dan:In slow-mo,
it looks so pathetic,
because it’s, like,
a fish landing on me.
But in real time,
it absolutely annihilated me. – Yeah?
– It’s a small fish, – but it did some damage.
– Yeah. So what I’ve changed,
we’re now on
a much tighter lens ’cause you’re gonna be trailing
a little bit further back, – and hopefully you get beaned.
– ( Dan laughs ) If I get clocked by one
of those, I might get
knocked the clean out. Well, let’s see
if it happens, shall we? Oh, great, yeah. – All right, we’re good.
– All right, here we go. Oh! Oh! Whoa! Whoa, whoa! Oof! Jesus. ( laughs ) All right, stop. Whoa! Aah!( Dan chuckles )
That was really scary.
In the amount of time
it took you to swim
back to the boat, I’ve watched it,
like, three times, and I’ve just been laughing
the whole time. – Yeah, I heard you giggling.
– Look, there it is. – Oh, I see it.
– Missile! Gav:You see it absolutely leap
like a salmon.
Or like an Asian carp.
– Dan:Yeah, weird, that.Gav:
Straight up in the air.
And it actually created
a bunch of glittery mist
in front of you.
Dan:I saw it all the way,
the entire way.
Gav:Your eyes
are just scanning it.
It’s right above you.Dan:I was like,
“What can I do about this?”
Gav:You know exactly
what’s gonna happen.
Look at your face!Dan:
Comes back into frame.
Oh, here it is.– Gav:Close your eyes.
Oh, no.– Brace for impact.
– Gav:It hit right here.It hit right on the lens
of the GoPro.
Dan:This must’ve caught
the whole thing.
Look at this.Perfectly.Look at my head react.It’s, like, headshot.
( laughs )( laughs )The legs skewer!That is one of my favorite
things we’ve ever filmed. – ( laughs )
– Just is, Dan. Do you know,
we didn’t need
the camera for that one, ’cause I actually saw it
in slow-motion coming
towards my face. Whoa, whoa! Oof! ( slowed audio )
Whoa, whoa! Oof! ( slower audio )
Whoa, whoa! Oof! Gav: Oh, look at that. The sun’s setting on
our lovely day of fishing. No, actually, it was
more fun than fishing. – It looked more entertaining
than normal fishing.
– It was fun. If you’d told me,
though, ten years ago that I was gonna be stood
on some rocks in the middle
of the Illinois River covered in slime,
poo, blood, flying fish, I’d have had
a lot of questions. – I love questioning
those moments.
– Yeah. – How did my life end me up
in this position?
– Yeah. Well, I think we got some
lovely-looking footage. Hopefully,
you enjoyed that episode
of “Planet Slow Mo,” and you can click over here
to watch more. You can also subscribe.
That’s also over there. Just figure everything out
over there. – You got some poo on there.
– Yeah, I’m covered in poo. I’m gonna get a shower.

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